10 Easy Ways to Save energy by optimizing its consumption

Are you paying high electricity bills? The 10 tips in this article will help you to save your electric bills.After all saving electricity should be prime concern of everyone.

First of all, you should think about whether it is possible in some cases to completely abandon the use of electrical appliances or to reduce the time they work. It is necessary to pay attention to such moments:

  • If possible, use daylight hours, for which to increase the maximum illumination of the room. Regular washing of windows, raised blinds, and drawn curtains will allow you to turn on the lighting later, which in total for a month will give noticeable savings. In addition, light wallpaper or paint on walls and ceilings can return up to 80% of sunlight, while the room is noticeably lighter than with repairs made in dark colors.
  • Rubbed bulbs and especially shades increase the light output of the device by 10-15%. If you use a clean chandelier with an open lampshade, it will be possible to screw a light bulb of lower power.
  • It is advisable to buy the upper chandelier with the possibility of separately turning on part of the bulbs. When watching a TV show alone, one lamp will suffice, and use full lighting when hosting guests.
  • Combined lighting (sconces on the walls, floor lamps, table lamps) is not only a saving of electricity at home, but also a way to create the necessary atmosphere in the room (business, romantic, comfortable) for all occasions. With proper use of local lighting, the total can be minimized.

  • Light should not burn in rooms that are not currently in use. This habit with a certain effort is developed by all family members within a few months. If no one is left in the house or apartment, then it is advisable to turn off all energy-consuming appliances, except for the refrigerator.
  • The devices in standby mode do not consume much electricity, but if you remember how many such devices are in the house, it will become clear that a considerable part of the energy is wasted practically. For example, a conventional speaker in standby mode requires 11 watts / hour.
  • Checking and replacing the old wiring will not be superfluous both in terms of savings and fire safety. The number of tees, adapters and extension cords should be minimized, since their use leads to an increase in network resistance and energy losses up to 30%. It is better to install more outlets when replacing the wiring.

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