10 Keys to Training Your Pet by Cesar Millan, the Celebrity Dog Trainer

Famous people like Kim Kardashian, Thalía and Susana Giménez choose and entrust the Mexican César Millán with their dogs to help them with their training. The successful trainer began his career training humans and then did so with dogs in outdoor parks, which became his true passion.

In a dialogue with Infobae, Cesar Millan provided 10 effective keys for home pets to be trained with love and trained without problems.

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Is it easy to train pets at home?

– Training is very easy. If you give your dog daily exercise and challenge him, he will be very happy. The dog by nature is sporty. You pay him with love and there is nothing else to do. But the problem is that there are lazy humans. The dog always wants to work, the dog always wants to work, but if you don’t give him work he will get frustrated and he will destroy your house.

“Every day an exercise for the dog = happy body, mind and heart”
– Why do you think celebrities choose you to help them with their pets?

– Because I think I am a good professional and I give them quality and solve the problems they have in their homes with the pets that are important to them.

10 effective keys to training animals

– Practice stretching and flexibility

– Let them walk and run

– Teach them to have moments of relaxation

– Teaching to play, explore and socialize

– Animals have to eat their food and burn calories through physical activity

– Animals need to get out of the house to burn off energy just like people do. Many people think that having the dog locked up is going to be more obedient, but it isn’t

-If you don’t have money to buy jump benches or physical activity equipment, a daily walk will give you enough exercise

-The animals wake up with the light of the sun and that’s why they are very early connected to the earth and to astrology

– The animals take the energy that’s in the house. If the energy is chaotic, so will he be. If you have bad habits, you will have bad habits too. If the house is messy, the dog will feel it instantly

-Food, another key factor. If it is not nutritious, as it is given to the family, it will also affect the pets, so they must be fed and eat well

Cesar Millan is currently on the Hollywood Medium show with Tyler Henry, the 23-year-old medium. During his encounters with a wide variety of believers and skeptics, he will try to convey messages from the beyond. The program offers behind-the-scenes readings where you can observe, for example, how Tyler’s brain is scanned as he does his job, which will allow you to see how he is suffering reactions and modifications as the minutes go by.

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