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If you are looking for honest 12 minute affiliate review , then you have landed in the right place.

12 Minute Affiliate is a ‘Done For You’ System which lets you generate your first online money within 12 minutes .

Does it sound too good to be true? What if its not as good as promised? Is it legit? Did 12 minute affiliate  work for you?

I know you have all these questions in your mind.So if you have made your mind to purchase this product,read our full 12 Minute Affiliate review.It will help in your decision making process.

So lets gets started !!

Hi, My name is Martin Williams.I was working as a Sales Executive in a Private company. 

I have a beautiful family dependent on me. 

You can reach my twitter account here ( @MartinWilliams88 ).

Today I’m going to share my story about how Affiliate marketing became a part of my life and How things started to change.

I’m from New York. I have a loving wife and a kid.

I always had an interest in entrepreneurship. But one cannot be what they wanted to be.

Also my commitments in life did not let me try new things.

I got used to my regular day to day job.

One day, As usual, I went to my office and started with my work.

My Manager called me to his chamber.

I casually visited expecting nothing from the current situation and he broke the news.

The news was that I and along with other 12 employees of the company are getting laid off.

It was the worst day of my life.

Everything was going well with my life, Until the Covid19, The pandemic which is going on at the moment striked my life.

It didn’t just not take my job away, It took my only source of income.

My whole family was dependent on my job and salary.

So I was fired and a few days passed.

I had reserve money which could last 2-3 months,Which I was using for my family’s day to day needs.

As I said earlier, I always had an urge to get into my own business.

So I finally got an opportunity to experiment with it.

As I had a sales background, I started researching things related to marketing.

I went to Google and searched for several guides which could help me earn my own money sitting at home. 

The one good thing made me curious was ‘Affiliate Marketing’.

Here I can make thousands of dollars, even millions sitting at home.

After some research, I asked for the opinion about this with my friends and ex colleagues.

To my surprise, One of my Friends, David suggested that It is not easy to make dollars from affiliate marketing.

It took him 2-3 years to make a 5 figure money!

But all I wanted was a few bucks for survival and a newbie friendly method where I could make it as soon as possible.

I was not a techie, nor did I have any idea about creating websites etc.

So David wanted to help, He recommended this product called ‘12 Minute Affiliate’.

Later, He even bought the product for me. This product changed my life!

And Thanks to David , today I’m writing my experience of this product on his Website- ‘DigitalForumTv.com’

12 Minute Affiliate Review- The Overview and Rankings

Vendor Devon Brown
12 Minute Affiliate
Coupon code:
Click here
Price 9.95$
Category Make money online
  • Training: 75 out of 100
  • Success Stories: 85 out of 100
  • Price: $9.95 for the first 14 days $47/ $97 per month after
  • Our Rating: 92 out of 100


Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing that allows you to earn a commission from promoting others products. They can be from companies or bloggers.

For example, Many website owners have affiliates who promote my courses and at the same time they are also an affiliate of hosting companies, domain, tools for blogs and those same bloggers on many occasions.

The base is simple. As a blogger you will have built your own tribe, which follows you and supports you with every new content you launch. Your readers trust you, so if they see you do the promotion of a product they will be interested in it.

If someone decides and buys it, you’ll earn a commission for the sale.

Simple, isn’t it?

You try a product or service that you like and that you detect that it fits with your audience.

Promote that product or service through your blog with email marketing, articles, social media posts…

You earn a commission for each purchase made from your affiliate link.

Is it as simple as it sounds? No it’s not!

Here’s a list of things you need to take care of.

  • You need to invest on a website, maintain it
  • You need SEO and/or maintain social media to send the traffic to your site.
  • You need to update quality content to it.
  • You need to pay for hosting,
  • You need to worry if there is no traffic to your site.
  • Later You need to worry about the affiliate programs. They have thousands of product and you don’t know what to promote and how to promote

This is where the 12 minute affiliate program comes into place. It solves all the above problems having all the necessary tools within the system making you earn that dollar easy and quick. 

What Is 12 Minute Affiliate?

12--Minute-affiliate box

As the name says, ‘12 Minute Affiliate’ is a ‘Done For You’ System which lets you generate your first online money within 12 minutes! (At least that’s what they claim, but it did take me 30 minutes.)

12 Minute Affiliate basically gives you a full affiliate funnel along with email auto-responder.

And using the traffic option given in the dashboard, You are supposed to send traffic to a pre-made funnel (which is ready to use). And that’s how you earn your first Dollar! 

It’s really simple, easy to set up and the concept is straightforward.

Are you ready? Let’s dive deeper into the review!

Who is Devon Brown?

devon brown

The 12 Minute affiliate was created by Devon Brown.

Devon Brown is famous for his network marketing Blogging,and Digital marketing skills.

He is a successful home business entrepreneur and also a Motivational speaker.

He has been into marketing since 2001. In 2008 After facing several failures in his career, He created a Blueprint for Marketing with his several years of experience.

The Blueprint is basically sending a set of targeted audiences to a specific product of a niche and following it up so that there are more chances of selling the product. 

Devon did further research on this blueprint using Clickbank and many other technologies making it simpler for beginners to make their first Online Income.

This is now called ‘12 Minute Affiliate’

Join 12 Minute Affiliate Now

Who is it 12 Minute affiliate For?

  • As a beginner this worked very well for me, So I do recommend it for other aspiring affiliate marketers of those who want to get into Internet marketing.
  • I have seen other experienced affiliate marketers (on FB group) using this product to make their dollars, so there’s that.
  • People who want to be self sufficient with their own income.
  • People who are ready to try new things.

How Does 12 Minute Affiliate Work?

After you purchase the product, You will be directed to the members area- Back office. You will have to login to it.

Steps to Using the 12 Minute Affiliate Program

(Remember: If you are a beginner, they have video guide to help you complete each of the above steps)

As per the above image, At first you are supposed to create a free affiliate account from Clickbank.com.

Next Step is setting up your autoresponder.

Aweber lets you create your autoresponder with just 1$ for 30 days and later it goes upto 19$.

But I suggest not to worry about it yet as you can make at least 2-3 times the money you spent on it.

After setting it up,you can upload Done-For-You emails they have already written down. It only takes a few minutes to set it up!

Next step is activating your Funnel pages.

When you sign up , you will be provided with 3 niches(Home business, Weight Loss and Personal Development niches.) and you may select a 12minute affiliate basic level 1 niche and your Funnel will be ready accordingly. I chose Home Business Niche. 

Next step is purchasing a Done-For-You Setup.

This is optional and it can be done by yourself as me being a beginner, I did it myself. But with one time charge, They are ready to do it for you.

Final step is ‘Done-For-You’ Traffic.

They have a Traffic package and You have to purchase it.I bought a 100 clicks package. And you run your ads to the traffic you purchased.

The 12 MA system automatically picks some of the most converting funnels and you can use almost any of the optin pages from the list.  You don’t need to worry about building websites or landing pages.

Your affiliate ID will be automatically included in the opt in page. 

When someone buys from your links, you will get the commissions directly to your clickbank account.

The important part here is Traffic, If you have no traffic to your funnel pages, There will be no sales. And You will make no money. 

How the 12 Minute Affiliate System Makes Money

You can make money by driving traffic through these methods

  • You will get a report called ”16 ways to get free traffic to your website”- You can use the ideas from it to generate free traffic to your funnel. (But I felt some of these are a bit outdated, some like youtube technique does work.)
  • Run Facebook ads.
  • Run Google ads
  • Or Buy high quality traffic from the system

Here comes the part of buying the traffic.

The 12 minute affiliate lets you buy the desired traffic directly from the members area(as you can see above).

Everything will be set up, Your own domain, Email autoresponder , your own funnel All you need to drive traffic to your Funnel Page.

If you are stuck, You can contact the 12 AF team. The number is present in the member area.

Real Person from the team will receive the phone and you can ask all your doubts and they will solve your problem.

Keep Reading my further 12 Minute Affiliate Review to know how I made money with it.

What You Should Know

  • Step by step introduction.
  • Private Coaching from the team.
  • Upgrade your account
  • Connect autoresponder to send emails to all the mail ids that opted from your opt in page.
  • ‘Education centre’ to learn from the top affiliates how they build their projects.
  • Email swipes for top products which you can use to promote.(80 Email swipes was loaded into my aweber account. It was probably 3 months worth of emails!)
  • 12minuteaffiliate Integration center: Advance features to ’How to set up your external tracking code, setting up headlines,using own domains, and autoresponders (like mailchimp and getresponse).
  • Personal Development Library: A cool feature. You can download 7 different Pdfs and Mp3 about personal development.
  • Top Affiliate section: It has top products from 3 different niches.You are going to promote products from this list.
  • FAQ for more information required.

You can Literally set up an affiliate marketing business in 30 minutes to 1 hour!

Basically you get these:

  • The DFY funnels (are valued: $2,240)

  • DFY Email swipes (Professionally Written Follow-Up Messages : valued 3,200 $)

bonus 2

  • Private Facebook Community & Free Private Training

You will get an opportunity to join a Facebook Private affiliate group (having around 3500 users) which is allowed only for members from ’12 Minute affiliate’ . People here are friendly and discuss the sales they made. They help each other as well.

You can see the above users from the group generated their first dollars in commissions by using the email broadcast strategy that Devon Brown shared inside the system.

  • Done-For-You Traffic Solution
  • Bonuses worth Value: $1,591 (Digital forum tv offers additional bonuses excluding these below)

These Bonuses Are Designed To Help You Accelerate Your Success!

BONUS #1: The Success Library –  Instant access to a library of personal development training! Discover how to unlock your true potential, balance your life, end procrastination, and MUCH MUCH MORE!

Over 15 titles in all!  (a $497 Value)

12 minute affiliate bonus


BONUS #2: The Free Traffic Guide – Discover 16 ways to get FREE TRAFFIC to your website! Including: How to get free traffic from twitter & Facebook, how to get traffic from other people’s blogs, and how to get traffic just by posting pictures online!  (a $97 Value)


BONUS #3: Hot Product Promos – The system will AUTOMATICALLY promote HOT affiliate products FOR YOU! Just use your 12 Minute Affiliate System as normal. As long as everything is setup, and you’ve got traffic coming to the system, we’ll regularly promote the HOTTEST affiliate products FOR YOU! ZERO additional work on your part! ( a $997/Year Value)


Does 12 minute affiliate Work?

Short answer: Yes It does work. I liked it a lot. It is a legit system and you can make real money and contact real persons for queries. What else do you need?

Long answer:

It does work,It is a legit system and you can make real money and contact real persons for queries. But many has a problem with it.

The reason is when starting out you might get overwhelmed by sheer content and might don’t know how or where to start.

This information overload certainly confuses anyone just starting out and thus a simple affiliate marketing model or blueprint becomes that much more complicated .

With a 12 minute affiliate , you set up your landing page, run targeted traffic to it and the system follows up with people who have subscribed in your mailing list.

Basically It works if you give your time into it. Be dedicated towards it, and a little traffic is a must,

Then what? You can start counting your dollars!

Is 12 minute affiliate a scam ?

It has worked for me for sure , so It cant be a scam or a fake product.

Devon brown is a real person, This system is a real.

There are many 12 minute affiliate reviews out their claiming it as fake, But I was surprised when my friend suggested it and now I have brought all the proves you need, I have answered many answers on the FAQ section below.

Being said that, 12MA is not the answer for all of your financial problems. You need not buy the upsells all at once if you are on budget.

You may give it a try with 9$ and join their community at first, Buy some traffic and do some experiments.

It has worked for a lot of us who are dedicated.For some, they have not considered bringing the traffic to the funnels. At the end , they are considering it as a scam or a hoax scheme. Which it really isn’t!

You can see few reviews calling it a scam just to promote other products of their interests.

I tested the product for 9$ , and I ran targeted traffic to my landing page.

I got 3 sales in first 3 days!

So i’m testing out even more and will share you my results (watch this space)but go ahead and try out the 12 minute affiliate  from this link .

What I Like About 12 Minute Affiliate

  • Done for you: What I liked the most was, Literally everything is done for you! I need not work on any kind of website building technical stuff! I’m Not David for the god’s sake! Everything was available within the system!
  • Email swipes: Almost 3 months worth of 80 Email swipes loaded into my aweber account.I’m lovin it!
  • Easy to set up: The setup took 30 mins, A website along with mail setup would take hours!! uhhh !!
  • Impressive support team:They work monday to friday, call them on normal working day 10 am to 6pm EST and your questions will be answered instantly
  • One place for everything: The system has everything in one umbrella, which I liked a lot! They made many things easier!
  • No website required: You don’t need to worry about maintaining website or hosting charges.
  • Genuine Product: The product and the vendor Devon Browna, Both are real. You can even communicate with their team through phone calls or the fb group.
  • Free Vacation Giveaway: This is a new giveaway feature which I didn’t get. If you set up all checklists within the first 72 hours, You will be entered into a special vacation giveaway to dozens of exotic locations. But the irony is You are not going anywhere! as Covid 19 is everywhere! I know it sucks! Bad timing!
  • Targeted traffic: The traffic provided by the system are pretty decent compared to facebook and gmail ads, I had better conversions with it.
  • Bonuses: Plenty of bonuses are awaiting, checkout the bonus section of this review to get additional bonuses from our side.

What I Don’t Like

  • It sounds a little too easy to make money, But it’s not. Let me tell you how,Suppose you spend 100$ on the traffic. And out of 200 people who visit, 30 to 40 may opt in their emails(Remember,not everyone opts in). And out of those 40, 5 may buy the actual product. So 5 x 5$ each product commission to you = 25 $ is what you get instantly, But here is the catch. If they buy the upsells, You can make up to 397$ for each user, In the same way you may get less on odd days. This is what I didn’t like about it, But hey , guess what? I did make those commissions, So will you! 
  • Investing in Traffic: It is going to take a decent amount of traffic to make a decent amount of commissions.I found several people (on the fb private group) by finding success investing in the traffic.But beginners may tend to take some time learning the process and worry about investing $$ in traffic. That’s what I did. But now I got to know that traffic is what you want to make that money and investing it as a newbie is difficult(to some people).
  • Upsells:  Upsells intimidated me in the beginning. They are expensive, It looks ‘worth it’ only if you know how to make use of it. You will know how to make use of it by actually using it. Once you are perfect.Do not bother about the upsells yet, Just try the product for 10$ and see if it works for you 🙂

My Opinion- 12 Minute Affiliate

These are the things you must know before buying the product:

  • 12 minutes: As I mentioned earlier, it will take you around 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete the setup if you are not a beginner.
  • No guarantees: there is no guarantee that you will make the expected amount. But bringing traffic and putting efforts does help you with the conversions.That doesn’t not mean it will work for everyone who buys the product.
  • Paid Traffic: Without traffic, it is really difficult to earn that dollar. It is obvious that to sell the affiliate products you do need traffic. If you have free traffic from other sources, You can always go with it. Buying the traffic within the system gives you no guarantee of sales. You will get solo ads, and the sources of the traffic is not revealed.
  • Email Autoresponder: The email autoresponder will be bought separately, (Remember,Aweber trial costs 1$ for 30 days and I suggest you to try it.) It is not included in the trial price, But it does go well with a 12 MA trial.
  • Trial Period- You will buy the product for a 14 days trial period for the amount 9.95$. Later you will be charged monthly. It is not a free or free downloadable product. 
  • Upsells: The product has a lot of upsells, Do not be intimidated with it.Inside the members area, you have 2 options. 
    • Basic Membership– after the trial period you need to pay 47 $ per month or a one time fee 397$
    • Gold membership– This has additional benefits like you will get all the 3 niches and it will cost you 97$ a month and 797$ for lifetime membership.

My 12 minute affiliate results

Let me be honest, I didn’t find any result on the first day. 

But it was not the fault of the system. I was not dedicated towards it on my first day. But I did all the necessary setup required for the product promotion. It hardly took me 30 mins to do it.

Anyway , I gave a try the next day.

At first I tested it with John Crestani’s ‘Super Affiliate.’ (You can look for the super affiliate system review in this website)

And it gave me great results. Later I also promoted a 12MA.

I bought traffic worth 100 clicks and gave it a try and was excited for the results to appear.

To my surprise i earned around 250 dollars in just 3 days! And Here is the proof of my results:


As you can see its been few days that i earned my income, But today, I have been made several tests and I can assure you that this system works, all you need is to drive targeted traffic to the product and wait patiently.

While i only recommend only try buying the traffic if you have budget.

If you are on budget , there are free traffic methods as well which is given as bonus .

You can use these free methods and purchase traffic later on.

But what I can assure you is that the 12 minute affiliate works and is tailor made for people who are starting out with affiliate marketing.

12 Minute Affiliate Reviews and Complaints

Pricing + Upsells

The actual price for the product to begin with is 9.95$ for 1 niche.

It will be a 14 day trial offer, 

If you would like to try further (which i’m sure you will),

You will get access to the whole entire system for just 9.95 dollars, but There are always things like traffic etc to be purchased as upsells.

After the 14 day trial, If you continue with the system, The regular charges which is 47$ a month.

It is upto you to buy the upsells and there is no compulsion from the system.

Upsell 1:

You can use this upsell to learn several skills like

  • How to find a more profitable product to double your profits.
  • How to 3x or 5x your return by spending just a few minutes of your day sending emails.
  • How to use the email auto responder.

This is basically someone helping you do almost all the work on behalf of you. If you are finding too much trouble getting around, you may go for it. Moreover all these will be covered within the training video.

Option 1: It includes personalised one on one coaching session.This will take an hour each and you will be able to complete all the basics like email autoresponder, finding the best product to promote and its usage. 

Option 2: It is a bit expensive version of the previous coaching called Affiliate Mastery Platinum Coaching. This includes personalised one on one coaching sessions for 60 days+. Very few people go for this option. I don’t recommend it if you are an experienced  affiliate marketer.

Upsell 2:

  • Basic Membership– after the trial period you need to pay 47 $ per month or a one time fee 397$
  • Gold membership– This has additional benefits like you will get all the 3 niches (Online business, Personal development and health / fitness) more landing pages, and it will cost you 97$ a month and 797$ for lifetime membership.

Whatever the upsells are, it is worth every dime compared to the money you make using the system.

As you saw my clickbank screenshot where I made 250$ just from 3 days(May 15 2020 to May 17) by only spending 104$ overall, can you believe it? Well, I’m planning to buy life-time membership! Which costs around 397$.


There is a special discount if you buy it from our link! Go buy it before the coupon offer ends!

Additional Bonuses:

If you buy this product from one of our links, You will get the below Bonuses absolutely  free!
All you need to do it..

  1. Buy the product from one of our links
  2. Send the receipt to our Mail address here: digitalforumtv @gmail.com
  3. Wait for your bonuses listed below to be sent directly to your mail by 48 hours of the time you have sent the receipt.
  4. Enjoy!

​My 12 Minute Affiliate Review & Final Verdict

The pandemic has impacted the world in terms of health and economy as well.In these tough times, the worst thing you can do is follow a quick rich scheme by some gurus and not get scammed.

12 minute affiliate is a legit program and It worked for me, It worked for many, You will have to find out if it works for you!

If you are an experienced affiliate marketer, You can give this a try for just 9$ ,

If you are a beginner like me, There is nothing to lose. One day you will make real good money just like how I started my journey.

The main attraction is ‘Done for you’.It will help you get your money easier and quicker.

So try the 12 minute affiliate , it is worth a try. But keep in mind that you are not going to be rich in 1 or 2 weeks. The system does save you some money on hosting, landing pages etc.

With the 12 minute affiliate system, you are on the right track and will earn your first dollar if you follow steps correctly. Don’t give up or quit in between. 

Now I am having bigger plans using this system. I will keep you updated.

Thank you for reading my 12 Minute Affiliate review, Now you know everything about the product, Why don’t you give it a try? Good luck!!

Join 12 Minute Affiliate Now

12 Minute Affiliate FAQ:

How Do I get additional bonuses from Digital Forum Tv?

Email your purchase bill or a receipt to digitalforumtv@gmail com and wait for the response from the Website team. Your additional bonuses will be delivered within 48 hours

Do I need a pre-existing email list before starting?

No , You don’t need it. You may start from scratch or buy some from within the dashboard to promote any of the products.

How much do I need to spend to earn my first dollar?

I spent about 50$ to earn my first 116$ (Clickbank proof included). You can be more efficient and earn more with less money if you get used run ads.

Can I promote products from other affiliate sites?

You will get your commissions through Clickbank, But you can promote JVzoo and Warrior Forum products also.

Can I run it from my country’?

You can run this from any country.It is not limited to any specific countries,I promise!

Can I use any other autoresponder other than aweber?

You can use GetResponse/MailChimp or any autoresponder you want .But Aweber is integrated within the system. (Aweber is just 1$ for the first 30 days, You may give it a try).

What are the expenses I need to spend on a regular basis?

If you run your own traffic, You have to pay just 10$ per month for the system.

But Traffic is available within the members area, You may buy it to run traffic and you will earn around 3 times the money you spent.