20 phrases to help you get over a break-up

Breaking up a relationship can be a difficult time. Feelings become unbalanced and it is very likely that those who are the protagonists cannot leave the past behind.

Separations are always moments of crisis and affect everyone around the couple. Children, friends and family should take one side of the story and support those who are like-minded. In these situations it is essential to be aware of the moment.

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What can be felt in the breakup of a couple?

Moving away from the loved one can make some people feel like they have lost hope and there is a lack of expectations. It is as if life has lost its meaning, creating a moment of failure, coupled with a feeling of guilt.

In some circumstances it can be assumed as a kind of liberation, but also, some stages must be passed to adapt to the new way of living. Likewise, episodes of low self-esteem, evaluation of past moments and questioning are present in both cases.

Family roles are also disrupted, bringing as a consequence changes in attitudes, emotions, behaviors and habits. In general, the most common reactions are: depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and maladjustment.

Determining factors in break-ups

There are always certain factors that are intrinsically related to breakdowns. Children are one of the strongest. There are couples who live unhappily for years because, according to them, they think about them. But unlike doing good, it creates a toxic environment. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid including them as a wild card or a difficulty for it to happen.

The material goods, are other elements that can be noticed when the breaks appear. Litigation for this reason can be quite cumbersome, but it is really necessary. Finally, love is one of the feelings that must be evaluated, in order to reach an agreement to separate.

Phrases for overcoming break-ups

Some reflections and different opinions about love breakups can be helpful, especially to know the point of view of other people, which can be useful to contrast our own perception of the pain we may experience when having a breakup.

1. “You have to learn to leave the table when love is no longer served. – Nina Simone
It’s better to retire from a relationship early than to live in pain.

2. “Do you know the best thing about broken hearts? They can only really be broken once. The rest are just scratches.” – Carlos Ruiz Zafon.
Although it may seem impossible to get out of a separation situation, at the end of the road there is a way out.

3. “Those who hurry to leave are those who never intended to stay.
One cannot pretend to have a stable relationship, if there is no love involved.

4. “When they leave you without a reason, don’t come back with an excuse”.
It doesn’t matter why the love left, but it’s better that it doesn’t come back if it hurts.

5. “Kisses that come laughing, then crying go away, and in them goes life, which will never come back. – Miguel de Unamuno.
Expressing love can sometimes be painful.

6. “A man who has not passed through the hell of his passions, has never overcome them”. – Carl Gustav Jung
To be victorious in a problem, you have to go through it.

7. “If you were happy with someone who wasn’t for you, imagine yourself with the right person!”
No matter if the relationship didn’t work out, I’m sure there’s someone better waiting for you along the way.

8. “Breakups are painful, but staying with someone who doesn’t deserve you hurts even more.
It’s better to leave a toxic relationship early than to live with bitterness and pain.

9. “Sometimes life separates people so that they realize what they mean to each other.” – Paulo Coelho
Sometimes we have to walk away, to see things from another perspective.

10. “It is necessary to have loved, then to lose love and then to love again. – Vincent Van Gogh
To learn to love, you must also lose yourself sometimes.

11. “Better to be alone than with someone who doesn’t love you.
To be by the side of someone who does not love you, it is better to live in solitude.

12. “A sentimental separation is also a new opportunity in life”.
Being away from someone gives you the opportunity to meet another person.

13. “Trust in time, which often gives sweet solutions to many bitter difficulties.” – Miguel de Cervantes
Time is the best remedy for healing wounds.

14. “Never give anyone a chance to waste your time twice.”
If he’s already gone away from you, there’s no reason to let him come back.

15. “If they don’t love you like you want them to, what does it matter if they love you?” – Beloved Nervo
Loving with all one’s heart is not bad, on the contrary.

16. “Not being loved is a simple misfortune; the real misfortune is not knowing how to love.” – Albert Camus
No matter what happens, there’s always a way out.

17. “He loved me with every word, destroyed me with every action.” – Frida Kahlo
Words are meaningless if they are not accompanied by good actions.

18. “Remember that it is not enough for one of us to love. Anonymous
For a stable relationship, it is necessary for both parties to be involved.

19. “People do not forget, you learn to live without them”. Anonymous
It is possible to live, without having to be next to someone.

20. “It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”. – Alfre Lord Tennyson
Loving is a wonderful feeling, even though it sometimes causes pain.

Love has its diatribes, but we must learn to overcome them and move on. You can find new love and do it better than in past experiences. By using these reflective prayers you are sure to find the balance and stability that you miss so much.

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