53+ love phrases for my boyfriend.

If you love your boy madly, but can’t find the right words to say it, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve collected dozens of phrases that could be recognized under the category of “love messages for my boyfriend“.

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Dive among all these words to find the one that best suits your needs, remember that a good option is to take these phrases as inspiration to create your own that will be much more personalized.

You can use these to him via social networking  sites or even on Whatsapp !

Words of love for my boyfriend

  • The biggest mistake I’ve made in my life is not having had the pleasure of meeting you before. You are all I need to be happy, thank you for existing and for always being by my side protecting me.
  • I will never be able to find the right words to describe to you what has been the most beautiful period of my life, only thanks to you, the most special guy I have ever known.
  • My love for you is so vast, so transgressive, so infinite, that sometimes I have the impression of living a story that is the fruit of a spell. I love you, my boy.
  • I have always dreamed of having a man by my side who understood me, who cared about my problems, who learned to love me as I want to be loved… Luckily, destiny has given me your presence, has given us this unbridled passion.
  • You are the immensity of the sea, the strong Neptune who wields his axe to protect what he wants most. You are the wind that helps me to suffocate the endless heat of the long afternoons in the sun.
  • You, my man, you have made me meet again with love, I love you and I will never be able to stop doing it. You are the only true love that providence has given me.
  • Honey you’re the most beautiful thing that life has given me, I love you as you are, for the happy moments we have spent together, I love you as I knew you, a young man who was happy and was hooked on life.
  • You’re the most addictive feeling I’ve ever tasted, that thought that melts into a lava of emotions, passion and strength, you’re all I need, the man of my life.
  • I love your way of laughing, because now it’s part of me too. I love your hands because they caress me so gently that I shudder, I love your looks and your kisses, because I feel you are mine.
  • There seems to be no difference between dream and reality, because you have made all my dreams come true. I love you my child.
  • Every time I see you my soul trembles, I don’t know if it trembles with emotion, with surprise or with happiness, I only know that it does it for you and only for you. I love you my man!
  • The life of each person gets a sense or another depending on the circumstances, the sense of mine has always been you.
  • Thank you for being part of my life, because without you nothing would have meaning, without you I would be a banal person, a plunder in the middle of the ocean. I will love you all my life.
  • You’re the greatest love I’ve ever felt, you’re my most beautiful dream, the sweetest thought that fills my head. I love you.
  • I feel like caressing you, slowly consuming your lips, I feel like feeling your strong arms embracing me.

Love messages for my husband

  • Every furtive look my eyes make is for you, every tear of happiness will reach your heart to bring you all the love I have inside.
  • We met by chance, or maybe because it was all written down, in any case, I always had the feeling that you were only for me.
  • I don’t stop looking at you, thinking about you, every hour, minute and second that I spend without you. I love you from the bottom of my soul.
  • You can not imagine how important you’ve become to me. You are the salt of my life, my tears and the air I breathe, no longer be live without your hugs. I love you my boy.
  • Love does not understand race, or age, only understands freedom and desire to fly … desire to fly with you.
  • When we first met, my heart stopped for a few moments. After so many years by your side, I understood that I was not crazy, but had begun to live.
  • You are so extraordinarily perfect that I cannot find the adjectives to describe you faithfully. But it doesn’t matter, because sometimes, even if you don’t know how to name things, you enjoy them as much or more.
  • My love, there is no comparison possible between you and my most sincere dreams, because you have been my only dream, my only desire, you have been the man of my life.
  • My darling, I love you so much, I feel so much hunger for you that I would like to devour you little by little, slowly.
  • I would like to feel you in me, even if it were only for an instant, I would like to embrace you as I have always done, I would like to nail my gaze to your lips and let the passion ignite by itself.
  • I cannot, nor do I want to, foresee the future, I only know that it will be with you.
  • You have disrupted my days, my months, my whole life! You were the only one capable of making me feel in love and loved at the same time.
  • Every drop of rain is a tear of happiness for being able to be with you, but not having you at this moment by my side.
  • I’ll give you the moon to make your heart happy, I want to get along with him, because that’s where your love for me comes from, and I’m sure that’s what gives me life.
  • My life, we started almost by chance, as if a game of dice, and now it’s like we have a lifetime together. Thank you for having filled my days with happiness.
  • The water in the desert, the light at night, the embrace that calms panic, the water in the middle of a desert… are all imitations of you, but I have always preferred the original to the copy. I love you, handsome.

Romantic phrases for my boyfriend

  • I would like to have you by my side every hour, minute and second of every day for the rest of my life. I’d like to feel you mine every beat. I love you!
  • In your eyes I can see the immensity of the sky and the fleeting nature of the stars that pass too quickly to be perceived. From your gaze I deduce that there are no two lovers like us on the whole face of the earth. I adore you.
  • Love is a simple word, like what I feel for you: I simply love you.
  • I look at the moon and I see you, I contemplate the immensity of the sea and I continue to find you. Really, I don’t know how you can move at that speed.
  • A kiss to the most beautiful man in the world, whose smile makes my heart vibrate, making me the richest woman in the world.
  • I want to be by your side, I want to have you close to me, I want to feel your warmth. I look for you, but I can’t find you, where are you? I need you here, by my side, forever and ever.
  • Loving you is easy, confessing you is difficult, and forgetting you will be impossible.
  • I would like us to be always together, to be always what we have been, an emotion allied with memory.
  • It was a cold and rainy afternoon, but I found your smile, from that moment every day I live with the warmth that your heart gives me and the bright light of your eyes.
  • I will cross all the seas dragged by the waves, I will fly like a seagull, I will love you as the sun loves the stars.
  • You are like the moon that shines in the dark night, when you are there you light up my heart, when you are not there I feel lost without you.
  • There is no way you can be even more important in my life, simply because for some time you are my whole life.
  • I would like to be the wind to caress your hair, to be the rain to clean you with my water, to be the sun to warm your body…
  • I can always hear you, because you, my love, are capable of telling me everything, even if you have no voice.
  • If the rain were love, you would be that favourable wind that brings it towards me to gently wet my face and make me feel the happiest woman in the world.
  • I would like to love you for a hundred years and one day, but that last day, I would like to live it as the first day I met you.
  • Remember that I will never stop thinking about you, desiring you, loving you, because you have already become everything important in my life.
  • I can not forget you, even if I try, I can not remove you from my thoughts. You appear in my dreams and give my soul strength to go on. I can not stop loving you my love.
  • This morning I took my heart that was beating strongly because inside was yours.
  • I can not help but love you, I feel an intense love, day after day, week after week.

Here’s a quote for you: A person that truly loves you will never let you go , no matter how hard the situtaion is!