6 misunderstood principles of the Law of Attraction

Here are some misunderstood principles about the Law of Attraction, divulged by overly simplistic books such as “The Secret”, which have contributed to create confusion around this wonderful universal principle that is resonance.For more information, learn about Manifestation Magic 


The “Law of Attraction” is one of the fundamental laws of Creation. We could summarize it with the saying “what you give is what you receive. Although it is such a fundamental law and has been known for millennia by all spiritual traditions on this planet, its knowledge has only reached the general public around 2,000, especially with the release of popular books such as “The Secret”. Although there is certainly a positive aspect to the tremendous disclosure of spiritual principles due to the New Age movement, there is also a fundamental problem that lies in the hyper-simplification and trivialization of principles that are instead extremely rich, fascinating and full of facets.

The Law of Attraction is one of those fundamental principles that has been hyper-simplified and trivialized to the point that many people still try to manifest new things in their lives without really understanding how it works: the result is often a great sense of frustration and a loss of confidence in spiritual principles.

For this reason I wanted to list some of the false principles related to this universal law. For an explanation of the resonance principle and the physical principles underlying the Law of Attraction you can also watch my video: The Physics of the Law of Attraction.

6 misunderstood principles of the Law of Attraction:

1 – What you think becomes reality
This statement is a dangerous simplification. It would be much better to say that “what you are becomes reality”. There is a specific physical mechanism linked to this phenomenon, and it is called resonance law.

Since everything is vibration and we ourselves are basically solidified vibration, your vibrational state is what creates the reality you experience by resonating with it, and thus making manifest aspects of reality that are in harmony with who you are right now.

Your vibrational state, however, is not only made up of thoughts… it’s also made up of beliefs, emotions, sensations, actions, behaviors. Practically everything that contributes to creating the “how you feel” is what generates your vibrational state, and consequently the reality you experience.

Thought certainly plays a very important role, but if we don’t add the other elements it is sterile in order to ride the Law of Attraction: this is also why it is so fundamental to combine the emotional factor with that of thoughts when you work to manifest something new in your life.

Furthermore, saying that “what you think becomes reality” creates fear in those unfamiliar with the rules of Creation: a person can be afraid of doing the wrong thinking by constantly trying to control and direct their thoughts, thus creating resistance and frustration. We live in a reality

2 – You can have everything you want
Another dangerously simplified, not to say completely wrong, statement. Once again it would be better to say “you can have all that you are”, because even if you want with all of yourself one thing but your vibrational state is not in resonance with the reality of that thing… you will never get it.

It is also important to understand that our beliefs (what we believe to be true) play a fundamental role in the manifestation of our reality. This means that you can only manifest what you believe to be possible. If you believe that it is impossible for you to experience or have something, doesn’t it seem logical that you can’t experience it? The Law of Attraction in this way helps us to gradually shift the limits we believe we have, bringing the impossible into the possible one step at a time.

That’s why it is a good strategy to start manifesting things that we believe are really possible for us, and whose manifestation we feel very close to over time. In this way things will manifest more quickly and fluidly, we will gain more self-confidence and we will have shifted the limits we thought we had a bit, so that now we can manifest something a bit more challenging.

Just as, if we have a desire that seems enormous to us to manifest, it is very useful to divide it into many steps, and start by manifesting those steps that seem more possible and close in time than the others.

Finally, another useful reflection with respect to “wanting” something lies in the fact that since the Law of Attraction reads “what you give is what you receive”, it would generally be better to focus on what we are giving, rather than on what we want. This is just another way of saying “you can have everything you are”, because what you are is the vibration you give, what you offer to the world, and it is this vibration that gives you back one experience of reality rather than another. We could then talk about “giving” also in the sense of giving something to the world, of offering a contribution that is beautiful and useful. Giving in this sense is always the fastest way to receive, because it accelerates even more this mechanism of continuous feedback that is the Law of Attraction.

Not only, when we really allow ourselves to give something to the world, rather than staying focused only on what we want for ourselves, we get closer to who we really are and align ourselves more to all universal principles, because Creation is a contributing and interactive place: it expands harmoniously if the creatures that compose it stop considering themselves isolated and instead begin to feel part of a community that has no end, giving things to each other.

3 – Feeling good is the most important thing of all
This principle is true in most cases… but there are times when trying to feel good at all costs becomes a good escape.

Feeling good and taking care of your vibrational state is fundamental, but if there are aspects of yourself that you have to transform in order to move forward on the path, and if looking at those things makes you feel bad, looking the other way and trying to distract yourself won’t really help.

Each of us has aspects of ourselves that we have repressed, it is a phenomenon that happens especially in early childhood and in spiritual jargon the work on these aspects is called “shadow work”.

No one can really avoid doing this work, and certainly all the “awakened” have gone through it before getting to where they are. In other words, because those shadows are yours and belong to you, sooner or later you will have to choose to look at them and transform them, otherwise you will not really be able to proceed further. Generally speaking, these are not negative aspects of yourself, but rather forces that have not been expressed naturally, energy that has been repressed, frozen, and therefore has found twisted ways to express itself. A classic example is the person who has repressed a natural sexual fire that has been transformed into morbid attitudes cultivated in secret.

Now I don’t want to dwell on shadow work, this is just to say that feeling good is the most important thing only when it doesn’t become an escape from your own shadow.

Also, some people believe that they always have to stay at the top of their vibrational state to be able to create the reality they want, but the truth is that the energy moves in waves, ups and downs and it is quite normal to have peak and valley moments. To maintain a healthy vibrational state, it is much more useful to learn how to ride this wave and live the valley moments at their best, rather than clinging to the desire to feel at their best at all times.

Finally, let us never forget that what drives us to expand and create is often a state of dissatisfaction. This state of malaise is the driving force that gives many conscious creators the drive to begin a more and more conscious journey, and therefore also to feel bad… has its reason.

4 – If it is difficult to achieve, then it is not for me…
Although this principle is true in most cases, as always we should be careful not to over-simplify. When you are in an ideal vibrational state things come to you naturally and (almost) effortlessly, this is true… but the challenge is an important part of the process of manifestation.

The obstacles we encounter allow us to test ourselves, to understand how much we really want to create manifest that thing, just as they allow us to better see what our resistances are, to learn and refine our intent. Learning something new after all is the great opportunity we have every time we start a process of manifestation, so if everything would come to us without any effort, without any resistance, without any challenge… what would be the point of creating anything?

So rather than trying to create a totally painless process of manifestation it is wiser to learn to love the challenge and understand its true function, its advantages and opportunities.

This doesn’t mean of course trying to create something that costs us extreme effort, you always have to evaluate if that manifestation still makes sense to you, but try to understand that even on the path of “less resistance”, there is always some resistance.

5 – I must learn the best method to apply the Law of Attraction
You cannot apply the Law of Attraction, it is this law that applies to you, always. The principle of attraction (or rather of resonance) is a universal principle that is always in operation, even if you do not know it, even if you do not do any spiritual work. Just as the principle of gravity applies to everything and everyone on this planet, so the Law of Attraction gives back to everyone the reality with which that being is in resonance, neither more nor less.

This is also why the method you use is not so important, the really important thing is the vibrational state you can create within yourself.

Don’t focus too much on methods or techniques, but on how you feel at all times. By learning to take care of your vibrational state moment after moment… voila, you will “attract” even the right methods for you, because you will attract everything that contributes to maintaining that vibrational state.

6 – Action is not important, just how you feel is important.
This is another principle resulting from hyper-simplification. Actually, physical action to manifest something is important as far as you believe it is important. Everything as you see it always boils down to what you believe is possible or impossible. Most of us think that to a certain extent action is always necessary for manifestation, and so it is.

Not only that, but it is also important to understand that action, in the process of manifestation, is a natural consequence of your vibrational state. In other words, you should always act under the impulse of your vibrational state, rather than under the impulse of the rational mind alone. You create a vibrational state aligned with the reality you want to manifest, and this state inspires certain actions in you naturally. They may also be actions that are not directly related to what you want, because intuition prepares the most effective path for you based on your global forces, and often this path seems twisted to the rational mind.

Another thing worth thinking about is that when you are in a high vibrational state the action is part of that state naturally: you act because it is natural for you to act, and you do so while having fun. As much as I have experienced, trying to create something without acting in any way often hides a fundamental fear, that of failure (or success!). I’m not saying it’s like that for everyone, but for many people it happens.

In conclusion, it is certainly possible to manifest something only through intent, but to do so you must:

  • believe that it is really possible
  • not to have any lessons to collect in the part of the demonstration related to physical action
  • finding yourself in such a high vibrational state and aligned to who you really are that the physical manifestation of what you desire is already virtually present, it only has to become visible to your physical senses


I hope this article made you understand something more if you were confused about the Law of Attraction. In conclusion, I want to stress that I do not mean to denigrate “The Secret” or other texts that I consider excessively popular, I know that many have applied those hyper-simplified principles and that they have worked for them, but this does not detract from the fact that for many others they have been a source of discouragement and frustration. Many people give up being conscious creators in their lives because the recipe offered by this or that book didn’t work… if you are one of these people, I invite you to stop relying on any ready-made recipe, and instead go on a real path of knowledge.

Challenges, obstacles and failures are an integral part of this path, but beyond the things you can manifest or not there is something that you will surely achieve and whose value is immeasurable: it is called awareness.