7 Day Prayer Miracle Review , Is Amanda Ross’s prayer book worth your investment ? Find out !!

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Are you looking for honest  7 day prayer miracle book review ?, You have landed in right place!!

Im Richard Gregory, a personality development coach and recently tried this much talked about Amanda Ross’s 7 day prayer miracle. So lets get started  with the review!!.

If you have decided to purchase this product,then you should read this post till the end as we have tried to answer the questions you may have in your mind .

What is 7 Day Prayer Miracle?

The 7 Day Prayer Miracle is an extraordinary program that teaches people how to quickly enter the theta state through spiritual and scientific prayers. The main focus of this program is to show you how the prophet Daniel changed his city life through prayer.

This program has 4 sentence prayer for abundance that you can use to solve all your worries and add to the fulfillment of your life. In my opinion, prayer is a missing link that prevents the law of attraction from acting.

Prayer can remove the limiting blockages from the subconscious and help you stay in a theta state to get positive things for your life.

4-sentence miracle prayer of Daniel in this book cover health, relationships and prosperity, but the main areas covered by this program are spirituality, abundance, and manifestation.

Overall it is a simple course where you will learn how to pray like the prophet Daniel. You will receive methods and practical guidelines in an accessible format.

This helps to enhance the process of manifestation. The course is intensive, which means that Amanda Ross does enough research before she sits down to write it.

It must reach the soul and heart so that you receive blessings from higher vibrations. You can only focus on positive things. In this way you can enjoy the highest vibration of your problem.

About Author Amanda Ross:

Amanda Ross is the author and creator of The 7 day prayer miracle pdf. She has a tragic story of a car accident along with her husband which made her to create this prayer guide.

A few years ago, Ross owed creditors who mistreated her husband him for his money. Her husband was in the hospital from the car accident and her whole marriage was a mess. She tried to get up every morning because she was afraid she would become depressed. She did her best to protect her three young children from the brutality of the world.

But now the story is very different. She is financially stable and has put a large amount of money into his bank account. It has paid off all its debts and no longer receives calls from threatening lenders.

Amanda Ross is still married to her husband. Ross said she enjoyed the marriage more than she had imagined when she was a child. She has also received more blessings and is therefore happy to share her ‘Amanda Ross prayers‘ and what the Archangel Michael brought into his life with the whole world. She encouraged everyone and said she had found happiness and joy. Finally, she invited everyone to ascend to the world of miracles with her.

She attributes it as one of the greatest blessings of her life (when she talks about being positive through adversity!) An interesting and true story really tells you a lot about perspective.

She has also developed a solid program that combines belief with manifestation and pursues abundance to achieve maximum results when you apply the law of attraction to work in your life.She is also famous on Youtube.

Features of 4-sentence miracle prayer:

  • Stress and fear  have consumed us whole of our lives.Now with the Daniel prayer
    pdf, you are guaranteed to have inner peace that you were looking for all these years.
  • Stress and anxiety have consumed us whole and with the 7 days prayer miracle.
    You are guaranteed to have that inner peace that you have been seeking all along without any kind of issues whatsoever.
  • The prayer changes your mind and will make you a better person. It will also work as per the rules of vibration.
  • The program contains seven days of prayer that you need to get out of the present problems. What’s interesting is that it offers extras that you think are useful in your life.
  • The 4 sentence prayer is totally backed and based by scientific researches.
  • 7 Day Prayer Miracle prayers are enough for you to be enlightened yourself with.
  • The Seven Prayers of Daniel helps you to ensure that you are in the right path . It removes the negative influences and shows the right path to success and enlightment.
  • This program recommends that you only need 7 days to break the chain of forgiveness. You can do the same thing in 2 days. If you want to find your soul mate that you think will end your body, skip the rest and proceed to Day 5. But if you want to engage in unlimited divine wisdom, you have to jump to day 7. to help you complete the tour.
  • When it comes to spiritual enlightenment ,it is not true that everything will work for everyone. Certain things require dedication to see the results to come out positive.
  • It contains a four-sentence prayer that has helped over 135,377 people to see their miracles.
  • This program includes 4 bonuses: Daniel’s Prayer, Divine Number, Divine Healing and Song of Shift.
  • If you do not see any results with these prayers, you are free to request for a refund. Canceling 7 day prayer miracle is easy too. The clickbank support gives you 60 days money back guarantee for any kind of issues.

What’s Inside 4-sentence miracle prayer of Daniel?

7 day prayer miracle review pdf book free download 4 sentence prayer

Once you add the book to the cart, you will be able to access the 7 day prosperity miracle pdf instantly.

You can login into their page anytime you want to access the pdf book.

You will get 2 main manuals and get few additional bonuses.

You can start reading your prayers

You can download the pdf, you need a pdf reader to access the file.

You can read it on Iphones, android phones, ipad, your computer and any other devices which supports pdf files.

After downloading, you can read it without internet connection.

Here’s what you will get inside:

Amanda Ross 7 Day Prayer Miracle – Grabbing the Attention of Heaven – E-book

7 Day Prayer Miracle is divided into 4 parts:

First part: It will discuss about historical story of Daniel and his spiritual techniques.

Second part: Here you will learn 4 traits of God which lets you to get closer to him.

Third part: Here you will learn about how “whatever ever you wanted can become yours”.

Fourth part: The two dimensional comparison of  spirituality and reality.

The prayers are designed for 7 days in a row and have more than 300 words each.

You do not need to memorize any of it.

you can print the book for your convenience.

You will also get 4 amazing bonuses:

The Prayer of Daniel – E-book

Divine Hearing – E-book

Divine Numbers – E-book

A song of Shifts – rendered mp3

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7 day prayer miracle reviews:

7 day prayer miracle review pdf book free download 4 sentence prayer

I came across several 7 day miracle prayer program testimonials before buying the product. Do read these reviews from real people to know more about it!

“It was a struggle to get out of bed in the morning. I don’t know if it was high blood sugar… Me packing on the pounds. It was hard. Thanks to the 7 Day Healing Miracle. I actually dropped the weight without diet or exercise I have the energy of a teenager!”
Jeff K.

“I was once depressed and anxious. Thanks to the 4 sentence prayer of Daniel
, I’m off my meds and now have fresh new hope for the future. You can also call this miracle prayer for success”

Andrew J.

“I was only 5 days away from being declared a bankrupt. Almost all my savings gone. I then stumbled on to Amanda’s teaching. Just 2 prayers later, the bank actually cancelled my debt. Holy smokes, this works!”
Leanne R.

“Without knowing it’s worth , I was looking for ‘7 day prayer miracle pdf free download’. I was not able to find one, later I got a discount  coupon from DigitalforumTV. This prayer book changed my life it is worth every dollar!”

Mark C

Visit Official Website of 7 day Prayer Miracle

How to pray like Daniel?

This 7 day prayer miracle book shows everything you need to know about how to pray like Daniel.

To pray like Daniel, you need 5 P’s and those are Promise,Purpose,Position,Petition and Praise. Click the above link to find the intro video for it.

Pros and Cons of 7 day prayer miracle:


  • Has a lot of information you will ever need!
  • It ensures you depression, stress and anxiety issues- free life.
  • Not a hoax , scam or fake program which has lot of complaints.
  • You will live in a high vibration life of miracles if you believe Pray regularly.
  • Affordable pricing
  • Great support from Daniel.
  • You can get rid of enemies, toxic relations,rising bills. etc
  • You will lead a better life as a great person in the end.


  • You need to believe in it for it to work
  • No options for Hardcopy book or offline reading or listening. Also no free download samples
  • You should try it , and be patient to see the result.

7 Day Prayer Miracle : Conclusion

The powers of prayers are amazing and this program helps us in praying like prophet Daniel. The information and value in 7 day prayer miracle is amazing and i would certainly recommend it to you guys.Go for it !! and you will not be disappointed!!

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