8 battery saving tips for electronic devices

Every day we deal with electronic devices, starting with the smartphone, but also the tablet and especially the computer.

These are all devices that we use for various reasons and on which we ask ourselves whether it is possible to save more battery power.

The daily use we make of them involves a lot of consumption that forces us to stay connected to the power at least once a day.

For this reason we want to suggest how to save battery power and consume less electricity.

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How to save battery power on your iPhone

iPhone lovers really want to know if and how battery saving is possible.

Using it to call, send messages, surf the Internet, with Google maps and not only requires so much energy that it often consumes the entire charge even in a single day.

Here are a few tips to save iPhone battery power:

  • Turn on automatic brightness, so use more ambient light. The steps to follow are the following:
    Go to Settings

> click on General

> placed on Accessibility

> go to Magnifying Lens

> choose Automatic brightness by clicking on the On/green slider

  • Reduce the movement of the user interface, i.e. homescreen icons floating on the screen creating a 3D effect. This helps you save battery power on your iPhone.
    You can deactivate this mode by following this process:

> Go to Settings

> Click on General

> Choose Accessibility

> Reduce movement by clicking on the On/green slider

  • Turns off background app refresh, which limits the automatic updating of the content of the apps you’re using and thus saves battery power. Follow these steps:
    Click on Settings

> Choose General

> Disable Update app in background

  • Disable data connection, WiFi, 4G, Bluetooth, GPS. All these options, if used for a long time, particularly undermine battery saving. There is no need for all these services to remain active all day, it is always better to connect to them if necessary.

Save Android battery

Wondering how to save battery power on your Android smartphone? Just follow a few small tricks that we suggest below:

  • Reduce the screen time-out and prevent your phone from being turned on unnecessarily. We recommend setting it up for a relatively short time
  • Cancel power-consuming automatic updates and opt for manual updates, so you’re free to set them manually while saving more battery power at the same time
  • Opt for dark themes because they consume less energy, unlike light and bright themes that don’t make it easy to save battery power
  • It deactivates the tactile vibration, which is not only annoying at times, but not so necessary. It doesn’t look like it, but not using it saves Android battery power.


Battery saving app

There are apps that save battery power and optimize energy, we’ll show you some of them:

  • Carat

It’s a free app, available for both Android and iOS. By installing it you can get more information about apps that consume more power and therefore do not promote battery saving.

  • Battery Doctor

Considered the most complete battery-saving app, it is only available on Android, easy to use and with many features.

Thanks to Battery Doctor, with a single click you can disable all the apps that consume more battery and also know their status.

  • Greenify

This is the app that helps you save battery power by suspending those apps you don’t use for a while.

It also prevents you from running apps in the background, sending notifications, and performing periodic tasks.

  • Avast Battery Saver

The app that helps you increase battery life by stopping apps that don’t make it easier to save battery power with a single click. It’s an app that you’ll love because of the many ways to save battery life, both predefined and customizable.

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