Affiliate Marketing: What is it? How does it work?

In this article you will learn everything you need to know about affiliate marketing, its features and curiosities, to find out more about this interesting type of marketing read on.

Affiliate Marketing

Let’s start by saying that affiliate marketing is a very good way to earn extra money, or to promote a product or service, all this using one of the most common tools today, the Internet.

But before continuing and going deeper into affiliate marketing, let’s give context to the subject, so first let’s define what marketing is and what an affiliate is, to get more out of this new knowledge we might be acquiring.

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First, let’s start with marketing, with respect to this term we must say that its literal translation into Spanish is marketing, and yes, as its name indicates, it is the marketing of the products and/or services that a brand or company may have, that is, it is how these are sold, covering from their sales strategies to their advertising and image.

Very well, clarified this, let’s move to the next topic, the affiliate or affiliation, and this word suggests the realization of an act or rather an action of a person towards something or someone, in this particular case, is the action of joining a company or brand, thus belonging to a specific group of this entity.

It should be noted that any organization can have members, as is the case of existing government agencies in the countries, thus acquiring benefits or things like that, on the other hand there are those who join political parties as such, among millions of other things that one can affiliate today.

What is it?

Affiliate marketing is a way for the company and the customer to generate money at the same time, this is because it is handled in a way that remunerates for certain types of results, the way to achieve this method is through the promotion of various products.

Obviously the remuneration is not the same for one side as for the other, it is worth noting, but the case is that both sides benefit equally; this form of marketing is not recent, but it has become known thanks to the Internet.

In this way users and / or consumers, give notoriety to companies or brands and these pay for such advertising, either products, services, blogs, etc.. Affiliate marketing has three fundamental links 1- The advertiser, who is the owner of what is going to be promoted; 2- The affiliate, who is going to promote and thus make money; and finally 3- The place or the way where it is going to be promoted.

How does it work?

As we have already mentioned more or less how affiliate marketing is handled, now if we are going to give you more depth in this section of the article, implementing a little more knowledge and detail in this area.

Let’s start with the owners of what is being promoted, they can be the owners or in charge of the marketing of such products or services, being them the ones responsible for remunerating those who help promote their product and/or service, come on, they pay for advertising, like most of them, but they take it a little bit more peculiar.

Let’s continue with the affiliates and these are all those users or interested in promoting such product or service, they usually own websites, blogs, youtubers, among others, but are usually known today as influencers. We invite you to learn more about Sensory Marketing.

They are in charge of promoting the product and/or service through all possible means and channels at their disposal, so that for each purchase they earn a commission, which is one of the ways in which affiliate marketing is handled.

Finally we have the way in which this content is disseminated, these can be widely varied as briefly mentioned above, the different ways in which the product is disseminated is wide, can be blogs, Youtube channels, Instagram pages, among various amounts of entries that exist, in addition to physical promotions in stores or shops.

It is necessary to emphasize that the affiliate has to choose what he wants to sponsor and it is there when the commerce gives you a kind of unique code, which only belongs to that affiliate, that is to say, a kind of identification in that group, which is the one that is placed in the advertisement that is made, in order to monetize that referral that goes in the name of the affiliate.

With this system everything is registered in an online database, where you file who is going to buy in your name. Obviously one of the most important things is precisely the market analysis you want to handle, in this case the one who takes care of this a lot is the affiliate.

Going deeper into this point, we emphasize the importance of marketing analysis by the affiliates, because what you want is to sell the product and/or service, and for each of them you have your ideal audience, you don’t want to sell an adventure trip to an 80 year old person (although there are exceptions).

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On the Internet

Now let’s cover a little more about how this world of the internet affects affiliate marketing, with this we have to say that it has changed completely, especially because currently the majority of the population of the planet has access to it, which has increased over the years.

Very well, now let’s define a little more these sites of disclosure in what could promote these products and / or service of these companies:

On the one hand we have the web pages or blogs, which is one of the most favorable tools for its design, giving the owner of the same the freedom to generate a wide and long promotion content, in addition to the fact that in the interface of these entries can stay much longer in exposure, for the ease of editing.

In this way, a more elaborated, detailed and ample promotion of the product and/or service can be made, giving much more opportunity to take advantage of the initial marketing, without being constantly updated.

Entering other areas, we have the social networks, unlike the previous ones, these if they have to be updated frequently and despite this they are very used, because they are the one that the public consumes regularly, within this range is Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, among others.

This is why they are the most consumed, since most people spend a lot of hours interacting with this media, making them perfect to communicate this type of affiliation promotions, because of its massive reach, thus generating an excellent dissemination of the product and / or service and in turn, an increase in royalties to the affiliate. We invite you to learn more about Political Marketing.

Another massive and quite effective way is that of E-Mail, this particular method is known as E- mail marketing, since it fulfills all the functions of the same marketing, since it looks for to know a little more its public, to that to which the promotion is going to be offered, consolidating this way and in a certain way a portfolio of important clients.

This way of contracting with the users and generating a bond of trust, promoting even more the consumption of the product and/or service being promoted through the company’s affiliate, is a very simple but quite effective method.

In this way and really in general we already know which are more or less the possible means of communication, one thing of much importance and that we have mentioned before, in this and other entries is the importance of the study of the client to which it is going to be attended, since this analysis of market is what is going to raise of exponential way the sales.

How to Join networks?

We have already talked a lot about affiliate marketing, but we have not talked about how to become an affiliate in this gigantic worldwide movement and how to get the most out of it.

The first and second thing to consider is the choice of who and what to promote, to know if there are good rewards for the effort invested in such promotions, whether products and / or physical or digital services, for this you have to do enough research before joining a company or brand, to ensure the greatest benefit to the affiliate who is interested.

Already when choosing the product and/or service, in a certain way the public is also going to be chosen, given the functions and uses that it has determines a type of client according to its needs; and with this we move on to the third point, which is the promotion of this offer, the affiliate has to call the attention of the consumer, after all it is an advertising of the object of desire.

This affiliate, as we mentioned before, has to know to whom he is addressing, so the choice of his public, to ensure better attention from potential consumers, this is due to the promotional campaign that the affiliate can do, because it has to exploit the virtues of the offer to customers so that they acquire it very quickly

A curiosity on this subject is that being a well-known person who acts as an affiliate, one to which the masses are accustomed, can give more credibility and confidence to the product and / or service, thus generating even greater interest on the part of the consumer when wanting to buy it, is the case of Paris Hilton, for example when promoting their perfumes, to say the least.

Another curiosity is that nowadays the big companies invest in advertising, one of the most popular is the Youtube advertising, which is paid by the companies, these pay the company for an advertising space and these in turn pay the owners of the videos that give the space to show them, it is a win-win for everyone.

How do you do affiliate marketing?

Well the reality is that affiliate marketing is based on something very simple, the disclosure of information, in this case the disclosure of products and / or services that companies have and that are of interest to the affiliate. And all this is possible thanks to a database of records. We invite you to learn more about Content Marketing.

Winning all sides in this business relationship, companies or brands to have more advertising and promotions of their offers to the public, people who promote them, because thanks to the sales that are achieved from its affiliation acquire a monetization and last but not least the customers satisfied with their purchases.

There are really many ways to generate affiliate marketing, and the choice of this channel depends on the owner or producer of the product and/or service you want to promote, this to give you a better reach to the public.

To say something there are the well known C.P.C. or cost per click, these generate profits for each of the clicks that are made in the various promotions of that offer, this profit that the affiliate may have can vary by the quality of the promotion that the advertiser makes.

There are the C. P. A. or known as cost per action, it is similar to the previous one, because it also interacts through a click, the difference is that to generate some profit, the person who attracts the affiliate through advertising has to do some action on the page to which the ad was directed, it could be to fill out a survey, make a comment, register on the page, etc.

With this method, the affiliate in question has to know how to implement its convincing tools, since it will have to show the product in such a way that the public is totally enchanted with it and that it is totally reliable, which entails a lot of persuasive power.

There are the C.P.M. or cost per thousand impressions, in this particular case, the advertiser cancels a specific amount already established to the affiliate in question, which in turn is made after the advertising is seen a number of thousand times by users who interact with the page, as indicated by its classification, this being a more feasible method because it does not depend on clicks but views.

We also have the C.P.V. or costs for sales, as indicated by its classification, the affiliate receives a remuneration when the advertisement that is in its power generates some type of sale, it is one of the main ways in which a small producer sells more some product of its company or brand.

Another option in this case is that of C.P.T. or in its long version, the cost per time and it is when this publicity is stipulated a determined time for its promotion in the different web entries, in this way at the end of this duration the affiliate who has been contacted is remunerated.


A good example of affiliate marketing could be a blog that is affiliated with a page in some cryptomonnage (very common nowadays), which usually offers the affiliate some remuneration per action, i.e. if the blog visitor goes to the other page (the advertiser’s page) and makes some kind of interaction with it.

Another example could be that of an influencer, who is managing some kind of affiliation in an online store, this affiliate in question, would have to leave the affiliation link in their networks so that their audience can go to that store, generating profits for the owner of these networks and obviously the owner of the product and / or service.

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