Automating your betting can help you win the game!

With the help of spreadsheets and specialized software, you can start multiplying your profits on the Exchange.

Automating your betting activity can have a number of advantages. You may want to try something out, learn about a particular market or you may not have the time to implement a strategy and wait for it to run on your screen. Or maybe you simply want to expand your trading repertoire.

These techniques are often referred to as ‘botting‘, the colloquial term for using a robot to do our job.


Automate your trading

As well as all sorts of options for betting and trading, software tools like Traderline offer ‘bot’ functions that you may not be aware of. There are many features of these programs that could be useful to you.

Automation brings many advantages. It is faster than a manual bet, and a robot can wait all day for the perfect opportunity to come along. Plus, we avoid one of the biggest problems of gambling, the excitement. Sometimes accepting a loss is difficult, and we end up not executing a stop-loss as we should. Automation avoids many of these mistakes.

Is there a specific entry point that you find interesting? Automation finds it and allows you to get into that market faster.

Automation using spreadsheets

There are software programs with which you can link Excel to any Betting market like Z code System, so you can manage your spreadsheets with your bets. Users of these applications have also created a multitude of models that can be downloaded.

Spreadsheets are also very useful for collecting and reviewing data, or for detecting trends and betting activity. I created one to analyze in detail the current score at football matches. The only limit is your imagination, and your skill with spreadsheets. You can combine several markets into a single spreadsheet, and have your own unique view of the market.

Automation with specific tools

Not everyone is an Excel genius or comfortable in an office automation program, but fortunately there are different ways to achieve similar results. Zcode’s dedicated Exchange software programs allow you to bet on several markets simultaneously, something we couldn’t achieve with our computer browser or our mobile device.

You may want to lay down a draw at a particular time before a football match, and cash out before the first goal is scored, or use any of the tactics we have detailed in this tutorial section of our blog. Almost all these tactics can be perfected with these automation tools. You can apply as many rules as you want to a particular market, and repeat a similar operation in as many markets as you want. The software, with the right instructions, will be in charge of analyzing the market and applying the next planned step. This is very useful to expand the number of markets in which we participate, and above all to refine our operations and make them faster.

Practice makes perfect

Spreadsheets and software programs also allow for practice modes. This means that you can try out what you had in mind without risking your money, and see if it was the right strategy by confronting it with reality.

Automation can increase your profits and your range of action, but I suggest you start using it in these practice modes and see for yourself what aspects of your trading can help.