Baby Sleep Miracle Review by Real user. Does this really help? Find out !!

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Hi all, I’m Jocelyn D. Pierce  and welcome to my baby sleep miracle review.

In case  you have made your mind to purchase this product, this post will help you to make decision of buying the product.


I’m I’m Jocelyn D. Pierce a mother and part time blogger,and i like you was having troubles to my make my 9 month old son sleep.My friend Jennifer suggested this ebook to me and i cant thank her enough.

In this article, we will talk about Mary Ann Schuler’s Baby sleep miracle and how it helped me with making my son sleep .

Unlike babies, most adults don’t require difficulty to fall asleep. When we are tired- we fall asleep.

But babies? it;s really difficult to manage it’s sleep cycle until the baby manages to learn it.

It’s like newborn should learn it as a skill just like any other skills!

All modern parents feel their child ‘s sleep training always frustrating as they wont be having enough sleep either!(p.s I’m a parent too. I do feel your pain)

I came across several products to solve this problem. and Baby Sleep miracle is one of it, and it does wonderful job!

Read my full review to know tiny bits about the product!

About author Mary-Ann Schuler

Mary-Ann Schuler is the author of this product. She is a psychologist by profession and a mother of 2 beautiful children.She has more than 20 years of experience in working with babies in medical field.

She has both Real life experience and professional experience. Thus, In this product she explains easy to follow instructions which helps first time mothers to turn into experts.

Her intention was to help all the mothers who feel difficult to make their baby fall asleep.As when a mother fails to make her baby fall asleep, she tend to feel guilty or sad.

So she tested all her knowledge and experience and wrote this book called Baby Sleep Miracle.It is a proven  technique. Once you finish reading the book, you will definitely start feeling the magic or miracle whatever you may call it.

The information that Mary-Ann shared came from several studies and researches conducted at the Stanford Center for Science and Medicine of Sleep and at Harvard Medical School.

If you were in the market before learning and reviewing tips and tricks online to put your baby to sleep, you might be cynical.

You might not think anything works there.

And that’s almost not a problem, because most articles, e-books, and videos with baby sleep programs almost contain tips which will not work..

The reason for this is it is not written by actual scholars or experts in the relevant field.

Baby sleep miracle on the other hand it is completely different in all the ways.

First she explains about the importance of sleep to a baby and the health habits for the baby’s growth.Later she reveals Sleep training methods which will work from the baby’s birth up until it turns 5 year old.

As you got to know about the product’s author, lets dive deep into the product to know more about it.

Is Baby Sleep Miracle Legit?

Baby sleep miracle review

Ok, You might have come across few reviews saying mary-ann schuler baby sleep miracle pdf being fake , scam or not legit.

But if you go through the  review and you can be the actual judge! The tips given are detailed and works flawlessly!

I discussed with 3 mothers who bought the product, all of them were positive about it. I asked them for Baby Sleep miracle program reviews and astonishingly received 4.5 out of 5 ratings on an average.

Some people were asking for baby sleep miracle free download and free pdfs. But sadly, this being a genuine product with lot of effort being put by the author. There were no free giveaways. But you can get your copy it right now by clicking the below link!

What’s inside Baby Sleep Miracle ?

The chapters are as follows:

Chapter 1: The Dangers of Sleep Deprivation
Chapter 2: Understanding Sleep
Chapter 3: General Sleep Rules for Newborns and Infants
Chapter 4: Good Sleep at Every Age (there are some great sleep training methods in this)

Chapter 1

The First Chapter talks about the importance Sleep and dangers of Sleeplessness.. This Chapter will show how danger it is to be sleep deprived both for your self and the baby.

Sleep Deprivation will lead to Anger problems, Marriage problems, Sexual Problems, nervous breakdown, Frustrations , Stress , weight loss (unhealthy), Hopelessness and it can even lead to Divorce!

It will make you miserable and you will start hating yourself. Thus it is important to have a sound sleep for both you and the baby. Mary Ann Schuler explains this beautifully how she experienced this problem and overcame with a solution.

Sometimes  Sleep deprivations can also harm the mother and baby’s relationship. It may make you depressed..

From this Chapter you can make that How important is sleep to a mother and her child. It can have serious consequences if ignored. Immediate action to be taken to solve this problem and you can have a happy sleep and lead a beautiful life.

Chapter 2

Second Chapter is all about explaining how to sleep well. As the author is a psychologist, she explains scientifically how we humans fall asleep.

Later the author explains how important the sleep is to us. The benefits of Sleep for better growth and healthy life. How without sleep can make us more like Zombies.

This part made me fall in love with the book as it is very well researched content. The author gives scientific reasoning to all her points.

This chapter will act as a foundation to her ideas, tips and tricks for Baby Sleep Miracle ebook/pdf. Dont miss this chapter.

Chapter 3

The Third Chapter of the baby sleep miracle pdf talks about basics of good sleep. If you are clueless about the circumstances of the environment that can put your baby to sleep , then you will find this chapter very interesting. The most important thing you will learn in this chapter is how you can make the baby got to sleep without you waking up every now and then , even at midnights.

This chapter will debunk all the myths and misconceptions about your baby’s sleep cycle.The author explains baby’s sleep schedules, soothing techniques to make it calm, Feeding routines and creating sleep friendly environment.

Chapter 4

Fourth and Last chapter is for the New moms. Also the ones who are busy will find this chapter interesting!This chapter contains age specific tips, tricks, ideas and routines to make the baby sleep peacefully.

This chapter has information about how to make your baby sleep for 1 month old baby to almost 5 year old kid!

This part of the book helped a lot of ladies as you don’t need to worry if this works for your 3 month old baby or your 4 year old baby.

As it has age-specific guidance , this helped lot of moms. This book has turned many midnight screamers into peaceful dreamers!

Pros and cons of Baby Sleep Miracle:


  • Scientifically Proven methods, Approved by experts
  • It is made for babies but works for all ages.
  • Easy to Understand- Well Structured program
  • Bonus books if you buy from my links.
  • Loads of Information that has great ideas and actionable ideas to get your baby to sleep.


  • Available only in English making it difficult to non English audience.
  • Only Ebook  and no Video content(Still it’s informative)
  • You need to spend some time to understand the advises given.


I hope my review helped you in learning what the product is about .Baby Sleep Miracle method got a lot of positive feedback from parents around the world.What made me purchase the product was because of honest reviews from users who were more than happy with the product,so i made my mind to try it out once.

Do i recommend this product to my friends and family? Absolutely yes! Because it has everything a mother wants for her baby to sleep well and stay healthy.

Along with the baby sleep miracle Ebook, you will find additional bonuses and soundtracks to make your baby fall asleep.Click the above links to get introductory video about how the programs works.

I conclude my review by saying it is worth every single dollar! Good luck!