Best ai chatbot in 2019 for websites and more!!

Well if you don’t have ai chatbot installed on your website you are missing out something big for your business. Mark my words !!

But then again with several chatbots coming up almost on daily basis promising something big about sales , leads, conversions(which is true if you select right chatbot) the information can be overwhelming for any normal user.

So that is why we have come up with a list of best ai chatbot for websites for 2019. So Tighten your seat belts guys!!!

First up, what exactly is a chatbot?

I know if you have landed in on this page you certainly know a thing or two about chatbots. But to help people who are unaware of what exactly a chatbot is, what chatbot should you pick and how it can help your business is covered in this article read on!!

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So what is ai chatbot?

Well if you think a bot is something that starts a scripted conversation as soon as he lands on website or application??


Wrong !!!

Though the whole thing is about a bot and human conversation, A conversational ai chatbot is far more advanced than the scripted chatbot. It uses deep learning to receive data from the users and interpret it. In fact, the ai chatbots are so advanced these days that it emulates human performance.

As Garter says:

”l(AI) applies advanced analysis and logic-based techniques, including machine learning, to interpret events, support and automate decisions, and take actions

So now comes the big question as to which ai chatbot is good for your business.??

Well, we have a compiled a list of top 5 ai chatbots out of which some of them you may not even heard of !!.

They are definitely most advanced and personally have got  great results with them and thought they deserve more attention.

We know that there are still many great chatbots around. But here are the top picks of best ai chatbots

Best ai chatbot comparison


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#1 .Botstar: The best ai chatbot for website?

Botstar  is another amazing chatbot that has taken the marketing world by surprise,This app is best bet if you are looking to collect more leads from your website or your facebook business page.

With its simple yet amazing interface,Botstar is extremely user friendly.The main USP of botstar is it is easy to set your own customized chatbbot and this holds true even for non-technical person.The pre-made chatbot templates come in handy and they look sleak!!

We can just select one pre-made chatbot template and customize it.Done !!

Features of Botstar

  1. Cloud based software
  2. Users can create customizable bots
  3. Fully integrates Google Analytics, Google Ads And Facebook Ad
  4. Fully Integrates With Zapier and other platforms


• Newbie Friendly

• Create customizable bots

• Build lists effectively

•Guaranteed increase in conversions.

• Simple interface

• No Free Trail

Review in Stars

Ease of use ∗∗∗∗
Overall Rating∗∗∗∗∗


#2 .Conversiobot: The best ai chatbot?


best ai chatbot

This is the best chatbot for website which is highly recommended by users after using this product. This affordable AI chatbot uses the latest conversational AI technology which is used by big brands like Starbucks,Facebook, CNN, and others.

With advanced AI technology used, It helps the business owners or generally anyone to build email lists pretty quickly.

So Who is this for?

Are you a blogger?

Are you affiliate marketer>

A Business owner????

Hmm, maybe an E comm seller??

Wait are you product vendor?

Ok the last one, Are you a consultant?

If your answer is yes for any of above question, Then this ai chatbot is for you!!. This small bit of code is developed with 32 years of software experience with advanced ai technology turns your website or ecom store into a lead generating machine.

Read how :

Our member has used this bot and results he achieved was something phenomenal. He had a particular piano coaching blog and used to get around 500 visitors per month organically. After installing conversiobot he increased his subscribers to his mailing list by 30% in just 2 weeks!!

Conversiobot is cloud-based software that is fastest growing into being best chatbot for website in recent times. 

This ai chatbot uses advanced artificial intelligence technique as used by big brands like CNN, Starbucks and makes it affordable for small business owners, bloggers to get hands-on advanced ai chatbot used by multi-millionaire brands and helps them to drive sales or build ever valuable email list.

Features of Coversiobot

  1. Cloud based software
  2. Users can create customizable bots
  3. Fully integrates Google Analytics, Google Ads And Facebook Ad
  4. Fully Integrates With Aweber, MailChimp, Getresponse, And Sendlane


• Newbie Friendly

• Create customizable bots

• Guaranteed increase in conversions.

• Simple interface

• No Free Trail

Review in Stars


Ease of use ∗∗∗∗
Overall Rating∗∗∗∗∗


Click here to know more about  Conversiobot


#3.Chatterpal: best ai chatbot with 3d animation avatars? 


best ai chatbot


Chatterpal is definitely one of most interactive and best ai chatbot for website out there in the chatbot market today. It is cloud-based software that when integrated to the website makes your website a lead generating machine!!.

One of the unique features of Chatterpal is it offers 3d animation avatar which definitely makes your website more unique and makes you stand unique among your competitors.

Chatterpal has cutter edge ai technology and next generation 3d animation avatar with award winning text to speech.This ai chatbot offers multiple languages too making your website reach globally.

Chatterpal is definitely a chatbot to choose if you want to choose futuristic artificial intelligence technology to increase your leads.

From a small business owner perspective this can be a boon as he can choose the life-like 3d animation character to answer the queries of his customers on website.

Why choose chatterpal?

Chatterpal leverages technologies used by Fortune 500 companies  latest conversational ai technology and advanced features like chat animation,3d avatar,Text to speech, Translator and makes it affordable for a small business owner,blogger or affilaite marketer to Automate Leads and Sales Without optin Forms or Landing Pages.


How on of our client used this awesome ai chatbot  

Check out review of chatterpal here:

Features of Chatterpal

  1. Fully interactive life-like 3d animation avatars..
  2. Award winning text to speech with 25+ languages.
  3. Live link technology helps you to get leads and sales from website not yours!!.
  4. Lip-Sync Technology
  5. Intelligent Chat Automation
  6. Free Commercial License.
  7. Guaranteed uptime as it is cloud based software.
• Incredible life-like 3d avatars(40)

• 100+ premium text to speech voices supporting over 25 languages.

• Unlimited chatflows.

• Great and smart analytics

• Live link technology .

• Requires a really good and fast internet connection


Review in Stars

Ease of use ∗∗∗∗∗
Overall Review∗∗∗∗∗


Click here to know more about Chatterpal

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Chatfuel chatbot

Chatfuel is probably one of the most popular ai chatbot out there.Chatfuel is a messenger bot builder which is free for up to 1000 subscribers.

Chatfuel is most popular out there because it automates messages.crate segmentations, retargets users, creates custom audience based on specific segments and what not.

Oh yeah!! Not to forget it has industry-leading customer support.

Chatfuel founded by Dmitry Dumik uses advanced artificial intelligence technology and is extremely efficient in lead generation , marketing automation, in message e-commerce etc.

Features of Chatfuel

  1. Advanced user segmentation.
  2. Content builder- Just drag and drop.
  3. Top notch ai engine.
  4. Easy integration with CRM via API.
  5. Free up to 1000 subscribers.
• Easy to build – Just drag and drop.

• Easy integration to FB messenger.

• Great support.

• Free to use

• Limited to Facebook and Telegram

• If you want something beyond a simple bot, It may be hard work for you. Watch out for your hairs!!.

Review in Stars

Ease of use ∗∗∗∗
Overall Review∗∗∗∗

Click here to know about: Chatfuel


manychat chatbot


Manychat many believe is a game changer in conversational bot tools. It lets you integrate facebook messenger bots.

This  chatbot is similar with chatfuel as both are basically messenger builder bots, however, manychat’s visual drag and drop bot building feature is very newbie friendly.

The main USP of manychat is its noob friendly setup.You just have to connect your Fb page to manychat and in no time your chatbot for your website will be up and running

Features of Manychat

  1. Create Facebook Messenger bots quickly without having any coding knowledge.
  2. Drag and drop to send multimedia files.
  3. “Keywords” is the key .Automate conversations based on keyword.
  4. We can create pop overs, Landing pages for promoting your bots.
• Visual drag and drop is user friendly.

• Simple interface.

• path of a conversation is confusing.

• Great free training on setup but breaking it into segments would have made much better.

Review in Stars

Ease of use ∗∗∗∗∗
Overall review∗∗∗∗

Click here to know about: Manychat


Botsify Chatbot


Botsify is last but not the least in the list. It probably is most efficient ai chatbot in the market,

The bot is easy to install and setup is easy for even a non-technical user.

One of the most fascinating thing about botsify is that it has the best pre-built templates to specific applications.

Features of Botsify

  1. Build efficient  chatbots using visual flow editor
  2. Thanks to its efficient use of ai helps in choosing best answer.
  3. Supports multiple languages.
  4. Easy embed of chatbot into website.
  5. Like Manychat “Keywords is the key”.
• elegant pre built templates.

• Creating personalized messages.

• Direct interaction with users inside chatbots platform.

• Does not pick up typo errors

Review in Stars

Ease of use ∗∗∗∗
Overall Review∗∗∗∗

Click here to know about: Botsify

Final Thoughts:

#1 Botstar is our pick when it comes to best ai chatbots.

Free vs paid Chatbots:  Why you should go for paid ai chatbot?

With conversational ai becoming an essential part of the most business, it is natural that you must have tried/researched as to which chatbot is suitable for your business needs. In fact, you landed on this article to figure out which ai chatbot is best.

In fact, according to a survey in 2020 and above  chatbots will be customer agents thanks to ever growing technology in developing unimaginable  chatbots  with great Artificial Inteligence.

Since a great conversational  chatbot can take your business to another level with an increase in sales, leads, and conversions.You should not mess around with free ai chatbots.

Cons of free chatbots:

1.Limited functionality:

Free version of chatbot is limited to only a certain key functionality and not all.

FOR EX: you can’t access the best custom made bot template that is set up well but is available only for paid customers.

2.Limited number of subscribers/messages.

Most chatbots keep a threshold in the free version.While a few have x amount of subscribers others have ‘x’ number of messages.

3.No customer support for free  ai chatbots:

Though there are few chatbots that offer customer support for free version also but most  chatbots companies doesn’t offer you customer support you dearly need when something goes wrong in bot functionalities.So if you are non-technical person who is trying to build a simple bot and you mess something up, phew. Pray to God!!

4.No branding(sigh! Sigh !)

You can’t have your own brand’s name or logo in bot’ landing page as the  chatbot you are using kept  “brand” functionality only for paid customers.

5.Limited opportunities for third-party integration :

In today’s world, automation is really necessary for businesses to survive. Most  chatbots won’t allow you to integrate to tools like Zapier , CRM with your  chatbots.THus you have that extra manual work of collecting leads and always have frequent checks on your chatbots. Definitely a pain!!

6.No customer report/ campaign tracking:

Most chatbots does not give you analytics of bot which is crucial data you are missing out.

Final thoughts:

Paid is always better.The investment you put in these chatbots will help you earn rich dividends and you have much more authority and control over your  chatbots.

We have already suggested this best ai chatbot for you.!!

Still wondering why you need chatbots for your websites??

Well here is why.

1.Scale it up:

The power of ai!! While a live agent can handle only 2 -3 conversations on average at a time. intelligent conversational ai chatbots have no such limit. This way you can definitely scale up your business and cut costs on your customer support or live agents.

2.Your business has a lot of customers enquires.

It is natural for a few businesses like real estate has a lot more inquiries and in case you have limited customer support staff then you are giving your competitors an edge. With a chatbot everything is automated and even a large number of customer inquiries does not matter as  chatbots can handle simultaneously all customers and without a flaw!!.

Cloud-based software like conversiobot,chatterpal guarantee uptime of 99% 24 *7. 

3.Cost effective:

As I said before if you are a small business owner paying a hefty amount for live agents or customer support.Yes ! it is definitely out of the equation.For a small business owner chatbot is a they are not only saving money but also getting flawless customer 24*7.

4.Automation at its finest:

Any repetitive work for human tendency can make him/her forced or subjected to making errors. Now if  chatbots are setup properly, It can be key to the success of your business as they are error-free and we can automate most of the routine tasks like greeting, or answering a customer query with advanced chatbots.

5.Caters to various industries:

Usage of  chatbots is on the rise and one more thing noticeable is chatbots fits the bill perfectly for various industries be it e-commerce,travel, banking, small businesses, freelancers, affiliate marketers. And so on. So that is what has created the demand for conversational chatbots in recent times.

So Finally you have made mind to give ai chatbots a shot. We also have made this list for you.

Remember, Choosing the best AI chatbot means you have a winner in your hands!!


Chatbot faq:

What is Ai ChatBot?

ChatBot is a natural language understanding framework that provides business management services to create intelligent conversational and AI-powered chatbots that engage with customers and handle their inquiries without a human touch. It lets you create a variety of bots that can answer customer questions, automate lead generation, gather feedback or streamline the buying process.

Do I have to implement my ai chatbot to test it?

You can test your bot real-time with the use of our built-in chat. It allows you to check how your bot is working and how your customers will see it. Conversations in built-in chat doesn’t count as a paid one.

Which is better free or paid?

Depends on your needs read : free vs paid section in our article.

Are all ai chatbots cloudbased?

Yes ,Most of ai chatbots are cloudbased.

Are ai chatbots safe?

Yes, implementing ai chatbot is easy and its safe.


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