Brain training for dogs review: Does this video course really work? Lets find out !!

Hey I’m Stacy, (Twitter: @stacymichelle12)
I’m a mom of 2 kids and my pet Chomper.
I live in Florida and I’m an animal lover!


On 12th May 2018 I was celebrating my birthday, My husband gifted me a cute pug by adopting it and we named him Chomper.

Chomper was cute and very active. After several months passed, he started showing weird behavior. My pug really had started acting crazy with me or my kids all of a sudden.
And 2 months passed, still the problem remained the same.
I did try reading many books, asking other dog owners,consulting pet experts and none of them worked.
My dog used to have 3-4 different behaviors which was not normal with other dogs.

Later my sister Jane recommended me to try this guide called Brain Training for dogs.
I was fed up with trying all these fake guides which had no actual improvements in my dog’s mentalality.

Later she forced a lot and I started reading product reviews on the internet , none of them helped. And bought the product myself to give it a last chance.

This is me and my Chomper now. This is an updated review from 2020. Read the entire article to know how this guide changed our lives . BTW, stay safe from covid!

What is Brain Training For Dogs Training?

Brain Training for Dogs is a simple eBook and video guide for dog lovers who want to help improve the psychological ability of their dogs.This guide helps the dog owners to release their dog’s ‘concealed knowledge’ and to take care of their bad behavior.

brain training for dogs

About the Author – Adrienne Farricelli

This guide is developed by Adrienne Farricelli who is a CPDT-KA Certified Dog trainer. She lives in Arizona, USA and easy power plan reviews her background has a lot of things to do with the beneficiary of dogs. She has previously worked in dog shelters and Dog hospitals. With her lifelong experiences being with the canines, She came up with this amazing guide which is proven scientifically and has helped a lot of pet owners.

What’s Inside?

After you purchase this guide, You will land into the “exclusive member’s area”.
Here you find almost everything you need to train your dog.

brain training for dogs-members area

Instructions with clear pictures, Video guide, case studies to train your dogs and an option to directly question the author in the private forum.

And those are:

Simple Mental games:

traing module for dogs

You Get These training Videos:

  • Take a Bow
  • Cover his Eyes (‘Shame on You’)
  • Dance
  • Shake hands
  • Howl
  • Play dead
  • Roll over

You will get the obedience 101 training:

This is an insider secret technique to use food as a luring method to train your dog.
With this method you can easily make him/her to sit, lie down or listen to any command of yours.
Another cool thing is, You will learn how to train your dog to drop something with just a command like “drop it”. This will save your dog’s life if it eats something unhealthy to your dog. The Author has used the same methods to train over hundreds of dogs!

You will learn to polish up your training:

With this training , You will learn to ‘lure’ your dog as giving food though there is no food in sight.
This is done primarily by hand signals. An easy method to teach obedience with verbal cues.
You will also learn how to boost your dog’s obedience by giving continuous rewards

Adrienne’s Archive:
What if you get 10 years worth of dog training in a simple guide?
Yes, This archive consists 100 in depth articles covering almost all behaviors of the dogs.
One entire section just for puppies, including crate training, socialization, potty training and bite inhibition.
In general, most psychological issues in dogs have many causes. So different causes will need different solutions. One cannot treat all dog issues by silencing it.
This amazing method called “No Cookie-cutter” targets the main cause of the problem and makes it behave well.

Private Forum:

brain training for dogs forum

Brain Training for Dogs: Key Features

  • Training by a certified CCPDT trainer with 10 years of experience training dogs.
  • Scientifically proven method.
  • A Private Forum where members and dog lovers only can communicate, discuss dog training.
  • Directly communicate with Adrienne Farricelli through support!
  • Only Easy, Gentle and No-force techniques.
  • Exclusive Member’s area where you can access the files anywhere, any time you want.
  • Detailed Instructions with pictures and videos for clear understanding.
  • A huge archive of solutions for obedience problems
  • Different solutions for different behavioral problems.
  • Video guidance with psychological games for you pet.
  • Picture guidance with instructions.
  • Special bonuses and discounts if you buy from our link (contact digitalforumtv(at) with product receipt)


Is This Ideal For Your Dog?

Absolutely! This program is definitely ideal for any kind of dogs.
It has a perfect solution for any type of mental problems of your dogs.
I did happen to learn a lot about dogs from this guide. I loved the pupper (puppy) training section though my doggo (dog) is no more one.

My Chomper is more obedient and loving than ever! 😍
One main thing I did not like on Adrienne’s program is socializing for dogs.
It is one of the important factors for dogs, You will feel it difficult when your dog meets new dogs or people.
Yes,This is a perfect product for your pet, But you cannot rely completely on it.
You must put some additional effort to train him.

Mentally Challenge Your Dog

I totally love this section of this program. This section is basically giving mental challenges and games to your pet canine.
This section is divided into 7 modules, and challenges go interesting for each module.

The main goal is to increase the mental ability of your dog and boost it’s confidence.

There is a grading system from A to F and with author’s training most of the dogs learn sooner and score A grade.

My Chomper did B for the first time, and later did well.

The training starts with simple challenges with sit , stand.
This guide works with both untrained dogs and also with semi trained dogs.

Some advanced exercises mentioned in the guide are:

Leg weaving:
This exercise is nothing but teaching your dogs how to weave through your legs. This will increase the bonding and trust of you and your dog. It will also make small dogs (like my pug) to not be afraid of your legs while you walk or roam around.

Name discrimination:
This exercise teaches your dog to differentiate within different toys. It will learn to name the toys and when you command it to bring a specific toy, It will instantly bring that specific one.
Dogs in general can learn up to 200 words, and this exercise will help it to improve its cognitive ability

The tidy up game:
This exercise is cool! It will help you in teaching your dog to pick up specific toys or items and put it in a specific place.

Play the piano:
This is almost like a final exercise where you teach your dog to target different notes in sequence on a piano. Isn’t that amazing?


These types of eBooks are typically in the range of 15-25$.
But this guide has some additional features, Videos guides, clearing your doubts in the private forum so and so.
So 47$ is the price and it is worth every single dollar.

If you pay 47$ you will get lifetime access to the product, Moreover if you buy it from us, you may get additional discount coupons or Dog related books as bonus too! So don’t miss it!

The Pros of Brain Training For Dogs 2020

  • High qualified ,experienced and certified trainer.
  • Easy to learn for dog owners.
  • Gentle manner and Safe approach to training dogs.
  • Clear instructions
  • Very Affordable and best part is one time payment.
  • Loads of content tutorials.Videos,PDFs all included.

The Cons of Brain Training for Dogs

  • The quality of videos shot could have been better.
  • If you are not an avid book reader, You may not like the reading part. But you may watch the videos.
  • Not all equipment used for training may be found at home.

How does Brain Training For Dogs Training Works?

The programs work in such a way that in the training phase, both you and your pet will start to share bonding and trust each other.
Day by day, You will begin to see behavioral improvements in your dog. This is why the product is worth every single dollar.

You will have to just follow the instructions in the guide.
At first to gain my dog’s trust, I gave him treats , praises, love and care..
That made him stay motivated and built a trust among us.

This is a simple example of how the training works successfully for any kind of dogs.
Adrienne busted many dog myths like ‘old dogs can’t learn new things’ or ‘lazy dogs remain lazy forever’.

This is how the program works and how it worked for me,
This is how I trained my Chomper and I love it!

Is this Dog training program a scam?

I never felt I was scammed, Though there are some fake reviews out there about the product. But the product itself is genuine and real.
The author is real, her experience is real, the guides are real,so is the private forum where you can discuss with like minded people.

I did feel that a few equipment found in the guide are difficult to find on amazon or nearby pet stores, but that didn’t stop me from training my dogs.

But that doesn’t make it a scam or fake product.
I feel you will regret it for not buying sooner!

My Results with Adrienne Farricelli’s Brain Training 4 Dogs Course

So Here goes my results with the guide.
At First My dog was not ready to accept any kind of training. He resisted every time I tried.
My commands were ignored. He would give an awkward look when I asked him to do something.

Then as per the guide, I tried luring him, giving rewards and other secret techniques which I can’t share here as per the rules.
I tried it and later my pet started showing results.

My Dog slowly stopped biting random people or showing aggression to other dogs.
On Odd days my dog still showed some weird behavior but my commands made him stop acting crazy. Which helped both of us.

Adrienne Farricelli’s dog training tactics are totally cool. And it works very well for almost all dogs. Now we are planning to adopt another dog and train it well.
The program solves behavioral problems and makes your dog listen to your commands like sit, stand, lie down and stop etc in a gentle manner.

It nearly took 2 months to train him completely so don’t give up if you are going to buy this program!

Final Verdict on Brain Training For Dogs E-book

First of all, Thank you for reading my review. I feel I have covered everything in this 2020 updated review.

Every dog owner must have these kinds of guides which are beneficial for both the pet and their owners.

Adrienne addresses the most common issues and gives solutions for these issues in dogs.
As nothing is perfect, for this product to work effectively, you will have to put some effort training your dog and not by skipping around the pages..

There are some drawbacks like low sound quality in the video but that doesn’t stop you from training your pet.
The Private forum and the people in it are cool. So don’t miss it!
So what are you waiting for? Click one of those links above to get additional bonuses from Digital forum TV.