Renewable energy: the latest articles and information

The term renewable energy means the forms of energy produced from energy sources derived from particular natural resources that by their intrinsic characteristic regenerate at least as quickly as they are consumed or are not exhaustible on the scale of geological eras and, by extension, whose use does not affect the same natural resources for … Read more

8 battery saving tips for electronic devices

Every day we deal with electronic devices, starting with the smartphone, but also the tablet and especially the computer. These are all devices that we use for various reasons and on which we ask ourselves whether it is possible to save more battery power. The daily use we make of them involves a lot of … Read more

10 Easy Ways to Save energy by optimizing its consumption

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Are you paying high electricity bills? The 10 tips in this article will help you to save your electric bills.After all saving electricity should be prime concern of everyone. First of all, you should think about whether it is possible in some cases to completely abandon the use of electrical appliances or to reduce the … Read more

How to reduce the next electricity power bills in pandemic times?

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When the whole family is at home all the time, and the work is done, and training and entertainment is needed, the electricity bill can increase unnoticed but significantly.You can try programs with easy power plan blueprints to further reduce electric bills. Turn your devices off, not leave them in “sleep” mode. While working and learning … Read more

6 Tips to Save energy at home

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1. Replace bulbs for LED lighting Even if the bulb or halogen bulb is still working properly, it is smart to replace it. The purchase price of an LED lamp is higher, but still it pays for itself easily. An LED bulb is 85% more economical than an incandescent bulb and 75% more economical than … Read more

Photovoltaic and green roof -A Trend Setting Combination

A solar plant for the production of solar electricity should produce as much yield as possible and be efficient at the same time. But efficiency depends on various factors. Firstly, the system must be optimally oriented towards the sun so that the sun’s rays are captured in the best possible way. On the other hand, … Read more

5 tips to lower your electricity bill at home

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Monitor your electricity, heating and hot water expenses Heating and hot water production accounts for 75% of a household’s energy expenditure. To reduce your electricity bill, it is essential to keep a close eye on your energy consumption if your home is electrically powered. When it comes to heating, the first source of savings is … Read more

History of Electricity

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Nicola Tesla. The history of discovery and evolution of electricity has taken over 26 centuries. Today we will try to understand what kind of monster illuminates our homes, charges apples and green robots, warms the food in the microwave in the morning, washes things. And finally, who is he? The one who shakes and can … Read more