How to save energy in an apartment?

It’s hard to imagine yourself without electrical devices today. TVs, computers, refrigerators, washing machines, lighting and sometimes heating – all these devices are conditioned by constant power supply from a socket. And the bills seem to be growing every month. How can you save energy at home? You don’t have to read by candlelight and … Read more

Copied from nature – artificial photosynthesis

artificial photosynthesis Power efficiency guide

It sounds like a dream: simply using sunlight to generate fuel from CO2 and water. You would kill two birds with one stone: First, you could bind the climate gas carbon dioxide. Secondly, one could use the alternative energy source of the sun and also store its energy effectively. The concept already works in the … Read more

Is Generating Electricity on Your Own Possible?

generating electricity Power efficiency guide

Many people want to generate electricity themselves not only to save money. Environmental aspects and independence from electricity suppliers are often central to the decision. What options are there? Small wind power plants, photovoltaic or mini block heat and power plants: There are various possibilities how to generate electricity yourself Generating electricity yourself – in … Read more

Build your own home Electricity Generator – DIY and save!

build your own energy source Power efficiency guide

Let’s just say that for the sake of discussion, we decided to investigate the possibility of installing their own source of electrical energy in the home. There are many factors to consider regarding different ways to make your own electricity. Government regulations, tax breaks and incentives, zoning communities, installation, maintenance and repair costs, location, management … Read more

Slow-discharge batteries: how to choose them?

slow discharge new battery reconditioning

The characteristics of slow-discharge batteries make them suitable for powering certain vehicles, such as motor homes, boats or tractors. They can also be used in traffic lights or solar panels. There are several types of slow-discharge batteries, which must be chosen carefully. What is a slow-charge battery? A slow-charge battery has a much longer service … Read more

How to take care of your electric car battery?

electric car battery reconditioning

The battery of an electric car is a complex element, which constitutes one third of the value of an Electric Vehicle (EV). It is therefore important to take care of it. But before doing so, it is essential to understand how and why the battery loses its range. What factors contribute to the ageing of … Read more

The ageing of traction batteries

ageing battery reconditioning

Traction batteries, which store the energy needed to operate electric cars, are complex energy storage systems that are the scene of numerous electrochemical reactions. As a result of these reactions, the materials that make up the battery wear out over time, affecting the performance of electric vehicles. This phenomenon of degradation of the packs is … Read more

Floating Solar Plant -Attractive Solar Energy Projects

backyard revolution floating solar energy

The vast majority of solar photovoltaic plants are located on the earth’s surface. Sometimes, terrestrial ecosystems are affected by the inclusion of these solar plants; but technology and innovation has brought about attractive projects for solar energy such as a floating solar plant.Backyard Revolution is one of those DIY Solar power plant projects which you … Read more

Alternative energy sources – Solar Power

backyard revolution solar energy

First of all, it should be noted that the resource for solar energy is the energy of sunlight. Convert which can be either electric or thermal energy. It is done by means of special installations. Based on the calculations of scientists, we can conclude that a week on the surface of the earth from the … Read more

10 Advantages and 10 disadvantages of solar energy

solar panel- backyard revolution

The advantages and disadvantages of solar energy refer to the benefits and risks of using technologies to capture and use light energy from the sun. Of all the solar energy that reaches the Earth 43% is used to heat the atmosphere and the soil; 35% is returned to space when reflected back to Earth; 22% … Read more