Messages that make men nervous

Text messages are like a time bomb, expressed in the right way and sent at the right time, they can be your best allies. However, a text can also condemn your relationship to failure (especially if it has only just begun). Most of us are emotional and impulsive and often we don’t realize what we … Read more

How to win back the ex after a breakup

Have you just experienced a sudden breakup in your relationship but still hope to win back the lost love? How to identify the real reasons for the breakup so you can fight and change them? Is it possible to recover your ex after an unexpected breakup? What possibilities and above all what tools are available … Read more

What to do when your Boyfriend ignores you?

What to do when your Boyfriend ignores you

When a relationship becomes deadlocked and not as romantic as it used to be, many women wonder how to make a man jealous and raise the degree of the relationship to the same level?   Psychologists say that the relationship is useful for emotional relief, the outburst of emotions. So women begins to look for … Read more

The Legend of the Lovers of Teruel


Find out about the most tragic love story known in Aragon, starring Isabel de Segura and Diego de Marcilla. A tragic love story that could have been real One of our most famous stories is, without a doubt, that of the lovers of Teruel. A tragic medieval story that was first published in the 16th … Read more