How to pray properly at home?

In the temple everything is relatively clear, and if not, there are always those who will prompt. And how is it right, when and what saints to pray at home? Read in our material… “Prayer is a great weapon, a great treasure, a wealth never inexhaustible, a pier serene, a foundation of peace; prayer is … Read more

How to win back the ex after a breakup

Have you just experienced a sudden breakup in your relationship but still hope to win back the lost love? How to identify the real reasons for the breakup so you can fight and change them? Is it possible to recover your ex after an unexpected breakup? What possibilities and above all what tools are available … Read more

How to read Piano Scores for Beginners

You can play the piano without learning to read the scores, but it can be a relatively long and labor-intensive process. Learning to read the standard musical notation for the piano will allow you to learn quickly and efficiently the music other people have written. Once you can read piano scores, a vast repertoire of … Read more

Kids: How to put them to sleep for real!

Sleep is the most important problem for every parent and concerns children of all ages. From the little ones who often wake up at night to the older ones who refuse to go to sleep or who never want to leave you. Here are some tips, divided by age group, taken from the book “Sleeping … Read more

10 Easy Ways to Save energy by optimizing its consumption

Easy save electricity

Are you paying high electricity bills? The 10 tips in this article will help you to save your electric bills.After all saving electricity should be prime concern of everyone. First of all, you should think about whether it is possible in some cases to completely abandon the use of electrical appliances or to reduce the … Read more

How to reduce the next electricity power bills in pandemic times?

save electric power

When the whole family is at home all the time, and the work is done, and training and entertainment is needed, the electricity bill can increase unnoticed but significantly.You can try programs with easy power plan blueprints to further reduce electric bills. Turn your devices off, not leave them in “sleep” mode. While working and learning … Read more

Kennel Dog Adoption Guide

Deciding to adopt a dog from the kennel is a noble and important gesture of civilization, but it brings with it not only joys, but many responsibilities. The choice must be made thoughtfully and after proper reflection, and precisely for this reason we have decided to draw up this brief adoption guide to help all … Read more