Education: 10 tips for raising strong children

Raising strong children means teaching children to have confidence in themselves and in others, not to be afraid to express their ideas in a respectful and constructive way and to ask themselves in difficult moments of life: “how can I come out of this?”, “what strategies can I use?”. Here are the advice of psychologist … Read more

Kids: How to put them to sleep for real!

Sleep is the most important problem for every parent and concerns children of all ages. From the little ones who often wake up at night to the older ones who refuse to go to sleep or who never want to leave you. Here are some tips, divided by age group, taken from the book “Sleeping … Read more

The Growth and Development of the Child

child growth development

The growth and development of the child are two closely linked phenomena, however they present differences that are worth clarifying, the first is expressed in the increase of weight and height of the baby, and the second refers to the maturation of the functions of the brain and other vital organs. Somatic, psychological and social … Read more


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Working memory is a brain function essential for long-term memory and learning. While it was once thought that the capacity of each individual’s working memory was something they were simply born with, research in cognitive science and psychology shows that we can actually work on that memory to make it better and faster. According to … Read more

12 Ways to Help Children with Reading Difficulties

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In her book Emilia proposes tracks and activities to help children with reading difficulties. These exercises or advice will help children to access the meaning of what they read, to free the mechanism of thought, to understand a text read, to develop the intelligence of the text. Facing Problem with your kids ability to read? … Read more

How to develop a child’s memory skills

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Memory is an active process; your child’s brain will not absorb the calendar, algebra or periodic table on its own. He will need to develop the memory skills that will help him internalize and remember the information he has learned. Fortunately, you can begin while your child is still young – still climbing into your … Read more

What to do if a child can’t read in first grade

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The problem when a child finishing Grade 1 still can’t read is common. Therefore, the first thing recommended for parents is not to get upset, not to panic and not to imagine the situation as extremely difficult. Calm down, you should start to understand the problem. There are several components here. Tips:If nothing helps, Reading … Read more

If Your Child Can Read, But Doesn’t Want To

child can read but doesnt want to children reading learing

10 verified reasons : We recommend you to try: Children Reading learning is a program created for children aged 2-7 years can quickly improve their reading and writing skills. 1. Write notes to your child more often. It is best to start with written instructions where the surprise is hidden. 2. Ask to read to you … Read more

Is your child not able to read? Read this

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About sixty percent of today’s first graders have trouble reading. And eight per cent of such children still have problems in the future. In modern science, this phenomenon is referred to by the term “dyslexia”. And if a child at 7 can not read, it is necessary to take measures. Reasons There are so many … Read more