8 Important Tips for Baby Sleep Hygiene

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Here are the tips for your baby’s sleep hygiene If you have problem with making your baby sleep at night, try Baby Sleep Miracle Program, It really works!   Watch how long your baby stays awake: Babies up to six months need frequent sleep, usually every two hours. Many of them don’t know this and … Read more

Advancing New Foods Influences Baby’s Sleep

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The World Health Organization (WHO) considers breast milk to be the ideal food for the baby during the first six months. After that, exclusive breastfeeding (maternal or artificial) is not enough, but it remains the main source of nutrition throughout the first year of life. Pediatricians are guided by these basic principles to address infant … Read more

5 Common Myths About Baby’s Sleep

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Sleep experts tell you about the five childhood sleep myths that you should ignore if you want to establish a healthy routine for your children and yourself. Get to know them… 5 Childhood Sleep Myths to Ignore If you are not being able to make your baby sleep well at night, You have to try … Read more