Main Machines and Techniques used in Woodworking

When we talk about woodworking we refer to those small or large operations that are carried out daily by thousands of carpenters and woodworking industries. All our customers, whether they are small hobbyists who love to carry out this activity in their free time, or large industries that have made it their strong point, must … Read more

Easy woodworking plans

teds woodworking plan pdf

Carpentry is a great hobby, but it can be a little frustrating. It requires a plan of attack in order to be successful. One way to ensure success in carpentry and to hone your skills is to follow some carpentry plans. There are plans on the Internet that you can download for free. However, there … Read more

Where to start woodworking

teds woodworking ideas program

From time to time I am asked how to start working with a Wood and what tools I would recommend. I cannot give you recommendations about which brands of tools are better and which are worse. Most of my tools have not been selected on any particular principle. The brand I had already tested had … Read more