Children Learning Reading Review



I was searching for an effective system for teaching my daughter how to read and so i bought this program called “Children Learning Reading”.

In this review, I will discuss my own experience with the effectiveness and shortcomings of this program.

After reading my review, you will have a clear idea about this program and my review will help you decide whether it is right for you or not.

What is Children Learning Reading

This is a reading program where (you teach your child how to read) children aged 2-7 years can quickly improve their reading and writing skills. In addition, children of all ages can participate in this program.

This program is specifically intended for parents who want to teach their children quickly and effectively.

After completing this children’s reading program, a four year old child can read as a grade 3 student.

The children’s reading program for children consists of two phases with two e-books so that children can learn step by step.

Your child can finish a lesson in 5-10 minutes, and sometimes it only takes two minutes.

The first phase is designed to teach you basic skills that will help you advance reading complicated scriptures.

The first phase offers phonetic instructions and the use of mixed words is used.

Regardless of whether your child does not know the entire alphabet, this program offers audio clips to practice each letter.

In the second phase, children can learn to read more complex sentences, diagrams and stories. This lesson is very entertaining and fundamentally visually.

In addition, you can consult with the author for up to 12 weeks if you buy this program to check on children’s training.

Why is it important?

Reading is one of the most important skills a person must master in order to be successful in lifeThis helps your child become successful in schoolstrengthen selfesteem and motivate children.

Reading skills help your child learn more about the worldunderstand drawing instructions and label warningsfind reading as entertainmentand gather information.

Learning to read is very different from learning to speak and not everything happens at onceContinuous progress has been made in developing reading skills.

The best time for children to learn to read is at a young age – before they reach preschool age.

Once children can talkthey can begin to develop basic reading skillsMany young children have a natural curiosity to learn everything.

They areof coursefascinated by the printed texts they see and want to learn something about the sounds produced by these letters.

You may find that your child likes to read books and read very muchThey will even pretend to readhold a bookand pretend to read it.

At what age can you teach your child to read? At 2 yearsat 34 or 5 years or are you waiting until they go to school?
If you delay the development of your child’s reading skills until they start schoolyou are endangering your child …

Did you know that 67of all grade 4 students cannot read in classAccording to the National Education Progress Assessmentof these 67%, 33only read at the BASIC level and 34CANNOT achieve reading skills at the lowest elementary level!

There is a super simple and very effective system that even teaches children ages 2 and 3 to read.

This is a unique reading program developed by two great parents and reading teachersJim and Helenwho successfully teach their four children to read before they are 3 years oldThe reading system they developed was so effective that when they were only 4 years and 2 months oldtheir daughter was reading at level 3They had a video to prove it. Click the link below to know more!

About authour:

Jim Yang is the author of the Program, He have written many books on children reading and learning skills to teach children how to read.

You know Children Learning Reading is great product , and their support service is great too. To evaluate one product is quality or not , I just see the way seller support customer . You need support , just go to help-desk and submit ticket and wait for their reply , they will answer you in around 24 hours. I am satisfied with their support service!

How does this work?

Some critics might regard Jim’s program as a scam and wont work, but they can’t be wrong. Because he uses scientifically proven phonetics and phonemes to help your child read quickly and easily.

Phonics is a main technique that improves any child’s reading skills. This helps your child understand the relationship of one alphabet to another and how different they are when spoken individually or in one word. Phonics also makes a significant contribution to improving language. By distinguishing between letters and related vowels, your child will immediately be able to recognize the words in their voices and pronounce them quickly and safely.

The smallest sound unit is called a phoneme, which together makes words that make sense. And although English has 26 letters, it has 44 phonemes and more than 1700 ways to combine and pronounce them.Phonemes and phonetics form the core of words spoken and when your child begins to understand them, it becomes very easy for them to map and say words safely. And with enough practice, he immediately began typing new words with a little difficulty.

Does Children Learning Reading work? is it a scam?

The book is basically broken up into lessons that make the process of learning to read fairly simple.It absolutely works!
The lessons focus on specific letters and what sounds they correspond to and because of this it’s important that your child knows how to speak before they start these Ebook lessons. So by breaking these sounds down into small steps it makes it much easier for children to actually process the information.

Once my daughter started picking up on which sounds went with which letters,she quickly progressed at putting together whole words and even sentences without much help from her.
Something else that I really liked about this book is that provides lots of support and insight for you as the parent while you’re teaching your child to read.


I love that and I’m not a natural teacher so at the first idea of actually teaching my children on my own felt quite intimidating.
However, there is plenty of helpful information in the book that gave me the idea of what pace I should go at and help me understand exactly how children process information when they’re first learning to read.
it’s amazing. I would like to tell its not a scam and it works perfectly as claimed!

I would like to mention 3 points:

  • Of course Jim needs the efforts of parents, not just children. So, if you have a busy life and often leave your children in the care of a caregiver, it will be very difficult to spend 15 to 20 minutes for each lesson.
  • The age at which a child starts reading can vary dramatically from child to child. So, if you start a program and have lots of expectations from the schedule when your child has to achieve it, you might feel uncomfortable with some aspects of the program.
  • Apart from a few physical books, most of these programs are online. So, if you are not tech savvy or live in a place with poor internet connectivity, reading courses for children are not for you. Overall, I think as a parent or even a teacher,you should check out childrenlearningreading  .com.
    An amazing tool with anyone for anyone with children who are just starting to learn how to read.

Pros and Cons


  • The vocabulary skill of your children will be increased.
  • This program not only helps to improve reading skill but also develop cognitive skills.
  • The children who have an aversion of reading can find great interest in it.
  • These children will not only amaze the teacher but also be praised by them.
  • You can download this program easily and operate it into your thumb drivers, windows PC, any portable devices or in Smart phones.
  • This program has long lasting effect which can help them to read any article easily.
  • The children who are lagging behind their classmates can develop their skills and approach to the higher level.
  • Children Learning Reading review Program make your child confident as they are able to gather much literacy skills.
  • This program helps to build a strong foundation of learning that can increase their skills.


  • The download speed of this program is slower for the people whose net connection is slow.
  • The pricing options are divided into two options: one is standard package and another is premium package. The cue card printouts are only available in the premium package. But, I think this option should include in both packages.


Try this program at least once to improve your child’s skills. By comparing language learning methods, it can be said that children learning reading pdf can improve children’s language skills to take simple steps.

Sometimes classes can last ten to fifteen minutes a day due to lack of attention given to children. Throughout the language learning process, a student can read one section completely and not concentrate on words. This process only helps students to remember all words and meanings.I strongly recommend that you buy this program for people who are looking for an effective training system because I have benefited greatly from it.

Thank you for reading my review of children learning to read. Click the link below to buy and receive a bonus now!