Conversiobot review- Unbiased Review from a real user

Conversiobot Review: How a piano coaching blog added 150 subscribers to the list in just a month!!


Yes, you read it right!!

In this review of conversiobot which is one of the best AI chatbot of 2019 i have come across, I will be covering how a piano coaching blog added 150 subscribers to the list.Well, to be honest, the blog was getting around 2800-3000 visitors per month and was getting around 70 subscribers added in the list by a free ebook lead magnet.

After using this bot in just around a month, the site was able to get 150 ever valuable subscribers to the list.

This advanced ai chatbot is definitely better than most of optins or pop up as it is almost human like  interaction with your customers. Your customers would be more than happy with the interaction than say any optin or popup.


Conversiobot Review:What we think about it


Overview Prouduct Highlight Rating(out of 5)
Quality Excellent quality templates ∗∗∗∗∗
Ease of use Newbie Friendly setup ∗∗∗∗
Support Excellent dedicated customer support ∗∗∗∗
Features Advanced use of ai technology ∗∗∗∗∗
Price High quality product AT AFFORDABLE PRICE ∗∗∗∗∗
Overall Rating GO FOR IT!! ∗∗∗∗∗


 What is conversiobot?

This is basically bot building software on the website. This very affordable chatbot uses the latest conversational AI technology which is used by big brands like Starbucks, Facebook, CNN, and others

Conversiobot review: An Overview

Vendor Imran S et al
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Conversiobot review: How it helped us and who is it for?

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Brayn who owns the piano coaching blog was getting around 60 subscribers monthly without any chatbot installed on the website.


(pic for illustration)

He was largely disappointed as he was not getting full potential result from his piano coaching blog.

But since chatbot is deemed as future trends in digital marketing Brayn decided to install chatbot on the website as he heard many success stories about chatbots by reading blogs, videos.

He then zeroed in on  Conversiobot for his website which is piano coaching lessons online blog. After installing it on his website, He saw a dramatic increase in email subscribers list.

On an average week, he used to get 10-12 subscribers but Conversiobot literally doubled his email list in a week. On his very first week, he added 31 subscribers to his list.

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In his words
”31 subscribers in a week is great!!… On a month now I add up to 150-180 subscribers to my list.This list is a goldmine for anyone who knows the value of email marketing”

Well, 150 subscribers, that is almost a doubled conversions!!

So, How can conversiobot help you?

Well, one thing about this amazing software is it can be applied for any business and it is bound to increase conversions.

So What  if your

a Blogger?

A Small business owner??

Have an Ecom store set up??

an Affiliate marketer??

a Consultant or Vendor?

Are you looking for sales, leads, conversion from your website for your Business?

Well, this chatbot fits the bill perfectly if you fall under any of the above. Conversiobot as they say literally transforms your website into lead and sales generating machine.

If you are a small business owner this chatbot is a boon for you.No more paying for live agents and all. This chatbot uses latest ai technology used by biggest brands like facebook, Starbucks and it is affordable.!!

You have a hi-tech chatbot answering customers queries about your business and building your subscribers list 24*7.

Conversiobot review:Features of Conversiobot


♥ Microsoft Cloud-based software:

     This chatbot is Microsoft cloud-based software with 99% uptime guaranteed.

♥ Easy setup-Newbie-friendly:

     This software is pretty newbie friendly and has easy setup  even for a non-technical person

♥ Flawlessly Works with :

     Wordpress, ClickFunnels, Leadpages, Shopify, JVZoo, ClickBank and hundreds of other programs

♥ Multi-Site License provided:

     Multi-site License key is provided which enables you to install chatbots on unlimited websites.

♥ Pre-built ai Templates:

     It has 10 really cool pre-built ai templates.

♥ Easy integration :

    Conversiobot has easy integration with  Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook Ads

♥ Easy integration with email services :

  It is really easy to integrate with leading email marketing services like Aweber, MailChimp,  Getresponse, and Sendlane. You just have to connect the account and you are good to go!!

♥.GDPR compliant:

    The ai chatbot is GDPR compliant and can be used hassle-free in European countries.


As you see Conversiobot has really advanced features however like any other product  here are few pros and cons.

Conversiobot review: Pros and Cons

• Newbie Friendly

• Create customizable bots

• Guaranteed increase in conversions.

• Simple interface

• No Free Trail



Conversiobot Review: Sneak peak Inside the Dashboard!!

Conversiobot review Dashboard


As you can see in the image above we have dashboard with basic options of:

  1. Dashboard-Duh!
  2. My bots- Bots made by you!!.
  3. Chatbot templates-Pre built templates.
  4. Chatbot training- High quality training on usage.
  5. Data analytics- Has clean and useful data of basic stats.
  6. Vip Support- High quality customer support.

Conversiobot Training

In the above image are High quality  tutorials that is helpful if you are stuck somewhere when building the bot.


Conversiobot review Templates

In the above image we can see list of high quality pre-built templates that you can use for your website.

Steps in creating bot:

1.Go to chatbot templates.

2.Select any template.

3.Select Use template.

4.Start customizing your dream chatbot!!


Conversiobot review-email tool integration


In the above image you can see  email marketing tools where you can integrate mailchimp,Aweber to your Conversiobot.

Steps for integration of email marketing tools.

1.Go to general settings.

2.Go to email services.

3.Select any email marketing tool like mailchimp or AWEBER.

4.Connect it by filling credentials of your email marketing tool .

5.Boom!! its done !! Its that simple.

Conversiobot Pricing

Conversiobot basically has one Front end and 4 OTO’s(One time offers)

Pricing of front end -37$

  • OTO 1 – ConversioBot Done For You Pro – price -$97
  • OTO 2 – Auto Chatbot Builder – price – $47
  • OTO 3 – ConversioBot Extreme – price- $67
  • OTO 4 – ConversioBot Agency – price-  $87

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Conversiobot review FAQ


1.Should we install it on the computer?

  Not necessary. As it is a cloud-based software there is nothing like installing and stuff like that

2.Are Software Updates Free?

   Yes.They are automatically updated with the latest patches.

3.Does It Work On Both A PC And A Mac?

    Yes works perfectly fine.

4.Does it work on Mobile phones and Tablets?

 Yes, It works perfectly fine For mobile phones and tablets. However, For best experience use it on PC or a MAC.

5. How Many Bots Can I Create?

  Unlimited!! Yes you can create unlimited chatbots .

6.Can I Sell The Chatbots I Create?

Of course!!. Your purchase includes  FULL Commercial License which means you can use it commercially and sell it to your clients.

Conversiobot Review : Testimonials


I found it very easy to setup my own Chatbot. In a few clicks I loaded a Template and then I made a few custom changes. In under five minutes the Bot was ready to be activated on my website.Gasser Samy


I set up a landing page with ConversioBot and tested it against my usual optin page with a webform. I used a Done-For-You Template and integrated it with my Sendlane account in around 7 minutes. In just one week the Bot built me a list of 486 subscribers! It was so much faster than using a Webform. I also increased my sales by 81%!Vinoth Permaul
ConversioBot is a quantum leap in marketing technology. To be honest, I thought it was going to be a complicated process, and I was ready to roll up sleeves and sink my teeth in. Imagine my surprise when I created my first fully functional chatbot in about 2 minutes. The future is here. Within the next 3-5 years, most websites will be leveraging chatbot technology. It is the next evolution of marketing. You can jump ahead of 99% of your competition by getting this software now and being first in line for the golden age of AI.Jason Mangrum


Conversiobot review: Bonuses

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Conversiobot review:Final Thoughts

Bryan is now adding 150 -160 subscribers to his email list which is goldmine thanks to conversiobot. So if you are a small business owner, affiliate marketer

GO for it!!! Conversiobot definitely gives value for your investment. This can potentially increase leads for your business.

So that was our  Conversiobot review.

Buy Now at most competitive price !!



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