Create Your Guide to Manifesting Wishes in the Law of Attraction.


How to Write Your Manifestation Guide in the LAW OF ATTRACTION .
Today I will teach a very powerful Law of Attraction technique called SCRIPTING. It is a Wish fulfilling Guide for the Law of Attraction, where you will define what kind of reality you wish to manifest day after day.

Shall we go to Step by Step?

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What Will It Take to Put Today’s Exercise into Practice?

I recommend that you separate an exclusive notebook for this exercise. Also, set aside some pens or pencils to write in.

How does Scripting (Guide to Manifesting Wishes) work?

At some point in your childhood or adolescence, did you write in diaries? Think of this Guide to the Manifestation of Wishes as a kind of diary in reverse, since you will write in it everything you wish to manifest, even before it materializes, and as if it had already manifested. You will understand it better throughout this text. Stay calm!

Guide to Manifesting Wishes – Step by Step

Step 01 – Identify what you want to Manifest
Start your Manifestation Guide by defining exactly what you want to Cocreate in your reality. Would that be a car?! A house?! A trip?!

Take a few minutes to reflect on this and when you decide what you want to manifest, start the writing process as I will explain below.

Step 02 – Define a title for your Desire
Now that you’ve decided what your Scripting will talk about, create a title for it. Let’s suppose for example, that you write about your trip to Disney. How about a title like “How Was My Dream Trip to Disney” or “My Trip to Disney”? The important thing is that the title exemplifies well the content of your manifestation.

Step 03 – Start Narrating
Now you will finally start writing. Imagine that you are writing in a diary, and you count with details everything that happened, how you felt, who you talked to, what you wore… as if it had already happened!


Suppose you want to manifest the life of your dreams. For that it would be a good idea to tell how was your perfect day. What time did you wake up? What clothes did you wear? How did you feel? Who did you talk to? Do you do any practice (like meditation, yoga, etc?) Are you taking any courses?

Start narrating your perfect day with maximum detail and emotion. Imagine yourself living all that you want to manifest and feel grateful for having already manifested that.

Questions and Answers on Manifestation:

01 – Should I write about each wish separately, or can I mix subjects?
You choose! You can write for example about the manifestation of your car focusing exclusively on it, but you can also (as in the previous example) choose to talk about how incredible your ideal life is, or your perfect day.

In case you manifest the life of your dreams, you can quote all areas of your life in detail (relationships, health, work, finances, etc.)

If you prefer to manifest a house, a car or anything else individually, you can write about it separately.

02 – Should I write in the past, present or future?
Always in the past or present. Remember that the idea is to put in your subconscious the information that everything described has already happened or is already happening.

03 – In this exercise, is emotion also important?
Yes! This is a Law of Attraction exercise, and therefore it is fundamental that at the moment of writing, you are at a high frequency.

Before you start writing (if you prefer) you can light an incense, put on a song that inspires you and focus on the words. As you write, mentally build up the whole scene, all the details and place especially, the feelings present.

Instead of writing, for example:

“I met a very handsome man…”

Write it down:

“I feel SO HAPPY and EMOTIONAL, because I met an incredible man. He’s very caring, present…”

The emotion placed in your words will be as fundamental to the manifestation as the emotion emanating during the writing of each word.

04 – Should I read every day?
You decide, then follow your intuition! There are people who read every day, but there are also those who have written and never made a single reading manifesting their desires.

05 – What is the reason to put details in what is being written?
The moment you concentrate on what is being written adding details and visualizing the scene as if it had already happened, you end up putting the new information in your subconscious.

Remember that your subconscious mind cannot identify whether what you are imagining is real or not. If you build a mental image (visualization) with a wealth of details and feelings, you will end up “fooling” it into accepting the new information as a truth.

According to Dr. Joseph Murphy, everything that is put into your subconscious mind is sooner or later turned into reality.

Also, for you to manifest something in your reality, you must first concentrate on it for at least 68 seconds. As you write, imagining and feeling that reality as true, you enter the frequency of your dream without resistance.

06 – Should I keep thinking about this desire all the time?
No. On the contrary, you should totally detach yourself from your desire. When we cling to our desire we generate anxiety, doubts and we enter the Zen effect, damaging the whole process of manifestation.

07 – Should I write my Guide to the Manifestation of Wishes every Day?
The choice is yours. There are people who write once a year detailing what that year will be like (always remember to write in the past or present. Your wish has already manifested itself or will manifest itself).

There are those who prefer to write as “was” their month, already exist those who narrate their days one by one as in a diary. The interesting thing about writing every day is that this process becomes an increasingly pleasant habit.

I particularly write when I realize that I am feeling very well (that is, I am at a higher frequency). Our feeling is fundamental in the process of manifestation of any desire.

Write in the comments if you already knew this fantastic demonstration technique, or if you will put it into practice.

Huge gratitude and see you next article!

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