Dawud Islam: Leopard Lists Review

You might have heard one or two thing about Dawud Islam’s Leopard Lists.

With this Leopard Lists Review you will get to know each and everything about it!

It says “RE YOU READY TO FINALLY GET SIX-FIGURE  RESULTS?THEN crack the list building code with the secret formula inside Leopard Lists!”

But how good is it?

Is it worth the price?

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LeopardLists Review : An Overview

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Leopard lists
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So the author got massive  transformation by using these ideas.,transformation from where he was just a,year ago and that is all as a result of,developing an email list but as he says in the sales video he had to do it the hard,way and he is going let you do it the easy,way,and the way that you are going to be,doing it is by giving away this course,that he has created for you now this is,your very own course called the training,hub

He left the title as a sort of generic,title so that it isn’t connected to his own elite Tigers group or any of the product names that He normally create.

so,this is a completely generic course,called the Leopard list training hub,and you are going to be able to give away this course for free no one’s,selling it it’s never been on sale,nobody has ever given it away before .

He has created it just for you as a lead magnet.To get loads of people onto your list so when you sign people up obviously we’re going to show you how to,create the squeeze page how to list the,page the product on warrior plus and how,to drive traffic and then you will,obviously you will give people a thank you page where they’ll get access to this members area.

As you can see,this is a fully blown product it’s got an introduction from me and then we’ve got training in affiliate marketing finding and getting approved for offers, how to create a custom bonus page how to make a review video.

Another very important lesson free traffic,main traffic training how to use mailers traffic exchanges and classified ad boards email marketing.

How to get into,inboxes a couple of videos on that,avoiding spam words in emails and an overview a complete overview of email marketing so this is a great course folks that people would have been happy to pay money for but you are going to be able to give it away completely free.

It’s an excellent resource that is going to be able to really help you in your list building journey and you are getting it as I said something that’s never been available to the public anywhere.

Else nobody can get access to this course unless they get a copy from you .

So how about that for a great way to,build your list with leopard lists??


Why Dawud Islam’s Leopard Lists:

List Building is essential in internet and affiliate marketing. Without clients to sell to you are dead in the water. But building a list takes time and, usually, money. There seems to be no way to do it quickly.

Now personally he did it the hard way.He painstakingly built up a mini empire of 25 membership sites over almost a two year period until He had a ‘tribe’ of 16,000 followers in my group. It was a lot of hard work! And he knows that most of us will be looking for a quicker route to the promised land of four figure monthly affiliate commissions.

Well,  Now he knows exactly what works to build a list he has created OUR very own product and membership site for us. we will have our own giveaway product called ‘The Training Hub’ which is a brilliant video training course teaching newbies all the basics about earning online in three vital areas: Affiliate Marketing, Free Traffic Generation and Email Marketing. You can give away as many memberships as you wish and every person you give it to will go straight on your email list.

This is not a badly written PDF report or a free wordpress plug-in that went out of fashion years ago, this is a QUALITY ten video training course unavailable anywhere else and which you can give them for FREE. That is what you call EASY List Building.

All the training and resources you need to get set up are inside.

*Dawud Islam is a Top 10% affiliate and vendor at Warrior Plus. Last month his total earnings on the platform were over $10k.

What will you get inside Dawud Islam: Leopard Lists Review:

  • Your Own Top Quality Course To Give Away
  • Full Training on How To Build Your Squeeze Page
  • Full Training on listing your product on Warrior Plus
  • Full Training on connecting your autoresponder
  • Free Traffic Training To Drive People To Your Offer
  • Create Urgency For Your Offer – INCLUDED!


Pricing of Dawud Islam: Leopard Lists Review:


FRONT END — Leopard Lists $7.95
Your customers will get access to their very own giveaway course ‘The Training Hub’ not available anywhere else. Full training given on how to list this on Warrior Plus and then create a squeeze page and thank you page to give it away free as a powerful list building tool.

OTO #1 — Leopard Lists 365  $37 
A full set of email swipes so that your clients can engage with their new list members for a full year without needing to write any emails themselves. Includes lots of free gifts provided for them to giveaway in the swipes and plenty of opportunities to make affiliate commissions.

OTO #2 — Leopard Lists Super Solos  $67 
Get 6 x Free SOLO ADS to my ENTIRE network of over 16,000 contacts.

OTO #3 — Quadruple Reseller Rights  $97 
Sell Eagle E-Mails + 3 of my previous Products (Cash List Creator, Moocow Moolah + Tigers Traffic) as your own products and keep 100% of the commissions across the entire funnels…

OTO #4 — Leopard Lists DFY  $197 
We will create a DFY squeeze page and thank you page for your clients and host it for them so they can start promoting The Training Hub just by sharing their URL and will even throw in some free traffic from my sites. Includes setting the product up in their Warrior Plus account and hooking up their autoresponder.




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