Do you miss your boyfriend? Here’s our secret to get him back!

You miss your ex-boyfriend and you want to react as soon as possible to stop suffering?

You say to yourself every day I miss my man but you don’t know how to act?

Here are a few ideas that should help you get through this difficult time!

If I miss my boyfriend, I need to understand why…
I miss him: what can I do when I miss him so much?

You’ve been spending time with your ex-boyfriend. You used to see each other regularly, maybe even living together.

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So it’s perfectly normal to feel a lack if you don’t see it overnight.

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It doesn’t necessarily mean that you still have feelings for him or her. It may simply be a change of habit, a new thing you weren’t prepared for.

Before you decide whether you should try to get your ex-boyfriend back, take some time to understand what the loss is:

I miss my boyfriend, but do I want to be with him right now?
I miss him but are we really meant to be together?
I miss my man: Am my feelings about him really clear?
Do I miss my ex-boyfriend or do I just miss his company and affection?
He doesn’t pay attention to me anymore. Do I put myself forward to receive it?
We have a tendency (and it’s quite normal) to become attached to the people we spend time with!

You must therefore put into perspective and rethink the causes of your break-up.

Once you’ve taken stock, you can start thinking about a strategy to win back your ex-boyfriend or move on and bury your heartache.

Why get your ex-boyfriend back?

If you want your ex-boyfriend back because you’re thinking, “I miss my boyfriend,” you’ll need to be able to identify the real causes of your break-up and make sure you’re living up to your ex-boyfriend’s expectations.

Should you tell your ex-boyfriend that you miss him?

Your ex knows that you don’t change overnight. That’s why you shouldn’t skimp on time.

Take some time to think things through, to take a step back.

If you come back too quickly, your ex will think you’re coming back on a whim. That you didn’t take enough time to think (and neither did he!).

Suggest that you turn this break-up into a breakaway so that you can take some time apart without endangering your relationship. The break usually “forbids” external relationships, so you can take your time without stressing out the idea that your ex-boyfriend might meet someone else.

How can a break help you deal with withdrawal?

Let your ex know that the break will be productive, that you want to reflect on the relationship and your mistakes.

Don’t be afraid to ask him or her what he or she blames you for, so you can work on the things that aren’t working.

Of course, also tell him or her that you’re willing to make the effort to get it back.

If he tells you that he doesn’t love you anymore and there’s nothing you can do about it, offer him a break to see if he misses you.

For example, you can ask him not to see you at all for a month.

You will take stock at the end of this withdrawal period.

I think about my ex-boyfriend all the time: We are on a break and I miss my boyfriend… I take on myself because I know that we really need this period of taking a step back but it is very hard. I’m crying because I miss my boyfriend, but I know in my heart that this break is going to be good for us.

“I miss my boyfriend, I don’t know what to do to stop thinking about it. ”
You miss your man terribly: the brain is very difficult to control when an obsession invades it.

To stop thinking about your ex, you will have to multiply your activities in order to cover up your nostalgic feelings with new things.

See your girlfriends, go on a trip, and get on with your work.

In short, do things that you enjoy and that will keep you busy.

If sometimes you feel the need to think about your ex and shed a few tears, don’t deprive yourself of it, it’s part of the process of letting go of the lack.

Also, stay positive and tell yourself that you’re going to get your ex-boyfriend back. This will help you move forward without feeling sad.

“I’ve decided to win back my ex-boyfriend.”
“Just because I miss my ex-boyfriend doesn’t mean I have to sit on my hands! »

This is what I had to repeat to myself every day to achieve my goal.

So I took stock of the relationship to find out where I’d screwed up.
Yohanna left while he still loved me, he told me so. But he couldn’t look forward to the future with me because he thought we argued too much.

So I had to find the source of these arguments, the causes of his anger that had managed to spoil our relationship.

Then I realized that I was much too demanding.
From this questioning, I remembered that I was always asking for more.

In the beginning, I had asked her to make an effort to dress up. Then, I wanted him to move forward professionally. Afterwards, I advised him to ask for a raise. And once that was done, I wanted him to be beyond reproach to be a good father.

In the end, I was always asking him for help and I didn’t give him enough space for him to take his own initiatives.
This obviously led to endless arguments.

So I was boosted by this awareness and by this sentence that kept motivating me: “I miss my ex-boyfriend, so I’m going to win him back! ”

How can you not break down when you miss him too much?

“I miss my boyfriend, I can’t think of anything else”…

You’ve probably already heard this sentence from a friend of yours. Yet today she has managed to move on or find her ex-boyfriend!

When the loss is too great after a brutal love break-up, you should try not to think “I miss my boyfriend” but rather “how can I move on and get him back or move on to something else? ».

By doing so, you will move away from this unhelpful phrase.

Somehow you have to get rid of that damn “I miss my boyfriend” sentence once and for all!

Playing sports
We can never say it enough, sport is a real Holy Grail for anyone who wants to let off steam, feel better, possibly lose weight, strengthen their immune system and acquire a prettier figure.

Choose a sport activity that you like or sign up for several trial classes to find what you’re looking for and get started!

This sport could quickly become a passion.

Running or trail running, for example, are good sports to get you started without spending too much money.

A pair of shoes, a bottle belt or a Camel-Bak and off you go!

Start slowly so you don’t get disgusted. Go out for a bit every other day at a very slow pace (almost at walking speed) and alternate running and walking when you’re tired. Remember to drink and stretch.

In a few weeks of running, your level will increase very quickly.

If you like it, you can sign up for regular races organized around your home. It’s very user-friendly and allows you to set up a dead-line, for example “I have to train because I’m registered for a 10 km race in 4 months”.

Ideal to motivate yourself and change your ideas!

Judo, squash, badminton, volleyball, tennis and many other sports will also be excellent to stop thinking “I miss my boyfriend” day and night!

Seeing the world
There are no secrets, to think about something else, you have to occupy your mind with new and stimulating information!

See your friends, spend time with your loved ones and treat yourself to pleasant moments of sharing.

A coffee with a girlfriend, a nightclubbing, bowling, hiking, a concert, it doesn’t matter: have an active social life and have a good time.

Your girlfriends will support you. They will inspire you to do new things and help you move forward. Trust them and let yourself go.

You’ll probably meet new people and it can be even more stimulating.

Staying out of a routine and generating new emotions every day is a great way to take the phrase “I miss my boyfriend” out of your mind!

Setting up projects
Moving forward without having a project is very difficult. The impression that life has no meaning settles in and becomes heavy.

Having projects allows you to invest yourself, to feel useful and to aim for something concrete.

If you’re the “active” type, you like it when things move and you want to make a difference, then you can consider taking on projects that are important to you.

Volunteering in an association, creating an association, investing in a charity, creating a business, travelling, professional training, retraining, etc. Be bold, you won’t regret it!

What you will learn by carrying out this project (even if you don’t go all the way) will be extremely enriching.

I miss my man all the time
It’s not easy to digest a break-up, even less when you feel you’ve been through everything and can’t control anything anymore…

Every morning, you repeat to yourself “I miss my boyfriend”, you can’t concentrate during the day and in the evening, you have trouble falling asleep…

If you feel that nothing motivates you, that you never feel like going out or seeing your friends, then you will have to choose a radical solution. Contact one of our break-up coaches or meet with a specialist near you.

You need to get back on your feet before you hit rock bottom.

Being sad is one thing, letting go is another.

Specialists in relationships and psychology are able to detect the traits of your personality or the buried suffering that generates this addiction.
In order to be happy in the future as a couple (with your ex-boyfriend or another man), you may need to be able to heal your wounds. Otherwise, history is likely to repeat itself.

If you agree to get help from someone else, “I miss my boyfriend” will be a bad memory!

In addition, you will have a better understanding of how you function, you will be able to anticipate your reactions and better choose your partner.

Getting to know each other is essential for anyone who wants to move forward and finally find happiness.

Organise your schedule to get your ex-boyfriend back and at the same time multiply activities and projects so that you don’t focus only on your ex.

I miss my boyfriend: what are the reasons?

I miss my man because he is perfect
As soon as you think of your man, you close your eyes and you see his hands, his arms, his neck, …

You end up wondering why all the girls don’t hang around him…

Do you recognize yourself in this?

Then you should know that your man is unlikely to be the perfect man.

Maybe he was a perfect match for you. At least that’s what you thought until you broke up with him, but in any case, chances are you idealized him.

Your ex obviously got you hooked.
So you need to ask yourself the right questions to bring yourself down to earth a little!

Are you sure your ex wasn’t a narcissistic pervert?

It’s possible that you fell completely under his spell and that your ex took advantage of the opportunity to get his hooks into you and have fun causing you pain.

Careful, there are a lot more sadists out there than you might think.

However, don’t blame your ex for this, as she may not have been responsible for it at all.

What is certain is that you must succeed in taking a little distance from things in order to realize that your man may not be Barbie’s Ken!

I miss my man because we have some great memories…
That sounds much more realistic.

You may (no doubt!) have lived a very beautiful love story and this one is now over.

You say to yourself every day, “I miss my boyfriend”, and you want him back.

Maybe you have made mistakes that you now regret.

Maybe he made mistakes, maybe you initiated the break-up and you are biting your fingers.

I miss my man: I’m going to get him back!

That’s a nice sentence that proves you’re confident and ready to get your ex back!

The advice we give you doesn’t have to be taken literally, it has to be adapted to your story and the type of relationship you had.

Here are a few examples.

Help! I miss my boyfriend but he was married.
We receive many testimonials and deal with many comments from women who are crazy about their man… married.

In such cases, “their man” is also someone else’s man.

If you want to get him back, you will first have to ask yourself many questions, including ethical questions.

Why doesn’t my man leave his wife?
Does his wife know that he has a mistress?
Why does he want to end our relationship?
Has he left his wife?
Sometimes a man may end up leaving his wife to go away with his mistress. But it is still quite rare.

Many unfaithful men find the situation comfortable and prefer to “drag it out” by finding arguments to “keep” the mistress: “my wife is not well at the moment, this is not the time to do this to her”; “my son is taking his high school diploma, announcing our relationship could jeopardize his whole future”, etc.

So it’s better to fall in love with a single man…

But love can’t be controlled.

To get it back, you will certainly have to agree to continue to be his mistress and to see him in secret, without any other demands.

When a mistress issues an ultimatum, the one who wins is most often the woman.

I would like my man back / I miss my man, but he doesn’t want to see me any more
If he doesn’t want to see you anymore, he certainly has his reasons.

Make sure you make up for the mistake you made. If you think your man left with another woman, I invite you to consult our articles on the theme “getting your ex back who is in a relationship”.

Maybe he’s seen too much of you! So come in in radio silence!

Radio silence will allow you to make him understand that you are not at his disposal.

You’ll arouse his curiosity, your ex will wonder what’s going on. He might even think you’ve met someone else.

Radio silence can be very effective if you’ve flattered him too much and he thinks (maybe rightly so) that you’re willing to do anything for him.

Unfortunately, being too available isn’t always sexy. So you’re going to make yourself wanted thanks to radio silence.

You will come back after several weeks, during which you will have worked on your personal development.

The missteps to avoid in order to get your man back

Mistakes, also known as “forbidden”, are behaviours that should be avoided at all costs when trying to get your ex back. Here are a few examples:

Calling your man several times a day to check up on him or just to chat;
sending him dozens of messages (even cute ones!) a day;
sticking him, following him as soon as you go out in the same place;
trying to be friends with his buddies;
calling his parents to try to get them on your side by making you complain;
blackmailing him emotionally;
over-commenting on his photos and social network posts;
crying, moaning, dragging himself to his feet begging him to come back.

I miss my man: how to get back in his good graces

To win back her man, you have to prove to her that you are an independent girl who knows what she wants.

Men want to be admired, so you must not hesitate to talk to him about his qualities and explain to him that he is made for you.

If you simply tell him that you should be together and don’t argue, if you show that you don’t stop crying on your couch and do nothing all day, your ex-boyfriend will think you are weak.

As with any romantic reconquest, so try to keep your fishing and do everything you can to be desirable.

Become the one for him

The good news is that men are generally less demanding than women.

Most of them just want to be “left alone”. On the other hand, they are often focused on the physical.

Reading fiery letters, being the perfect woman on paper… it’s all right for a while!

Then, you have to convince them with your looks!

Second good news: ugly women are finally rare.

Whatever your profile, you probably have one or more parts of your body that you can highlight.

Get ready to make your big comeback and surprise your ex. It’s almost impossible that he won’t be sensitive to your new charms.

The magic of seduction

Although looks are very important in winning back love, you will also need to focus on your behaviour.

To convince him, you will have to be spontaneous.

Also remember to look him in the eyes, not to run away from his gaze.

Of course, if he pays you a compliment, you can laugh or smile while looking sideways to show him that you appreciate his kind words.

Be confident and show it to him.

Stand up straight and smile.

Be careful not to keep a frozen smile and wide-eyed, you could scare him.

If he is receptive, switch to seduction mode and try to win him back!

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