Does Law of Attraction work?

Many of you are familiar with the law of attraction. It has many phrases:

  • this kind of gravity attracts this kind of thing,
  • the thought is material,
  • external is an internal reflection,
  • the universe is our mirror.

They have one point – if you want improvements in life, find what you need to change inside, and everything will come true.

But why doesn’t this law always work? You change inside, and nothing happens outside.

The law of attraction works under certain conditions.

In this article, we will look at three levels of reality where the law of attraction works, and the reasons that hinder its action.

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Three levels of actuality of the Law of Attraction

To understand why the law of attraction does not always work in your life, let’s analyze at what levels it works.

This will help you determine where you are now and what it takes to master the skill of applying this law in your life.

Level one, Hope.

The task of this stage is to get used to the idea that your thoughts materialize.

You still only accept the possibility that by switching to positive thinking, you can frame your own reality.

At this level, there is the biggest emotional turmoil, worries, because in your desires there is still fear, need, anger, and sometimes excitement, admiration, hope that finally everything will change.

You take two steps forward, and then you roll back a step back.

You are thrown away to stereotypical behavior, to familiar routes that you have walked year after year.

At the same time, your life already at this stage begins to change slowly.

In the infographics we have defined the features of your actions at the level of hope.

At this level, the law of attraction is not very visible.

Small demonstrations are taking place, and where changes are really needed, there are no big results, because there is no certainty that you deserve it.

As soon as you begin to actively apply what you have learned in life, you gradually gain the confidence that you are actually able to change your reality.

And then, you move from the level of hope to the level of faith.

Level two, Faith.

At this level there is an inner 100% certainty that you can get what you want.

You switch from mental affirmations to a deeper level, in your heart. The feeling is turned on.

At this stage you already see the difference between what you wanted to get and what you have now, you understand that you have to take certain steps to achieve what you want.

The reason why the law of attraction slows down at this level is resistance.

You want more changes in life, but you also resist. Because in the areas where these changes are necessary, there is a hidden emotional pain and trauma.

You reach a certain point when you have to prove to yourself that you deserve the life you ask for.

Many of these obstacles are perceived as a blow – “I’m not worthy” – and turn back. It shows you don’t know exactly what you need.

If you have a need within you that is tuned to your higher purpose, it will certainly be realized.

But you are required to exercise your right to choose to insist that it happens.

That means you have to remove doubts about what you deserve to get.

When a sense of your value is born from within, you begin to manifest it in life. That’s when faith begins to appear.

Let us offer you the meditation My Value, during which you can forgive yourself and others, accept your mistakes and failures.

You will feel new vibrations, you will see in what your value and uniqueness is, which will encourage you to manifest them in your real life.

How the law of attraction works at this level:

  • In addition to the mental plan, affirmations, you use the other levels of perception: visualization, sensations. You learn to see your intention and feel it.
  • You focus on joy or gratitude. The more you maintain a state of pleasure, joy, the more energy it provides to make a qualitative difference in your life.

When a state of joy is present, your energy vibration increases. The signal that you send into the world changes and is attracted back by the law of attraction.

If you have lost this state or cannot feel it, a completely different signal is sent to the universe and back comes absolutely not what you want.

If in the first stage you only planted the idea that what is happening depends on your actions, then in this stage the belief that it is so is strengthened.

A recommendation for strengthening your faith

Enter a book of personal records, write down your wishes and intentions there and tick or cross out when they are fulfilled.

When you look in your book in a couple of months, you will see real evidence that the law of attraction works, your dreams come true.

Level three – Absolute Knowledge

On the third level you pass already with the absolute knowledge that your intention is your birthright, that the external reality reflects the internal reality.

Do not HOPE, do not believe in it – it is simply OBLIGATORY to reflect the inner.

At this level, synchronization works.

You just think, and circumstances begin to unfold: people are pulling up, something is decided. Everything happens naturally, without effort.

The main condition for the law of attraction to work without failure is a constant presence in the flow.

Catch moments of pleasure, appreciate the benefits that you have.

Remember that moment when you were washing with your hands, and suddenly there was an automatic washing machine. As far as the whole process was facilitated, time was freed up for other activities.

Remember this state of pleasure and gratitude – it solves everything. This is the key point.

If you fall back, switch. Find your switch mechanism so you don’t fall through.

The article Ways to Switch from Stress to Consciousness will help you do that.

When you send your intention to the universe, be sure to use the two clues we gave in the infographics.

In the second step, you learned to connect all levels of perception to bring what you want into life.

Here you are already mastering visualization, relying on the senses and clearly articulating your intention.

You adjust to the reality you want to be in, and you easily determine what you lack to be there.

Adjust your behavior, thoughts and actions by focusing on the goal.

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Why is the Law of Attraction NOT working

In what cases does the law of attraction NOT work?

There are three components in which the effect of this law slows down or completely disappears:

1. Lack of love for yourself.

Love for yourself is the golden key to making things work.

It is a state of flight that is comparable to the first love, when you adore your partner and do not pay attention to his shortcomings.

In order for the law of attraction to work without failure, you must have the same attitude towards yourself – a state of buzz, a baldness from yourself, no matter what you did, what you achieved.

Keep track of situations where you do not accept yourself, compare with others, where you deny yourself the necessary, you think you do not deserve better.

Love for yourself is the foundation upon which all other bricks are built.

Exercises from the free Step to self introductory course will help you learn to love yourself. A challenge every day.

2. A lot of limiting beliefs

If you compare life with a multi-storey house, at the bottom there is the lowest level – the basement, where old beliefs and negative programs are stored.

You can develop, climb up, but until you clean this cellar, you will always be thrown back to the old thinking.

If you get rid of negative beliefs, heal injuries, you will have nowhere to fall, and the law of gravity will work in full force.

3. Units in the power system

If the lower chakras are blocked, the body will not be able to fully transmit energy to manifest your desires.

The first chakra is just responsible for the physical realization of your intentions. There are hidden family and birth programs that need to be addressed.

For a successful demonstration, it is necessary that the flow coming from space passes through all energy centers without obstacles.

Determine how your energy system works with a free 3-minute test.

We hope you now understand why the law of attraction sometimes does not work.

We wish you to master the skills of practical application of this law, thanks to which your life will enter into grandiose changes with a sign of plus.

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