Eyeslick review – Is it worth buying? Read on!!

Live video streaming seems to be fad these days and why not its the golden time for influencers across the globe .Live video streaming gets most engagement by users. Period!!

The stats don’t lie as well,according to recent study live video steaming got more users to engage than any other form of content.So its natural that many companies are jumping in the bandwagon and its about time you jump in too.

Whether you are individual or small business owner we have to use all sources to promote our brand ,to build your personal brand if you are individual or reach out to more customers if you are a business.

So here i review one such amazing platform called Eyeslick.(This is unbiased Eyeslick review as i have tested the app by review access)

So what exactly is EyeSlick – it is video streaming network but this  also used for eCommerce, To promote and sell a product,video & content selling, private & groups lessons .

Eyeslick review:What is it about?

EyeSlick is a brand new generation of live streaming.

  • Channel creators can sell digital/physical products
  • Sell products while live on video
  • Sell the videos themselves if they want
  • Upload premade videos
  • Sell digital or physical products
  • Sell their time for individual, small group or massive groups and charge automatically by the minute!

They can even earn money from donations made on the platform, similar to sites like Twitch or Patreon.

  •  Available to stream on computer (Mac or PC)
  • And to stream and/or watch (buy and sell!) on your phone in both the Apple store and Google Play store.

Eyeslick review:How eyeslick can be of use for you

1.You should use eyeslick if you are aspiring to be an influencer you make use of this great platform to tell your story and monetize your content and time as well!!

2.If you are small business owner  you can tell your story and promote your service with astonishing engagement rates

3.If you own a ecomerce,store,you can sell your products online with live steaming videos

4.If you are a blogger /affiliate marketer you can promote your product or promote your courses.

Eyeslick review:An overview

Vendor Cindy Donovan
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Category Video 


Eyeslick review:What we think about it


Overview Product Highlight Rating(out of 5)
Quality Great quality ,Useful features ∗∗∗∗∗
Ease of use Smooth interface excellent user experience ∗∗∗∗
Support Excellent dedicated customer support ∗∗∗∗
Features Great app for live video streaming ∗∗∗∗
Price High quality product AT AFFORDABLE PRICE ∗∗∗∗∗
Overall Rating GO FOR IT!! ∗∗∗∗∗

Eyeslick review:Features

* High paying, exclusive breaking news live stream video to a news channel
* Personalised high-end DJ streaming set to birthday parties, weddings etc.
* One-on-one with a psychic or astrology reader
* Small group counselling or coaching series
* Personal fitness or business training sessions
* Large group public or private webinar streaming
* Personal shopper services or showcasing your eCom products
* Real Estate agents showcasing homes with live video walkthroughs

* Teach anything, upload your existing video training materials and charge for access (or build your brand and offer it for free!)
* Create and sell product reviews to one person (exclusive rights), or to multiple people
* Sell entire video courses that people can then go on and sell themselves
* Sell royalty free/stock videos

Eyeslick review:Pros and Cons

• Affordable price

• Easy monetization of your time and content

• Fast and easy to use app.

• Simple interface

• Good internet connection

Eyeslick review: In the Dashboard

1.Main Dashboard which shows trending videos

Eyeslick review

2.Enter Broadcaster name and select the start for going live

Eyeslick review

3.Choose option whether private or public depending on your needsEyeslick review


Eyeslick review: Vide0 demo



Eyeslick review: Walkthrough

Eyeslick review:  Conclusion

With video marketing in boom today live video streaming  is way to go.I was watching a relatively new channel whose lives streaming  content had  amazing engagement.

Eyeslick not only provides an excellent platform for going live but we can monetize our videos as well as time for consulting.For ecom owners/small business who can sell their products/services, to aspiring influencers ,to bloggers/affiliate marketers to use Eyeslick for private coaching classes ,Eyeslick is for all.Its a quality product at affordable rate.

Thanks for reading my Eyeslick review, Good luck !!

Eyeslick review:  Pricing

Front-End (EyeSlick – $24.97 – $47) 

-OTO 1 (EyeSlick vTail Manifesto – $67) 

Customers receive:

A bundle of extra training and done for you resources to find the best channels to create, as well as people they can give their invites to, taking maximum advantage of the 5% founders royalty fee bonus included as part of their frontend purchase.

  • Channel Targeter Cheatsheets
    6 spreadsheets with breakdowns of all channel sub categories and relevant professions they can approach to give away channels
  • 6 Part Video Training Series
    Exclusive content, high value
  • PDF Companion Documents
  • Promo Resource Bundle
    Includes email swipe series, professional made video ads, done for you ad creatives with source code, powerpoint presentation and followup scripts if they want to give the channels away to offline business people or over the phone
  • Website Creation Tools & Training
    Training showing how to get an agency-type website up and running.

-OTO 2 (EyeSlick VIP Membership – $197 or 3/6 month payment plan)

VIP members receive:

  • Your channel will be permanently upgraded to pro-status
    – Add unlimited products (no longer limited to 4 products per channel)
    – Record and publish more content on their channel (host up to 5hrs of recorded broadcasting)
    – Remove $10/minute call cost. Pro can charge any price they choose.
    – Advertising removed.  Advertising will be added into the platform about 4 weeks after we launch.  If you have a pro account you won’t see any ads on the platform and viewers won’t see ads displayed on your channel.
  • Any channel invites you give away will upgrade your referrals to pro for 6 months
    They can sell more, earning you more
  • We’ll automatically share/distribute our pool of queued guests
  • ALSO they’ll receive an additional 10 channel licenses

-OTO 3 (EyeSlick vTail Overflow – $297) 

Extra 3% of the revenue (so 8% total) and 20% discount on purchasing future invites.  The vendor is also going to give them even more invites so they will be able to earn more in residual commissions.

The vendor is also giving them an extra bundle of 50 licenses.

Thanks for reading my EyeSlick review today.

Down below are some useful bonuses that you can combine with EyeSlick to make money online. Check them before taking action please.

Eyeslick review:  Bonus

 Note contact digitalforumtv@gmail.com for more claiming bonus 


Bonus #1
ECommerce Golden Steps

This 5-part video course will reveal you a formula for succeeding in your own e-commerce business. You will learn how to find a niche, create a brand, list your products on Amazon, get traffic, provide the best customer service, and much more.

Bonus #2
Mastering and Marketing Online-Video-Made-Simple 

Everything you ever wanted to know about using videos online.

Bonus #3

Instant Content Creator

Effortlessly kick-out killer articles with a proven step-by-step software to show you how

Bonus #4
Storytelling Marketing Report

In this special report, you will learn top story-telling methods, how to best use these strategies and how you can use storytelling to strengthen your brand or launch a new one.


Eyeslick review:  Faq

1.What is eyeslick?

Eyeslick is basically live streaming network.

2.How can i earn money with eyeslick?

You earn money from donations made on the platform, similar to sites like Twitch or Patreon

3.Is it available to stream on PC?

Available to stream on computer (Mac or PC)

4.Can we upload pre-made videos?

Yes we can upload premade videos

5.Can we use Eyeslick on mobile?

Yes,we can use Eyeslick on Android,IOS or any other OS