How do you make a man addicted and madly in love?

How do you make a man addicted and madly in love? What are the techniques that allow him to become indispensable in his eyes? How to make him want to get involved in a relationship without having to make love too quickly? How to avoid being acquired too quickly and thus make the seduction phase last?

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Ladies, more and more of you are writing to me to ask me this question: “David, can you tell me how to get a man hooked and what to do so that he really gets involved in our history? Answering individually would be too complicated because nearly 1,000 people visit my site every day, which is why it seemed logical to me to write an article on this topic.

I took the time to compile the essential advice I can give to the women I coach and I realized that there were always a few tips that came up regularly. So I decided to share them with you to help you make a man so madly in love with you that he makes a permanent commitment and gives you more attention.

How to make a man addicted in 5 key rules!

  • Don’t take it for granted, you must become a challenge in his eyes.
  • Don’t demand the perfect relationship right from the start.
  • Encourage the complicity that exists between you
  • Remember to tickle his ego.
  • Prove to him that you’re the only one who can meet his expectations.

Now that you know the main rules to make a man fall madly in love, I invite you to discover them in more detail in order to be able to apply them in the best possible way. And this will start with a profound change of attitude…

Why do I have to wonder how to get my man hooked?

Usually, when a woman wants her boyfriend to be madly in love with her, it’s so there’ll be reciprocity. You have a lot of feelings, you’re totally under her spell and you don’t want it to only go one way, you don’t want to be the one to go after her. What you are looking for is a perfect relationship in which the man has as many feelings as you do, if the feelings are quantifiable… But that is another debate.

Let’s not kid ourselves, it is not to make him happy and it is ultra smiling that you want to see him totally addicted, it’s a little selfish but quite understandable I reassure you, it is above all to feel better and trust your partner because you are afraid he will go elsewhere or you have this fear that he decides to break.

To exchange with many women during my coaching and face to face workshops, I realize that the main problem you are facing is the fear of having to say goodbye one day to this relationship that you care so much about, and that the only way for you to totally blossom is to know that your companion can’t live without you. However, this will, which can very quickly turn into a love obsession, can be the cause of many difficulties within your relationship, so you must know how to control yourself so as not to make the same mistake as many women, who have the same need as you do and who behave in the wrong way with their darling.

The first change to make is perhaps the most important!

I absolutely wanted to give you an important message. If you want your situation to change and you are considering doing everything possible to make this man go crazy about you, then I invite you to fight your nature and your habits.

Indeed, you act regularly to bring him happiness, to protect him and give him love, to show what a great woman you are for him. Unfortunately, by behaving in this way you will not be able to represent anything other than an “acquired and docile” woman. This is why this man is not yet addicted and even has a tendency to run away from you. You are simply doing too much for him! Give it some time before you act like this.

For a man to fall in love, he must feel a challenge, an ideal and fatal woman that he will find difficult to conquer. Then you should not hesitate to take distance to regain a stronger value and make him invest more!

Men are on the reserve because…

This paragraph really comes from my field experience because since 2007 I have accompanied thousands of women who were in a relationship that was not very fulfilling.

So I can tell you: No man can fall in love with a woman if he feels that she is addicted to him or madly in love with him, just as you could not fall in love with a man you know is mad about you. It can be considered to be human nature!

The more you give to a man, the less he’ll give back to you. I know, it is unfortunate but we are now in a new era where seduction is very often a “balance of power”. So if in your couple you tend to give all your attention to a man I encourage you to reduce your investment and to take distance to put him face to face with his responsibilities.

I meet many women in coaching who tend to invest a lot and manage the relationship on their own. But there is often a double risk in this situation. Either you will fall into emotional dependence and continue to give more and more to avoid losing him or you will simply suffocate your partner to the point of driving him away because he will not find his place in the relationship.

So when we wonder how to make a man addicted and in love, we must manage to meet his expectations and then take a little distance especially by keeping a strong and fulfilling personal life. Be careful not to write to him too much, nor to ask for too much, or to want to go too fast because you would rather risk scaring him away…

Complicity is the barometer of the relationship!

To know if your man is ready to invest himself and especially to make him definitely addicted and in love, I invite you to study what degree of complicity can you observe in your couple? The more you will be able to have good exchanges, to establish a beautiful intimacy under the sign of humour, sharing, novelty and the more your man will have strong emotions.

In other words, you tend to fight the wrong fight. You want to get him hooked, but you forget to reinforce the positive elements of your relationship to focus on the words he can say.

You will tend to assail him with questions to reassure you through an “I love you” when your goal is to do everything possible to make each moment you share unique. If you have a beautiful complicity and that you are able to integrate physical and emotional distances, then you will find a balance which will inevitably make your man want to get more involved and to do everything to keep you close to him.

The best way to get a man hooked is simply to ensure that the relationship is fulfilling for both you and him.

But beware, you very often tend to overdo it and neglect your personal life. It’s just the opposite! Keep a good balance between your friends, your family, your personal needs and your love life. This is how you will be able to foster the complicity that exists with your man without falling into emotional dependence.

How to get a man hooked by titillating his ego!

Be careful not to misinterpret this subtitle and enter into an endless power struggle that will lead to an unhealthy situation rather than a stable couple life. To make a man madly in love, I invite you to titillate his ego in order to make him want to get involved and take matters into his own hands.

To do this, you should never attack him personally on his way of being, on his character or anything else that bothers you but you can perfectly place yourself in a “position of strength” thanks to subtle phrases.

For example, you could say:
– I doubt your ability to make me dream in the long run…
– I think we’re sharing less of a good time together, it’s becoming too platonic a relationship between us.
– I’m having a hard time falling in love, like our relationship isn’t fulfilling anymore…

By focusing on your story, you will be able to show your partner that you are uncomfortable and make him or her want to make you fall in love with him or her. The objective is to get out of the situation where he takes you for granted, so that you can regain your place as the “femme fatale” and he still wants to conquer you every day.

I sincerely wish you all the best and also think about relativizing so as not to put too much pressure on your shoulders. Letting go is always a beautiful answer when you are in love!

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