How to Make My Boyfriend Love Me More – 25 Tips!

Love can be simple when two people share the same feelings and intensity, values, attitudes and beliefs, expectations and vision of the future, goals and plans, level of commitment… However, this does not happen in many cases and there can be imbalances in the couple, because one of the members invests more time and resources, is more emotionally involved, etc. All this can lead you to assume that your partner, boyfriend or husband does not care about you..

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My Boyfriend Doesn’t Care About Me

Do you get the feeling your boyfriend doesn’t care about you anymore? If you often think “my boyfriend doesn’t care about me”, we offer some tips to help you clarify the situation:

  • Degree of intensity: Certain components of love (such as the romantic component) cannot be shared equally by both partners. That doesn’t mean your partner doesn’t care about you, but it may not be in the same way and with the same intensity as you do.
  • Your partner makes plans and decisions without you most of the time.
  • Your partner doesn’t call or text as often as he or she used to. You haven’t had a date or gone out to dinner in a while, and you notice that he or she has lost interest.
  • Your partner is interested in your personal life, but not as much as you would like.
  • The burden of the relationship falls on your shoulders. You take the initiative more often and make the greatest effort to get things done. Your boyfriend or husband is passive, settling into routines with little effort or imagination to do new things.

How to make your partner react

If you have seen the current situation with your partner reflected in any of the previous points, it is very possible that the relationship is not going as well as you thought and that there is something in it that is not working. At this moment, you are probably asking yourself: what can I do if my boyfriend doesn’t listen to me, is it possible to break this dynamic, how can I make my partner react, is it possible to go back to the point where the relationship was going well?

The answer is that yes, it is possible, although this is achieved in a rather counter-intuitive way: when a person moves away from us, a mechanism is activated in us by which we want to get them back. However, this will only push him further away.

On the contrary, if your partner is not making enough of an effort and does not invest time and energy in you, increasing your efforts will not succeed. How can you get your boyfriend to listen to you? The way to reverse the situation is to balance the scales. That is to say, by equalizing the time and resources invested at the same level. This way, your partner will notice the cessation of attention and will wonder what is happening, which will bring him/her closer to you again, to recover what is no longer there.

Anyway, an important clarification is that if your partner has no interest at all, he will not look for you again. If this is the case, it is not worth investing any more time in something that will not last. So, in any case, whether you react or not, this strategy will help you figure out your current situation, whether it is to reverse the situation, or to get out of the impasse and start something new.

How to make a man fall in love

How to make my boyfriend fall in love? Love is a complex experience in which a multitude of variables and nuances are involved. If each person is unique in the world, because of their personality, attitudes, beliefs, values, goals, etc., when they form a relationship with another person, the possibilities are almost infinite. In this way, there are great differences between what we find attractive in a person, in what attracts our attention, in the characteristics we look for in order to have a long-term relationship. However, as far as men are concerned, there are a number of characteristics that we find very attractive in a woman.

  • Independence. An independent and self-confident woman attracts people and makes others perceive in you character and the energy you give off.
  • Positivity. Happiness is something that is transmitted and attracted. No one likes to be surrounded by taciturn, moody people who complain constantly. A positive person is an attractive person. In the following article you will find exercises to learn how to be positive.
  • Sincerity. Don’t talk in circles, men like a self-confident woman who doesn’t need to think too much about what she says and/or wants, so that she doesn’t have to guess what she wants.
  • Let him treat you well and help you. Women are capable of many things and can achieve whatever they set out to do. This way, you don’t stop being an independent and confident woman just because she helps you. If she opens the car door, helps you with the shopping bags, etc., she will most likely not do it out of a sense of superiority towards you, but as a kind gesture, thank her. As women, we don’t need a man to help us with almost anything, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun!
  • Feel admiration for your partner and acknowledge his or her accomplishments. Contrary to what you may think, admiring our partner is not a sign of weakness; men like us to be able to recognize their accomplishments, which doesn’t put us in a position of weakness if we really feel that way. Letting him know that you value him just as much means that you’re not intimidated by other people’s accomplishments.
  • Femininity. Men like feminine women, who take care of themselves, who stay healthy. That doesn’t necessarily have to do with physical attractiveness – it’s an attitude.

How to make my boyfriend love me more

How do I make my husband love me? First of all, it is important to clarify that if he is not interested in you, is not in love, does not reach a minimum level of emotional involvement with you, all your efforts to move the relationship forward will be in vain. If he doesn’t react, or even goes away, don’t try anymore: he is not the right person for you. Do not invest your time in someone who does not belong to you, because that time that goes away will not come back. Instead, dedicate your energies and attention to someone who is willing to do the same for you. In the long run, you will see that it was for the best.

On the other hand, if you feel that your partner does or has felt the same way about you and there is a chance that the relationship can be restored, here are some guidelines that will help you “reset” the relationship, and encourage positive emotions in your partner.

How to make my partner love me more: 25 tips

If you want to know how to make your boyfriend love you more, keep reading the following tips:

  • Make your life interesting, not just for him, but for yourself. The fact that a person doesn’t miss you the way you miss him could mean that you don’t have much in your life to nurture, learn, or enjoy. If your partner gets the full weight of your happiness, that’s not healthy.
  • Step by step. In all relationships there are times to respect, especially in relationships. For love to emerge and crystallize, it is important not to run and want to burn out stages: all are important and contribute to a solid relationship.
  • Work on your self-concept. A typical mistake made by women is to ask about their physical appearance in a negative way. Asking him if he sees you as fat or ugly puts you in a position of weakness, where you need external validation to feel good about yourself. If he is with you, he will most likely like you the way you are. Don’t be so critical of yourself, beauty is not unique, it is very varied, and all women are beautiful, in their own way.
  • Respect his space and don’t act intrusive. In a healthy relationship, moments of separation are necessary so that you can reconnect with renewed energy.
  • Do not behave in a desperate way and constantly seek to get his attention, you will only get him further away.
  • Be careful with social networks. Don’t give out too much information about yourself and your relationships on social networks. Don’t demonize them, but there are many negative consequences. Constant updates about your relationship status (single, dating, complicated, etc.), hints to your partner or ex-partner, constant details about your personal life, etc. are counterproductive, throwing up unnecessary information and making you seem like an insecure person who needs constant approval.
  • Prioritize yourself. Never cancel your plans because he is available, keep your life private and your circle of friends.
  • Don’t force encounters simply because you feel like seeing him, he will perceive it as imposed and will not help the relationship to progress naturally. Let there be times when he takes the initiative.
  • Don’t extend the dates indefinitely. If you have established a plan, stick to it. If you go to the movies, you can go for a drink after the movie. But going to the cinema, having a drink, having dinner together, having a drink, spending the night together, having breakfast, etc. is not the most advisable thing in most cases. If you exhaust all the cartridges in one date, you don’t give room for more.
  • Control the amount of information and disclosures you make about yourself, especially in the beginning. Giving too many explanations about our life and privacy can make your partner overwhelmed with details and lose interest.
  • It evokes positive feelings. Generally, we don’t like to be around people who are grumpy, who complain constantly, and who see the negative side of everything. This also happens in relationships, we tend to bond with people who give us positive energy.
  • Listen to him when he talks to you, knowing how to listen is a great and highly valued virtue, which will also strengthen your bond.
  • Stay calm and don’t rush. It is very common, especially among women, that when we like a man we want to go very fast. However, they tend to have a slower pace when it comes to bonding.
  • Be assertive, don’t talk to him with hints. Men are not usually so subtle in this regard and often do not understand them. He will thank you for talking to him honestly. In the following article you will find techniques to develop assertiveness.
  • Act proactively. Men like determined women who are confident and know what they want.
  • Give your honest opinion on the issues you talk about. Sometimes, because they want to please their partners, many people make the mistake of agreeing with everything and nodding to what they are told. Show them that you have your own personality and criteria, they will value it very positively. As Sigmund Freud said, “If two people always think the same, one thinks for both of them.
  • Try not to keep him waiting when you meet him, especially on purpose. There is a belief that women should keep men waiting when they date; this is very old, be a modern woman, we live in the age of feminism and equality. Value his time and do not make him wait, if you know that you are going to take a little longer, let him know so that he can also take advantage of his time. Don’t tell him the famous phrase “I’ll be ready in 5 minutes” if it’s not true.
  • Be happy for his victories, you are not his rival. Sharing the joys will also strengthen your bond.
  • Look for moments of privacy, it is important to invest in the relationship and that the time you spend together is quality time.
  • Accept if he has any details with you and thank him. Even if it is not exactly what you were expecting, thank him for the detail and keep in mind that he has thought of you.
  • Don’t talk to him constantly about your ex. It’s not about hiding your past and acting like he’s the first man in your life. But constantly mentioning him, talking about how he behaved, the places you frequented together, comparing what is similar and/or different, etc. is very negative, uncomfortable and can be perceived as if you still haven’t gotten over the relationship.
  • Avoid uncomfortable comments. Making comments about other men’s physical attractiveness is uncomfortable and not appropriate. Making him feel like he is second best is not recommended. Reserve this type of comment for meetings with your friends, you may laugh, but don’t do it in front of him. You wouldn’t want him to act like that either.
  • Don’t let him pay for everything. It’s okay to invite you sometimes, value the gesture, but don’t expect him to do it all the time and offer to pay as well. Show him that you care about him and his company, not his checking account.
  • Be yourself. Following the advice we give you on how to make your boyfriend love you more is important, but even more so is knowing how to adapt it to your way of being, thinking and feeling. Don’t overact, don’t become someone you’re not. In a long-term relationship, your true self will come out. Do you really want to have a relationship at the expense of being true to yourself? Consider it.
  • What about you? Finally, if you constantly need the attention of your boyfriend or a man in general, you might want to consider it. Sometimes being in a dysfunctional relationship, or more importantly, having linked several dysfunctional relationships, could be indicating that you need to work on some aspect of your life. If this is the case, put the focus on yourself. If you are not happy with something that is happening in your life, a relationship with a man is not going to make up for these shortcomings. To be okay in a relationship, you must first be okay with yourself.