How to reduce the next electricity power bills in pandemic times?

When the whole family is at home all the time, and the work is done, and training and entertainment is needed, the electricity bill can increase unnoticed but significantly.You can try programs with easy power plan blueprints to further reduce electric bills.

Turn your devices off, not leave them in “sleep” mode.
While working and learning at home, it is important to remember to turn off the computer completely after work. When the computer is in standby or sleep mode, it continues to draw power. Also, remember to always turn off your TV when you are not watching it. If your family has a habit of listening to music on the TV, it is best to change it and choose a radio. A small radio uses 20 times less electricity than a 50-inch TV.

Save energy in the kitchen, too.

When the house and office at the same time, tea or coffee we probably cook more often than usual, so it is worth reconsidering the habit of boiling water. When boiling water for tea or coffee, pour only the right amount of water into the kettle – so you will save so much electricity within a month that it will be enough for 15 laundry washing.

Also, to use less energy and less time to prepare dinner, prepare more food in one meal, and at the next meal, heat the rest in the microwave or on the stove. The microwave is the most energy efficient way to heat food. It consumes the least energy and takes the time to heat up. For example, soup prepared for dinner can be quickly served as lunch the next day.

The fridge, which probably opens more often than usual, should be set at +5 C and the freezer at -18 C.

In turn, use a dishwasher, if available, to wash dishes. Many people think it uses more energy and water, but it actually saves money.

Give preference to natural
Don’t forget to open the curtains and blinds every morning, even on a cloudy day, and let the sunshine into your home, thus reducing electricity consumption for lighting and improving your mood! If your home is generally light and your workplace is in a dark part of the room, use only a desk lamp, not all room lights. And it is definitely time to make sure that all lighting fixtures are equipped with LED bulbs.

When at home, you should air the rooms at least once per hour.

You should open the window wide and to the end, not in the ventilation mode, so that fresh air enters the room more quickly.

It is also desirable to give preference to natural detergents, which do not clog the room and do not harm the health of the family. If you want to be creative, you can prepare your detergents using products from the kitchen such as table vinegar, soda, lemon juice, salt and potato starch. For example, mix table vinegar and water in a 1:1 ratio and add your favourite essential oil. By filling the liquid bottle with atomiser, you get a universal detergent for both kitchen and bathroom.

If you want to refresh your home, it’s better to do it with essential oils or a juniper branch – these are natural products that do not contain synthetic substances, unlike artificial air fresheners.

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Keep an eye on lights

Light should not burn in rooms that are not currently in use. This habit with a certain effort is developed by all family members within a few months. If no one is left in the house or apartment, then it is advisable to turn off all energy-consuming appliances, except for the refrigerator.