How to win back the ex after a breakup

Have you just experienced a sudden breakup in your relationship but still hope to win back the lost love?

How to identify the real reasons for the breakup so you can fight and change them? Is it possible to recover your ex after an unexpected breakup?

What possibilities and above all what tools are available to you to rebuild a relationship after a painful break-up so that your ex will consider the possibility of starting your relationship again?

The breakup, ultimately, is the last signal within a relationship. That’s why you have to take a step back to fully understand what happened.

You need to know that the breakup of a relationship is often synonymous with a strong discomfort felt by your partner. If you want to recover it, therefore, you must undertake an analysis that will allow you to understand his feelings, his moods and his desire for well-being.

To err is human, even in love, that’s why it is possible that every love story can be entitled to a second chance.

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To begin your analysis, you need to ask yourself three questions:

– What are the exact reasons for the breakup?
– What is the cause of my mistakes?
– What are the lasting solutions I can offer?
Positive thinking is contagious so you need to forgive yourself for your mistakes. You need to be convinced that you want to change only so you can convince your ex.

Well, now you’re ready to start from scratch and reconnect with your ex. Needless to say, in order to succeed, this formula of reconquest needs romance and a positive and serene dialogue, which bodes well for your desire for renewal.

Your ex needs to look to the future with you, he needs to be able to regain confidence in your story. That’s why don’t put him under pressure! Give yourself time to act at the right time and put all your patience into play for the re-conquest.

To materialize your desire to really want to change, do an exercise: write on a sheet of paper a list of ten actions or initiatives that are strange for you, such as learning how to cook an unusual dish, going out and running for 30 minutes, parachuting, finding a secluded place to scream at the top of your lungs… it will help you regain confidence and have some material to start a new communication with your ex.

Love is not a bed of roses, but everything can change!

Most couples go through complicated phases often with temporary breakups in the relationship. To find out if your breakup can quickly fade away, of course, it will also require the will of your ex. To build a life together, everyone has to do their part, it’s impossible to recover a story if you’re not convinced that you both want to make an effort.

Wounds along a path of love can heal if you firmly believe it without fear. To do this you must believe in yourself, in your firm will to change, only then will your love and your relationship be rebuilt on a more serene and more fulfilling basis.

The break and the break in a relationship can become a springboard for a better future together!


  • Go back to being the person you fell in love with. He was attracted to you because he was fine with you and you satisfied his need for love. Have you changed? Correct your bad habits and mistakes, if you’ve made any. Be optimistic with him, smile and laugh. Being positive helps you feel good about yourself and make the people around you feel good.
  • Don’t let them see that you’re stuck in the past. Let him know that your life goes on; go to the library, to the gym, wear different clothes. All these things will make him realize that you’ve moved on and that your life isn’t over.
  • Prepare some sentences so you can start talking to him. The first thing you tell your ex is extremely important. If you use the wrong words, you’ll lose any chance of winning him back. Don’t react to his break-up request by crying or begging him not to leave you, it won’t work. It will only irritate him and drive him further away. You have to understand that even if he’s the one who wants to end your relationship, chances are he still has feelings for you.
  • Use the experience to your advantage. If he once complimented you on a particular dress, wear it again. Or, you could remind him of a happy moment we had together. If you have a chance to meet him, choose a place familiar to both of you, a place where you had a good time together.
  • Listen carefully to his words; he might say something unusual. If he uses a different word, you use it too. That way, he will think that you talk the same way and have something in common.
  • Find out if he still cares about you. Before you start doing anything to try to win him back, you have to make sure he still cares about you. Knowing that he still cares about you is the most important signal to see if things can go back to the way they were before. You should never take the initiative to reclaim your relationship if you are not sure that he still cares about you.
  • Ask him if he would like to do something with you that is not too demanding, such as having a drink with friends, playing miniature golf, tennis, etc. I mean, something two friends or two people would do on their first date. Whatever you decide to do, stay casual. Put the serious discussion aside, you’ll have plenty of time to talk about it later. This kind of discussion intimidates a lot of guys. If he’s the one who brings it up, just follow his speech, but don’t let it weigh on the atmosphere.
  • Let him know you’ve thought about him. Remind him about that time you went to dinner together at that nice new restaurant and had a great time. Write him a short e-mail telling him that you ate at that same restaurant recently and thought about him. Then, ask him how he is. It’s a harmless way to have a simple conversation and put him at ease.
  • Invite him to talk to you. Let him know you’re sorry things didn’t work out between you. Ask him if he wants to talk about it now that some time has passed since you broke up.
  • He’ll take care of your appearance if you’ve been a little lately. Get a manicure and go to the hairdresser. Treat yourself to a nice hot bubble bath and make yourself pretty.Remember, there’s always hope. Every day, couples get back together no matter what.
  • Find other things to focus on. If you focus on a new activity, you’ll have less time to think about your ex and miss him. You’ll feel stronger and control the situation. If you stay in touch, your ex will notice that you have moved on and hopefully start to have second thoughts.

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