Influencing Customer experience-the chatbot way!!

Chatbots are the future !!

NO, It’s not me saying it. According to the survey by 2020, most interactions that happen in the website , app will be between customers andchatbots(Check the  best Ai chatbot.)

The survey by Aspect Software Research says
” about 44% of U.S. consumers prefer Chatbots over humans for customer communication.”

Now that should really get business owners to try out chatbots for their business. Chatbots with its sheer advancement in recent times with using advanced artificial intelligence technology is definitely the most effective and efficient way to interact with your customers.

The entire interaction is going to hassle-free as long as you have chosen the right chatbot. We have suggested some best ai chatbot for the website.

Chatbot stat


Now the most important question of how can a chatbot influence customer experience:

24*7 Customer support:

Now, this is where chatbot is rightly deemed as future. Once you set up chatbot on your website it is going to be active 24*7. As they say, “chatbot never sleeps”.So its definitely an advantage for your business as you will not miss out on customer conversions at any given time.

2.Hassle Free interaction
Let’s face it!!. Humans nature is such that we get tired out or bored when we do repetitive tasks every time and there is the possibility of errors in the process., With ai chatbot the process is hassle-free interaction and chatbots if setup correctly interacts with customers error-free.

3.Human-like conversation:
Gone are the days when chatbots answered with customer queries with keywords fed to them. Take for instance, if a customer asks “what is the price of the product”, but you have fed keyword product price, then chatbot simply could. not answer as the particular keyword was not in the database.
But thanks to advancement in AI technology, human-like interactions are possible today. Take conversiobot for example. It is ai Chabot that uses advanced conversational artificial intelligence technology used by fortune 500 companies like facebook, Cnn, etc This ai chatbot uses advanced ai technology which understands the meaning of the conversations and replies to customers query based and it is accurate!!. (Read our conversiobot review)

4.Affordable for businesses:

Ok I get it, It is a costly affair if you are a small business owner who pays a hefty amount for live agents Advanced ai Chatbots are becoming more and more affordable, take conversiobot, for example, it is affordable for small business owners.Now small business owners can use advanced ai technology used by fortune 500 companies thanks to chatbots like conversiobot.

5.Taking interaction to the next level.

Take chatterpal for uses advanced 3d animated avatars which takes customer interactions to whole new level!!. With such advancement made in the field of chatbots, chatbots are becoming a necessity for today’s business to excel.

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Final thoughts:

Every business be it small or big needs to try out ai Chabot,yes there are few hassles but it can be neglected because of the sheer positive impact a chatbot can bring to your business

The world is going for ai chatbots, When are you!!??

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