Is your child not able to read? Read this

About sixty percent of today’s first graders have trouble reading. And eight per cent of such children still have problems in the future. In modern science, this phenomenon is referred to by the term “dyslexia”. And if a child at 7 can not read, it is necessary to take measures.


There are so many reasons why children at the age of seven cannot read. These are among them:

– genetic predisposition;

– abnormalities due to the pathology of pregnancy;

– brain dysfunction;

– age-related stunting.

Another reason that is quite common in today’s world is lack of school education. Very often delays in the development of reading skills, strange as it may seem, are due to the person who should form such a skill in children. We are talking about the first teacher.(You can try Children Learning Reading program if you are facing this problem)

The fact is that modern teachers like to practice the so-called “speed reading”, when a child has to read a certain number of words within a certain period of time. This technique bears fruit if the teacher approaches its use competently. But some teachers introduce an element of competition into it. The result of this behavior can be not only a lack of love for reading in a child, but also a manifestation of stress.

The situation is further aggravated if the teacher violates the rules of pedagogical ethics and compares the child with others, talks about his laziness, or openly insults the child. Such unprofessionalism is detrimental to the child’s mental stability and does not contribute to the learning process.

But it is easy to blame the teacher’s unprofessionalism and it is much more difficult to revise one’s own model of behaviour. Modern parents are so obsessed with early education of the child that they themselves, not realizing it, may create a problem. This is first and foremost true of reading. Statistics show that only twenty percent of children aged five have a reading ability. The rest of the children have not yet been formed enough to be able to grasp this skill properly.

When parents try to teach their child to read at such an early age, they develop “guessing reading”. And while the child will be able to pronounce what is written, it is more the result of a guessing process than reading.

How to solve the problem.


If a child at 7 can’t read, don’t panic. Many parents give in to comparing the abilities of their child, with other children. But they forget that each child is unique and his abilities develop in a separate way and in due time. This also applies to teaching reading in childhood. Thus, thirty percent of children are ready for primary education only by the age of eight. The remaining seventy per cent are only ready to learn by six or seven years of age. So, for starters, it is not necessary to require from a child that goes beyond his age.

Often parents make one big mistake – make your child learn to read against his will. You’re not going to be nice. Driving the baby with a stick for a book is not the way out. If a child at 7 years old can not read, it is possible that it is the fault of parents who have not picked up the right approach to him. Do not forget that the child should be interested in doing what he does. Rather, You should boost his self esteem. This directly affects the success of the learning process. Therefore, instead of coercion, should use the game method to make the classes interesting for the child.

If the problem is with the school teacher, it is recommended to think about moving the child to another school. A teacher who does not have pedagogical skills will not be able to teach the child. But the negative impact on his psyche is easy.

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