Jealousy: a Dreadful Method to Recover your EX

For many spurned souls,it is an option to seriously consider.

Who hasn’t wanted revenge on an ex who seems to have wiped out months of relationships with a flick of the wrist?

Publicly parading around on the arm of the super-handsome guy at work or the prettiest girl in college is really tempting?

But there are many ways to make someone jealous. More subtle, more discreet, and often even more effective…

Want a message to make your ex jealous? Need to make your ex jealous to make her mad?

Follow the guide!

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How to make your ex jealous so he’ll come back?

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In every exchange, there is art and manner. Jealousy is no exception to the rule, and it is better to establish a strategy.

How do you make your ex jealous so he’ll come back?

The classic: “My Next right under my ex’s nose.”
Making your ex jealous with another, the next technique seems unstoppable.

The simplest is to crush your ex by showing him/her that you can do without him/her when you arrive at HIS party with another.

The concern is that your ex may not care. In that case, you will at least have not lost face by showing that you too are (apparently) turning the page.

Or he/she might take it the wrong way and come over during the evening and throw you “Say, you harass me for two weeks by saying that you’ll never love anyone but me, and then 8 days later you come back with “that”? Get out of my life! ».

Instead of finding your ex-girlfriend, you took him away from you…

The same goes for making your ex jealous! Don’t get carried away thinking you’re going to make her “hysterical”!

Discover our methods and phrases to make your ex jealous!

Act more finely to make her ex jealous to get him back

You’re wondering, “How do I make my ex jealous? »

Your ex must be pissed off, but supposedly for no reason.

Example: find an unknown cousin of your ex and go with him/her to the party. Brief him/her to stick with you for at least two hours.

The aim is that when your ex comes, you can look at him/her with round eyes and answer with a surprised look: “Huh? What the hell are you talking about? It’s my cousin Michel who’s coming to visit me for a few days! What’s the matter, are you… jealous?! ».

Your ex must feel stupid and realize that he/she gets carried away very quickly as soon as it’s about you.

Don’t openly sneer at him/her when you tell him/her that he/she screws up. Be nice, friendly, just a little surprised and amused, but don’t try to win.

Your ex-boyfriend has his pride, he will be mortified enough as it is. But if you push him/her down, he/she will hate you.

Stay nice and invite him/her to have a drink afterwards to close the chapter. He/she will relax and appreciate your discretion… While thinking about his/her (inappropriate?) interest in you.

“To make my ex jealous, I asked a childhood friend she didn’t know to come with me on a sports weekend (2 days of trail running). We took lots of pictures and posted them on Facebook and Instagram. My ex came galloping back, except that the friend in question was married and had 2 kids. She felt ridiculous and it served as a lesson! »

The pretentious one: “I already have everything you dream of having.”
As a child, weren’t you ever pissed off by that scruffy Jeremy who had so much candy and all the toys he wanted?

The principle here is to become Jeremy. But what can you do to make your ex jealous by making him want you?

Did your ex always want to have the last Blackberry but couldn’t afford it, did he/she drool over the last iPad or flat screen TV? Well now you have it!

The ex you want to win back and make jealous has to be very materialistic!

Making your ex jealous by exposing your material victories is perverse and often dangerous. Make sure that your ex doesn’t come back just for these few fashion accessories or pretensions.

Some women want convertibles, designer clothes, perfumes… Some men dream of the latest technology, comfort and ease without having to lift a finger. So beware.

To make your ex jealous from a distance or not, you can look like you own everything.

Then, when he/she comes back, explain that it’s a loan, or a credit that he/she can help you pay if he/she wants to take advantage of it, etc…

The idea is not to say, “Look, it’s a package. If you take me, you also get the fully equipped kitchen! ». Because it’s unhealthy.

No, the idea is to show your ex that by making an effort, especially with two of you, you can afford these extras.

Admittedly, it’s a delicate jealousy technique. But it can work for people who leave because they feel trapped in the relationship and think they’ll never be able to live well if they have a partner.

If your ex left because you didn’t want to commit, it can also be a starting point to prove to him or her that you are now ready.

But again, be careful, beware of the cicada coming to the ant’s house, and by the way, avoid ending up on the straw, too…

The dazzling, “I succeed where you failed.”
That’s the strongest part: whatever your ex wants to be but don’t dare or can’t, become it yourself.

Careful, it’s a long term job to make your ex jealous!

A difficult thing where you’re not necessarily sure you’ll succeed either.

But for some things, it’s possible.

For example, does your ex dream of riding a motorcycle? Sign up for the big cube licence! Put a nice picture of yourself in action on your Facebook profile!

Or is your ex looking for his boss’s good graces in the hope of a promotion? Find out what his boss is up to and join his cycling club.

Make his ex jealous by taunting him

Befriend “by chance” this high-ranking person. One day “by chance” drop by your ex’s company to invite his boss to a restaurant one of these evenings, to chat on the bike… Cold shower guaranteed for your ex!

Your ex wanted to go skydiving? Do it first!

Is your ex frustrated with traveling? Go to a European capital every long weekend and get a ticket to the other side of the world for the big holidays.

Is your ex bitching about her extra pounds? Start a sports cure and a healthy diet to regain an ideal figure.

In short, be that person that he/she dreamed of being!

Envy and frustration rhyme with anger!
One last thing to understand is that jealousy is always dangerous.

An envious person is often angry with the person he/she envies.

Therefore, remember to really take it upon yourself not to look like a show-off.

Despite the temptation, keep in mind that you are doing this to get your ex back, not to humiliate him/her. You are trying to make him think about his still strong feelings for you or his blocks such as “I can’t do and/or get what I want as a couple”.

Don’t be a slave to this method of making your ex jealous, otherwise you’ll be the one who suffers!

Making your ex jealous as a couple
Still, it is possible to make your ex jealous as a couple if you have a Next.

Either to get revenge for what your ex has done to you, or to show off your new life so that he or she will come back and fall into your net again.

But also to make your former partner jealous if he/she is now in a relationship with someone else.

Even if this person seems to have rebuilt his or her life and seems to have rebuilt something stable with a new conquest, it may very well be that this couple is in fact a band-aid relationship, a buffer relationship.

Or even that this is also an attempt to make you jealous. Or even worse, to taunt and hurt you.

Don’t fall into the trap!

Does your ex show up with someone in front of your eyes or does everything to make this new romance public is visible on Facebook as well as on all social networks? No problem. You can also make him jealous by text message.

How do you make your ex jealous when he’s in a relationship?
It’s easy to make your ex jealous by text message. Tell him by message that you have also found someone else and that the situation is better that way. Tell him or her that you are happy that you have both moved on and found love again.

In this way you will make him/her jealous at the same time. Because even if your ex is now in a relationship, he/she still wants to have a certain hold on you, to possess you.

But also his curiosity: What does he/she mean by “I’ve also found someone”? Who is this person? Is he/she better than me?

Know from the outset that curiosity can have real power over a person. It can cause them to be completely upset and lost in their mind.

And this is an opportunity for you to regain control of the situation for a future regaining of love.

How do I make my Ex Jealous?

Finally, to complete your strategy, do you know how to make your Ex jealous from a distance? Because you don’t have to be in contact with.

Here are some tips to make your ex jealous! And this, in order to make her come back at full gallop.

Why make your ex jealous? And why not? Don’t deprive yourself, it’s a lot of fun!

Before we start… a few rules
Just like for the girls, you should know, gentlemen, that it’s important to set yourself some limits before you start!

Hitting on a girl to “use” her, flirting gently before putting a rake on can be very upsetting and even traumatic.

So be respectful of everyone you meet when you set yourself this personal challenge.

In the same way, don’t try to make your ex (too) jealous if it’s not to get her back afterwards!

Ignoring her for a while to make her jealous
She left you?

All right, you’re not the type to let it get you down. And if you are, you’re certainly not going to show it to her (at least not at first).

You’re going to take some time for yourself and get away from it.

If you know her well and you know that she needs reassurance, don’t hesitate to tell her that you still love her and that you need to stop seeing her for a few days.

If you feel that she has disrespected you about the end of your relationship, you can enter directly into radio silence.

Whatever the situation, your absence will inevitably raise some questions on her part! This is sure to make her ex jealous.

Practicing Revenge Body to make your ex jealous
Revenge Body is an American technique that consists in making your ex jealous by sculpting a dream body.

Most girls like men with broad shoulders, muscular arms and chocolate bars (in abs, not in the fridge!).

Was your ex gaga over muscular men? You know what you have to do!

If she meets you at the beach after a few months, she’ll go crazy with jealousy!

Be very busy to get your ex-girlfriend back.
Since you’re not with her anymore, you’re a busy man.

You are constantly being solicited left and right, by your friends, by projects and… by girls!

You don’t have much time for her. Even when she asks you to pick up her things (which you will give back to her, of course!).

Is she jealous? Bravo, you’ve done it!

Having unexpected calls
Did your ex need to come and see you to pick up a few things or to sort out some administrative issues related to your old life together? You have to leave to make an urgent phone call or to call “someone”.

You’ll arouse her curiosity. Your ex won’t understand why you can’t talk in front of her. She’ll imagine a bunch of scenarios…

Anyway, she’ll be jealous!

Watching other girls to make her jealous…
You run into your ex somewhere and you say hello.

After you exchange a few words, you look the other way. You look at the girls passing by, don’t hesitate to give big smiles to the prettiest ones.

Your ex is no longer the center of your attention, she feels it and it enrages her!

Making your ex jealous by checking out other girls works every time!

Talk about your new projects
Do you and your ex have a chance to exchange a few words? Good for you!

Talk about your projects and if you don’t have any, make sure you create new ones. It will only be good for you!

Organise a weekend in the Ardèche with your friends. Prepare an extraordinary New Year’s Day. Get involved with the Red Cross on New Year’s Eve.

In short, amaze them and make them want to be the woman who could have accompanied you and shared all this with you.

To make her ex jealous, you have to trick her into wanting to be by your side in special moments.

Taunting her in the evening
You and your ex meet at the same place at a party. You’ve seen her. You exchange a few words and compliment her on her looks.

“You look beautiful tonight,” to make her mouth water.

You then become a charming and charismatic man.

The problem is that you will do the same thing with other girls (1 or 2 only) to show her that she is no longer your focus.

Angry and jealous, your ex might even make a scene!

Going on “buddy dates”
Talk about going out with your buddies. From now on, you’re used to going out in that trendy new club!

With your band of new gym buddies, you’re going out as cute kids at dozens of parties.

All of this tends to seriously piss him off. Why is that? Because she’s jealous!

Changing her style
Your ex-boyfriend was dying to see you look different. When you would go shopping together, she would choose your clothes because she wanted you to look your best.

You know, shopping and fashion are frankly not a priority for you.

That’s the point! This is your chance to surprise her. Choose new outfits that fit you perfectly and that are fashionable.

You will surprise your ex with a trendy and elegant look.

When your ex meets you, she’ll think you’re back together and that another girl has been there. She will think more and more and will have difficulty holding back her jealous impulses.

Becoming (even) nicer to your girlfriends
You liked his girlfriends, and you liked his girlfriends back? Great, get close to them without overdoing it.

If you run into one of them, for example, invite her for a drink in all honor (don’t hit on her!!!). Talk about your plans, your new life and ask questions about her, her family, etc.

Above all, don’t leave any room for seduction during this exchange. The goal is for his girlfriend to tell him that she ran into you. That you were super nice, that you looked good in your sneakers and that you didn’t hit on her.

Your ex will think what a great guy you are. And she’ll be jealous of her girlfriend for having such a good time with you.

You get the idea?

There’s gonna come a time, though, when all this has to stop.

If your ex turns out to be jealous, you can tell her the truth lightly.

For example, “I wanted to test you and here’s the result! I wanted to see if you could be jealous to see if you still had feelings for me and I’m reassured! Shall we give ourselves another chance? “