Manifestation Magic Review by real user !!

Welcome for my Manifestation Magic Review, In case you have landed here means you know a thing or two about Manifestation Magic .So let me review it for you!!

Manifestation Magic is an online Law of Attraction program that uses sound wave technology (or brainwave entertainment)

to help rewire your mind to manifest your desires.

Sounds too good to be true right?How reliable it is?

Is it worth it?

Read on!!

I’m Richard Gregory, A Personality development coach and a manifestation enthusiast.

Let me walk you through,Manifestation magic,its pros and cons? What will you get on purchase?

And does Alexander Wilson’s manifestation magic works? Lets dive in !!

What we think of Manifestation magic?



Manifestation Magic is an online Law of Attraction program that uses soundwave technology (or brainwave entertainment)

to help rewire your mind to manifest your desires.

Meet Alexander Wilson’s Manifestation Magic:

This program is created by Alexander Wilson, who is a spiritual guide with a masters degree in psychology and has been teaching the Law of Attraction for over 7 years now.



A look inside Manifestation Magic:

Manifestation Magic is an online Law of Attraction program that uses sound wave technology (or brainwave entertainment) to help rewire your mind to manifest your desires.

The Program Is Divided Into
Two “Magic Modules”…
Module # 1: As soon as you enter the member’s area, you’ll open up the Quick-Start Manifestation Guide.And all of this takes place in your first 15 minutes.



Module # 2: My Complete “Energy Orbiting” Autopilot Audio System


This contains a series of transformational audio tracks, carefully crafted with my guidance and the help of a world-renowned audio engineer and fellow “Energy orbiting expert.”

The highlight of the system is a main track called “Twilight Transformation”.

You just click play before you go to bed, and it’s like waving a magic wand.

The brainwave technology embedded inside the audio relaxes your mind into a “Theta State” and opens the door to the deepest levels of your subconscious.

From there, powerful subliminal suggestions clear away “Abundance Blocks,” while new beliefs about receiving abundance quickly take hold.


Here is what is included inside Manifestation Magic.

 – Quick Start Manifestation Guide (PDF, Kindle, iBook versions)

 – Twilight Transformation Energy Orbiting Track

  – 7 “Energy Orbiting” Tracks to Enhance Chakra Wealth Energy.

  – The “Push Play” Audio App

  – 60-Day, Money-Back Guarantee

  – Bonus #1 — Chakra Power System

  – Bonus #2–360 Transformation System

  – 2 Surprise Bonuses — The Abundance Miracle System & 7 Sacred Signs

Manifestation Magic :Pros and cons?

• Affordable price.

• Great Audio tracks that will surely have impact on you.

• Amazing  Bundle of bonus with the product.

• Clear instructions.

•  If you have an over expectation about the product,it might disappoint you. This is  decent law of attraction product., worth trying.

• Audio tracks may not be suitable for everyone


What You’ll Get Upon Purchasing?

manifestation magic walk-through

Concept Behind Manifestation Magic:


Using brainwave frequency is where this product works, from when reaching states of concentrated attention.

The beta brainwave is high, eminent and is usually activated when a person is problem-solving or making a major decision.

Now this is concept behind not only this but almost all manifestation or law of attraction programs.

Here are some advantages from listening to these soundwaves.

  • Raised focus.
  • Improved motivation.
  • Rise in reading skills.
  • Increased energy.
  • Better memory.

Has Manifestation Magic worked for me?

When i heard tracks from manifestation magic, Honestly it got me hooked.There was something addictive about the tracks especially the divine tranquility track had some impact on me. I’m not saying this will work on anyone who buys this product,but i feel there are some great soundtracks that can leave a  impact on anyone.

It is still early days and I’m getting good feel about manifestation magic audio tracks the more i listen to it.But one this i can assure you is this product is not a scam. It is just a perfectly decent product but over-hyped.

Here are opinions of other people that have brought the product.

Hi Alexander… …A few weeks ago everything just fall to pieces. I thought that was the end for me. I lost everything, my house but most of all my faith. I bought your Manifestation Magic and in less than a week a lot has changed. I was always in fear what will happen to me and all of a sudden my puzzles pieces are coming back again… …I’m listening every day and night all my audios and I can’t sleep with out it anymore. I can only say WOW for everything you did for me and a change in my lifestyle. Thank you I really appreciate it. With lots of Love  Pauli Grant
…I listen to the twilight one every night, all night…” …I listen to the twilight one every night, all night… … I seem to be able to deal with whatever is being thrown at me at the moment and deal with it and let it go. I’ve been more of a positive person the past few days…. At least now, (and this is just after a few days) I can say I deserve and receive whatever the universe wants to give me…..instead of, I don’t deserve. So, thank you very much for putting these audios together. Peace to youCheryl Ross
“…When I opened my eyes after listening…. it was 1:11…” Thank You – very much! Funny thing… When I opened my eyes after listening…. it was 1:11… I got a tingle when I saw the numbers. Karen Williams
I still can’t believe this works.. what magic is this?!” I’ve been listening to these audios repeatedly for a while now. I’ve been seeing 555, 11:11, 22:22 nothing happened for a while but after about 2 weeks, my sales have gone from 3 figures a month to 4 figures a month and it keeps growing. I still can’t believe this works.. what magic is this?! Here’s my tip – don’t give up if it doesn’t happen immediately.. set your intentions clearly (very important), keep listening until you see the signs repeatedly, whatever it is you’re trying to manifest – it’s coming. Signs were everywhere for me – especially on my phone and my computer. I just kept seeing it, so I kept listening, putting out positive vibes and it finally happened for me.Jason C.
“Your method does work. It is working for me now.” Hi Alexander, just letting you know that your method does work. It is working for me now. I don’t feel the need for your books and DVDs. I have progressed from the state of lack or need to that of gratitude. Thanking the Universe for supplying everything necessary to fulfill my Soul’s purpose.Christine Pitt
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Conclusion: Is Manifestation Magic worth it?

Manifestation magic though over-hyped is a decent product which can really impact you.The amazing tracks set the ambiance and enables us to think in positive direction.I for one felt really motivated after hearing these amazing Sound tracks from manifestation Magic.So you should definitely check this out once.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my complete review. Good Luck !!

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Bonuses and limited-time offers

Bonus # 1: The Chakra Power System

This program contains 7 powerful, 10 minute audio tracks designed to make your chakra system radiate positive wealth energy to the world.

Just listen to one track each week to clear away the major abundance blocks that drain your vibration.

You’ll effortlessly remove hidden…

  • Fears around receiving money…
  • Feelings of disempowerment…
  • Beliefs about unworthiness…
  • Confusion about your purpose and mission in life.

And by week 7… you’ll have turned up the dial on your “gravitational field,” PULLING your greatest desires to your doorstep.

Next, there’s…

Bonus # 2: The Manifestation Magic
360 Transformation System!

An Estimated $97.00 Value

This bonus system contains 7 extra “Energy Orbiting” tracks designed to awaken your hidden superpowers. These include…

  • The majestic “Divine Tranquility” track that connects you to your heart and unleashes the “soul mission” you were placed on Earth to accomplish…
  • The eye-opening “Wealth Awakening” track, that opens up your creative ability to effortlessly solve ANY financial challenge in your path…
  • “The Whispering Waves” track that allows you to start thinking and seeing the world just like a Millionaire…

Just like with Manifestation Magic, all you do just is click “Play” to let these expertly engineered audio systems do all the work .

It’s that easy! Together, the 360 and Chakra Power bonus systems could easily be sold as a standalone programs for $97.00 each.

So lets Recap what will you get with Manifestation Magic:

  • The Complete Manifestation Magic System ($97.00 Value) – Includes main Twilight Transformation Energy Orbiting Track, Quick-Start Manifestation Guide, and More.
  • The Chakra Power System ($97.00 Value) – Includes 7 “Energy Orbiting” Tracks To Enhance Chakra Wealth Energy.
  • The 360 Transformation System ($97.00 Value) – Includes 7 Bonus “Energy Orbiting” Tracks To Clear Even More Vibration Blocks.
  • The “Push Play” Audio App ($120.00 Yearly Value) – Play all the audio tracks on your Smartphone or Ipad in just minutes from now.

Manifestation Magic FAQ

1.I Don’t Have A Lot Of Extra Time, Will This Still Work For Me?
YES.Manifestation Magic as to make it so EASY it would fit into absolutely ANYBODY’s life. Even if it’s completely crazy and hectic.There are no books to read, no courses to study, no exercises you must practice before you see results.

Just click “Play” on the Twilight Transformation track before bed… either in the minutes before or as you close your eyes…

2: Does manifestation magic really work?
Many law of attraction experts talk about the importance of taking action to manifest your desires.I want to be clear inspired action can be powerful on occasion.But, far more important in the manifestation process is your vibration, and the pureness of your thoughts.

3: Can I Listen To The Audio Tracks On My Smartphone?
YES!  It easy for you to play the audio tracks, starting right away, using the bonus Manifestation Magic “Push Play” Audio App.Just download the App on your Smartphone or Ipad (don’t worry I show you how in the member’s area), and your tracks can be played IMMEDIATELY.

4: How Does The “24 Hour Results” Guarantee Work?
The  promise is simple.You WILL receive that financial manifestation OR the “unmistakable sign” within your first 24 hours.

OR Alexander insists you send him a note. He will  give you back every cent you invested in the program… no questions asked!

That’s how confident he is that Manifestation Magic WILL work wonders for you just like it has for him and so many others.

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