Messages that make men nervous

Text messages are like a time bomb, expressed in the right way and sent at the right time, they can be your best allies. However, a text can also condemn your relationship to failure (especially if it has only just begun). Most of us are emotional and impulsive and often we don’t realize what we are writing.

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Some of us have difficulty summing up our ideas and instead of sending a text we send a 50-word papyrus in text format. Text messages have an infinite number of advantages, but when it comes to love, there are more disadvantages than positive aspects. Read on and discover these 13 golden rules of “textual” love.

1. I miss you Yes, I miss you, it is only appropriate on very few occasions. Remember that men are rational and we are emotional. And yes, I am a woman and I understand that when we meet someone who makes our hearts tremble, almost immediately having said goodbye to him we feel that we already miss him. However sweet we think this will sound, men will think something like this: I’m surprised, but did we see each other yesterday (or a couple of hours ago, as the case may be)? Why does he miss me? She must be a super possessive girl and won’t let me breathe. Don’t tell him you miss him unless he’s your husband and he’s on the road.

2. Did you miss me? This text screams desperation for attention. For most men this question agitates their nerves and puts them between the anvil and the hammer. If they say yes, you will believe that he cannot live without you (and perhaps he is not yet at that point in the relationship), if he says no, you will get angry (as if he ignores your feelings). Don’t ask him if he misses you, if he wants you to know, he’ll tell you.

3. He: Do you want us to do something tomorrow? You: Yes, I’m dying to see you, let’s spend the whole day together! To simple questions you have to give a simple answer: Yes or No, that’s enough.

4. He: Give me a minute, I’m in the middle of something. You: Are you okay? You told me to wait a minute, but it’s been about half an hour. Although it has been 3 hours, he wanted to tell you that he is busy and when he comes out, he will talk to you. Wait, if he wants to talk to you and that wasn’t an excuse, he’ll talk to you.

5. Who are you with? Every time he takes a while to answer a text, almost inevitably, we think he is cheating on us or something is wrong, so we send this question full of sharp knives. Men get angry, especially if he was alone in the shower and didn’t see your previous message.

6. I love you I love you is only good in a text message if you already told him you love him in person, don’t tell him you love him for the first time through a text message.

7. You are super cute, I love your smile and your looks. My lips drive me crazy and when you hold me I feel protected. I love the clothes you wear and the way you smell … etc., etc., etc., etc., …. First, remember that it’s a text, not a love letter, and second, it’s super nauseating, one compliment is more than enough.

8. Ha Ha (after each message) Yes, it makes him crazy to know that he can make you laugh and that you like his sense of humor or sarcasm, but even if what he told you steals you a smile, you don’t have to add it at the end of each text.

9. Are you okay? Did something happen to you? 24 hours have passed without him answering a text and you ask him if he is okay or why he is not answering you? If he hasn’t answered you, it’s because he doesn’t want to or can’t, but when asked why he doesn’t answer, you make him understand that “you expect something has happened to him for ignoring you for 24 hours”. Let him breathe. If he wants to talk to you, he will. IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to keep breathing while you wait, continue with your life, when he wants to communicate with you, he will, then it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it or not.

10. I had a horrible day, I hate my job, as if that wasn’t enough, the bus was late and I’m tired. It all sucked today. Don’t be so negative, if he sent you a message asking you how your day went, tell him it was difficult, but luckily it’s about to end and tomorrow will be better. Stay positive

11. Are you asleep? (at one o’clock in the morning) Keep the times in mind.

12. If your text is long and detailed, answer in the same way If he took the trouble to explain in detail why he can’t see you this Friday, don’t simply answer: OK. Tell him that you understand and that everything is fine. Keep the conversations balanced.

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