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Welcome for my Mugjam Review, In case you have landed here means you know a thing or two about Mugjam.So lets get started!!

Mugjam is a Revolutionary Technology That Lets You Cast Yourself As A Professional Spokesperson Without Being On Camera.

Sounds too good to be true right?How reliable it is?

Is it worth it?

Read on!!

Want to speak like a professional spokesperson but shy to be in front of camera?

Mugjam Review: An Overview


Vendor Todd Gross
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Category Video Creation

Mugjam is a Revolutionary Technology That Lets You Cast Yourself As A Professional Spokesperson Without Being On Camera.

It is a Powerful Video Creator Infused With AI Creates Hyper-Realistic 3D Talking MugJams That Look Exactly Like You From A Single Photo!

Mugjam Review:Why to use ?

For your quick video creation, hundreds of online templates are available. Animation ventures, business, education, engineering, food & drink, various free 3D models can help make your presented stories unique and creative.

One-click models and replace them with your own contents, then you can make full use of the powerful features of Mugjam, changing the length, rotation, opacity, fill and decoration effect of the contents to produce a magnificent video layout impact.

This free animation maker for 3D cartoons is the perfect choice for advertising video content. For advertising, branding or marketing, you could create a shocking animated video just in minutes!

Even you are beginners, this software ensures a funny video creating an experience. Just add the thrill of 3D cartoon characters and make your video content marketing look professional with visual appeal.

The built-in versatility of Mugjam allows you to pick all sorts of roles to decorate the expression of images, including businessmen, peasants, fashion ladies, teachers, students, nurses, police, staff, employees, etc.

From movement, body to emotion, you openly customize their animations of action, entry, and exit. In addition, you can add your own recording in videos to make characters realistic. Amazing voice-over narration will surely make your 3D cartoon clip more attentive.

Try to publish your well-designed cloud videos and get more advertising coverage.

Not forget to submit a correct video name, class, description and keyword that helps Google search spiders to make sense of your video and capture what your content is about. You will get the best SEO benefit when you share videos online, which will make more people enjoy your video content. It is such a great tool on a budget for content marketing. It helps increase conversion rates in a smart way.

65% of people are visual learners, it is said. Your well-designed 3D cartoon video animation can do more at this time to engage people on their mobile devices, irrespective of iPhone, iPad, tablet or smartphone. Interactive stories of high quality are highly resonant, making the advertising a satisfying product with ease.

Its best part is that it can be used to create just about any video scenario you might ever need.

Would you like to create a real estate company spokesperson?

There’s no question.

Would you like to connect a speaker to an external video and synchronize the audio? Facilitated peasy.

You don’t want to be on camera for a presentation?

Of 100% elegance, It can handle it.

If that gets you excited, then I want you to go over here to see all of Mugjam’s features that will be released in the near future.

It Is The Creative Software To Cast You As A Professional Speaker Without Being On Camera The First-Ever App To Make 3D Talking MugJams Of Any Face On The Planet. It’s automatic! WORKS IN SECONDS!

 Mugjam review :What we think about it?


Overview Product Highlights Rating(out of 5)
Quality Great Quality advanced Cloud based application ∗∗∗∗∗
Ease of use Newbie Friendly setup and interface ∗∗∗∗
Support Excellent dedicated customer support ∗∗∗∗
Features Excellent Features for creating Template based videos as well ∗∗∗∗∗
Price High quality product AT AFFORDABLE PRICE ∗∗∗∗∗
Overall Rating GO FOR IT!! ∗∗∗∗∗

For Mugjam Features , Pros and cons keep reading our Mugjam review

Mugjam Features

1.3D MugJam Creator

The first ever Creator that can create Life-Like Talking MugJam of any person on the planet. Each created MugJam has unique facial geometry.

2.Template-Based Video Creator

Professional and Custom Done For You Templates That Let’s You Create Videos Using Your MugJam Instantly.

3.Use Your Own Videos

Add Your MugJam On Top of Your Existing Videos. MugJams will automatically lip-sync to your video’s audio.

4.10+ Predefined MugJams

We hired professional models to create high-quality MugJams . Users get unlimited use license with these .

5. Template Categories

The most diverse set of templates we’ve produced so far. Categories ranging from Local Business, Ads, Quotes and many more…

6.50+ Predefined Templates

These unique templates are custom made from scratch to fit the MugJams perfectly by our team of animation experts.

7.Auto Lip-Sync

All MugJams created with MugJam can lip-sync with any audio. Mouth movements are designed to be as realistic as possible.

8.Natural Eye + Teeth

It creates super realistic Eyes and Teeth for each MugJams. To make it life-like, the MugJams will even look around randomly.

9.Natural Head Turns

The MugJams look and turn around randomly which imitates the natural speaking movements of a professional spokesperson.

10.Green Screen Videos

Probably the first time ever, you can export your talking MugJams with green screen background. This allows you to use them within any other apps.

11.Use Your Own Voice

Record your own voice within the app or upload a ready-made voiceover to the app and the MugJams will automatically lip-sync to it.

12.Enhanced Text-To-Speech

This is the highest quality and natural sounding Text To Speech ever. We also let you control the voice Pitch, Speed and lots more…

13.HD Output

Every video created using it is exported in 1080P.

14.Realistic Clothes Cloner

It also creates similar clothes for your MugJams that you are wearing in the selfie.

15.Multiple Languages

It works with almost every language. Our Templates as well as Text to Speech supports a wide variety of languages.

Mugjam review:What we liked aboit it?

These four reasons are what everyone who tried mugjam is liking about it

1.Groundbreaking MugJam Creator
The AI behind this technology learns the facial geometry of the face to create a super-realistic talking 3d model of the person. This is the kind of technology you won’t find elsewhere on the internet.

2.Natural Facial Features
We’ve overcome some of the most challenging aspects of creating automatic 3d models when it comes to humans. This includes realistic eyes, teeth, head turns and clothes that exactly matches with the person in the selfie.

3.Stunning Customizable Templates
Our team of animation experts has spent months creating high-quality templates for almost every category you could imagine. These custom made templates accurately fit the MugJams and work with them harmoniously.

4.Your Own Videos
For the first time, users can upload their existing videos and add talking MugJams on top of it. Users can also control the size and position of the MugJams that automatically lip-syncs with the audio within the video.

Have a look at high quality templates

mugjam review 2

Mugjam Review:Pros and cons 

• Affordable price

• Fast Rendering of Videos

• Commercial licence

• Simple interface

• Requires Fast Internet connection

Mugjam Review: Who is it for?

  • Bloggers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Social media managers
  • Small business owners
  • Local Businesses
  • Entrepreneurs

Mugjam Review: What’s inside  Mugjam?


mugjam Dashboard2

In Mugjam We can create

1.Template Based Video

Create stunning videos using our professional templates created by our team of animation experts and cast yourself as the central character. We have perhaps the most diverse set of templates you’ve ever seen.

2.Green Screen Video

Don’t like to limit yourself with ready-made templates? We’ve got you covered. You can render your talking MugJam with a green screen background. Import this green screen talking MugJam into any third-party video editing apps like After Effects or Camtasia.

With Mugjam we can Create Hyper Realistic Lifelike 3D Talking Videos. And the best part is that no 3D Knowledge Required.

Here are few examples of creating stunning photos with it.


mugjam review3

Mugjam  Demo


Pricing of Mugjam:

FE – MugJam Premium – $47-67 One Time –

OTO 1 – MugJam Pro – $27-37 One Time –

OTO 2 – MugJam Assets Club – $67/Half Year or $97/Yearly

 OTO 3 – MugJam Agency – $67 One Time –

Mugjam Review:Final Thoughts

These days standing out different from your competitors is what matters and this really helps in brand recognition and thereby by leads and sales.We highly suggest Mugjam for local businesses as it gives them an edge over others. With its affordable price and Incredible features, It is definitely worth a try. We think this is a great tool that allows you to cast yourself without being on camera as a professional spokesperson. When using this device, we are very excited. It’s great and mostly when we watch our 3D MugJam in practice, it always makes you laugh.We think today it’s worth investing in. It will certainly captivate the attention of people.No other company has software like MugJam, this is undoubtedly this month’s best video tool.

Thanks for staying by and reading our  Mugjam Review. Good Luck !!

Mugjam FAQs

Q1. How many languages does MugJam support? 

It currently supports over 114 languages. So all major languages are supported.

Q.2 Can I sell the videos I create with MugJam?
Absolutely. MugJam’s front end license (Premium) comes with a commercial license.  

Q3. How many types of videos can I create using MugJam?
It is not just an innovative Avatar Creator but also a powerful video creator. You’ll be able to create 2 types of videos with the MugJam app. Here are the 2 types of videos that you can create,

  • Template Based Videos (Simply Select & Customize A Pre-Defined Template As Per Your Choice)
    Select from 30+ professional ready-made templates in over 7 categories.
  • Avatar On Top Of Your Existing Videos (Upload Your Existing Videos and Avatars On Top Of It)
    Never make boring tutorials and review videos again. Add your avatar to your existing videos for additional personal branding without recording yourself on camera. 

Q.4 What is the resolution of template-based renders?
All templates are exported in 1080P resolution. No matter which user level you are on, you’ll always get 1080P videos for all your template-based video renders. 

Q.5 How many projects can I create with MugJam?
There are no limits on how many projects you can create with MugJam.

Q6. What is the render time?
We run some of the fastest rendering engines as well as various optimization techniques to ensure the fastest rendering time. Having said that, the render time mostly depends on the template and the complexity of the animations included in the template. We strive to keep rendering times below 20-25 mins. Most of the templates should render within 20 mins. Also, you can find estimated render time for each template in its description. 

Q7. Is there any limit on Video Upload (For Avatar on Top of Video Projects)?
Yes. As a front end customer (MugJam Premium), you’ll be able to upload videos with a max length of 2 minutes. You can remove this limit with an additional upgrade. 

Q.8 Is there any limit on how many Avatars I can create? 

As a MugJam Premium (Front End) user, you’ll be able to create up to 5 avatars at a time. You can re-use avatars unlimited times and also delete an old avatar and create a new one instead. With the additional upgrade, you can also remove this limit and be able to create unlimited avatars. 

Q8. Can I create and use an avatar of a celebrity or anyone else?
Yes, as long as you have their explicit permission, you can create and use anyone’s avatar. However, you won’t be allowed to create and use avatars of celebrities or any person if you do not have their permission.

Q9. Will MugJam Work On Windows or Mac?
It is a cloud-based app. So it will work on most of the devices running Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc. 

MugJam Review: Bonuses

 Note contact for more claiming bonus 


Bonus #1
ECommerce Golden Steps

This 5-part video course will reveal you a formula for succeeding in your own e-commerce business. You will learn how to find a niche, create a brand, list your products on Amazon, get traffic, provide the best customer service, and much more.

Bonus #2
Mastering and Marketing Online-Video-Made-Simple 

Everything you ever wanted to know about using videos online.

Bonus #3

Instant Content Creator

Effortlessly kick-out killer articles with a proven step-by-step software to show you how

Bonus #4
Storytelling Marketing Report

In this special report, you will learn top story-telling methods, how to best use these strategies and how you can use storytelling to strengthen your brand or launch a new one.