Piano For All Review

What is Pianoforall?

Piano for all is a complete online piano course that has organized and planned everything well. Learners with any knowledge level from beginner to intermediate can buy this course. The course starts with the basics and as a beginner with a little knowledge of piano and keyboard.

You may know all the basics of piano, but in this program you have to learn many new things about playing piano.

PianoForAll: What’s Inside it?

The Nine E-books
It has these interactive e-books:

  • Party Time/ Play By Ear/ Rhythm Piano (46 lectures spanning 4hrs 31 mins)
  • Blues and Rock ‘N’ Roll (11 lectures spanning 56 mins)
  • Chord Magic (16 lectures spanning 1 hr 40 mins)
  • Advanced Chords Made Easy (19 lectures spanning 1 hr 34 mins)
  • Ballad Style (58 lectures spanning 3 hrs 42 mins)
  • Jazz Piano Made Easy (82 lectures spanning 5 hrs 27 mins)
  • Advanced Blues (47 lectures spanning 2 hrs 48 mins)
  • Taming the Classic (44 lectures spanning 3hrs 16 mins)
  • Speed Learning (37 lectures spanning 5 hrs 12 mins)

The above books are a strategic and thoroughly explained sequences and guides which helps you throughout the course.

At first you start with the basic. you can learn new things on each books. Later you can apply these skills.

It has entire curriculum and  you will learn something new every time with every book becoming a pro at it.

Each book is different and you will learn new things which you will not find it anywhere else on the internet.

For example, Book 3, The Chord Magic , focuses more on chords rather than melodies. It shows you how to master piano chords that are different from your memory and how to turn them into popular songs.

You will learn quickly how to change chords using inversion. This book will guide you master your chords in a very short period.

Here are the details for other eBooks:

Book 1: Party Time / rhythm piano 
It starts with some great party rhythms. You will learn 10 beats of party, ballads, a series of keyboard diagrams, and many tips and tricks for playing the best optimistic beat that will definitely make you the highlight of the party.

Book 2: Blues and Rock ‘N’ Roll
Now you can play the basic notes and get good rhythm information. In book 2 you learn blues and rock and roll. This beat is part of hundreds of classic songs. You will learn some of the most unusual works from some great pianists like Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis and many other great legends.

Book 3: Chord Magic
As mentioned earlier, this focuses on chords rather than melodies. After knowing a few melodies, you can continue to learn the chords and how to make them.

Book 4: Advanced Chords Made Easy
Likewise, Book 4, Advanced chords Made Easy, also focuses on chords. He will learns some of the latest concepts and some tips and tricks that are simple enough to help you master these popular and difficult chords. You will practice more for 80 Beatles songs and some other Beatles inspiration.

Book 5: Ballad Style
After you have a firm knowledge on chord, you can use it to create a ballad style. Book 5 tells you how to use your knowledge to make some of your melodies and tones. You are now entering an area where you can play your art for free.

Book 6: Jazz Piano Made Easy
Jazz is probably the most popular piano genre. It is always cool to sit at a smoky bar, play amazing jazz, and let everyone dance with amazing music. So, book 6. Here you will find everything you need to know about jazz and how you can play unusual jazz sounds with a few simple words

Book 7: Advanced Blues
Book 7 explains the blues you learned in Book 2. Learn how to improvise your prior knowledge to create new tones and learn the entertaining version of The Entertainer.

Book 8: Taming the classics
This book increases your understanding and understanding of classical notes and ways to master this traditional and most unusual classical melody.

Book 9: Speed learning
It contains all the tricks for memory and many exercises that make this course easier and ensure that you learn well and quickly.

These books are prepared very carefully so that they not only help students learn quickly, but also learn effectively. None of the C, F and G keys are lost, all are treated in detail, but in such a way that the reader can learn very quickly and easily.

Pros and Cons:

Pros of PianoForAll:

Visual guide : As they have embedded the video and audio clips on the ebook, which makes you to really easy to grasp the lessons very easily. Usually , other ebooks or pdfs just guide you how to play and wont show you how to play piano in the real world and also wont provide visual guide.

The program begins with playing piano: This is no fake or scam program. all you get is actual lessons and you get it straight from the beginning!

Uses Traditional approach: The traditional way of using a piano is by using both the hand. People in general are accustomed using piano by right hand only. On the other hand, Piano forall guide begins with guiding how to use piano with left hand . So when you play the piano , your left hand wont stay lazy .

Easy to understand: The music lessons given are clear, meaningful and easy to understand. from a kid to and adult, who ever wants to learn piano are welcomed!

Well structured course: The program is detailed and gives you complete information about piano.The combination of ebook +video classes+ audio clips gives you everything that you need.

Access both Online + Offline: Yes, you heard it right, You can access the course offline by downloading the package and save it on your favorite laptop or pc or android or apple iphones or even ipads!(You can look for the option in the guide:piano for all complete download)

Amazing support: The course has amazing support . You can contact Mr. Robin hall directly via his email address.He replies to all the emails within 24 hours – 48 hours. he gives an excellent support to his students.

Cons of PianoForAll:

Old Music inclusion: You may feel that the sounds included are a bit old ones. Certain people would prefer New tunes. But anyway it does the job, Ones you learn you can play any type of tunes.

Requires Focus: Your regular teacher would correct you if you do any mistakes. But though this guide has everything one need,you need to focus on the mistakes you make.We do recommend that along with this program , you need to search for ‘best piano tutorials’ on Youtube. It gives the best result with those videos.

Ignoring fundamentals: You may feel that the program is ignoring complete details while learning, but what i feel is as a beginner it is totally normal. You will learn when you practice more!


Piano for all testimonials:

I went through thousands of reviews for pianoforall before buying.

The program has already crossed 300,000 students mark.

here i have listed some of the piano for all reviews:

I was about to give up piano
Toni Le Busque, USA www.tonilebusque.com

Hi Robyn, I bought the lessons a few weeks ago I’m virtually ecstatic with how I’ve finally managed to play after a year of slogging away trying to learn to read music. I’ve given up on that and I’m really learning so quickly now by applying what you teach.

Please feel free to put my testimonial on your website. I have literally tried everything I found online to learn and I was considering giving the piano away to a friend when fortunately I found your lessons. Thanks a lot! Cheers

Regs, Adrian Pote, Ipswich, England

Robin, I am halfway through the first book. Its a brilliant course which suits the way I wanted to learn perfectly. I will certainly recommend it. I am learning lots and having fun in the process.

Trevor Naidoo ( South Africa )

Hi Robin, I’ve recently purchased your course on piano for all and have found it to be really exciting and easy to understand. Thank you for a wonderful course . Kind Regards

Piano for all review Reddit.com

I was searching for reviews. I found many reviews of social platform reddit.

These are some of the Pianoforall Reddit Reviews:

User: CRJSx193

I bought PianoForAll a year ago and it was everything I could imagine and beyond. It literally teaches you from bare bones and by the end you’re learning to play classical pieces and actually understanding what’s going on. It touches on all types of music and does a great job explaining the keyboard. It teaches you basic chords by playing simple versions of popular songs which makes practice more fun because it actually sounds like music!

User: George Johnston (Negative review)

Well, I bought and tried the course but found it wasn’t going to work for me.

That said if anyone ever wants to try it I highly recommend they do as the guarantee they offer is 100% legit. Within 50 minutes of me asking for my money back by simply stating I was not 100% satisfied I received a full refund.

I want to extend a special thanks to Robin at Piano for All for the opportunity to try the course. Although it wasn’t right for me I’m sure it would work well for others. I just can’t get used to learning/reading from a digital screen.

Is Pianoforall any good?

Pianoforall’s focus on blues, jazz, rock’n’roll, and other styles of pop music can certainly be said that this course is not intended for those whose primary purpose is to play classical music.Piano for all is absolutely one of the best programs and online piano lessons book out there which is not a scam, not a fake guide.But a bible for piano learners and lovers

How long will it take to complete pianoforall?

As the author said you need 30 minutes everyday to complete the piano for all program.

A beginner takes 6 months to 3 years to learn.

It takes more than 3 years to master piano.


Pianoforall makes big promises, but motivates students and beginners can easily fulfill them.Already more than 250,000 students use this program and have learnt playing piano.

As long as you understand what the course is and what you are not teaching, Pianoforall can help you achieve your piano goals. This course does not prepare students for sophisticated classical music, but you will develop many skills that are useful for playing in groups, accepting requests, sitting at the piano, and only being able to play.

In addition, your skills provide you with an excellent foundation for exploring the type of music you want to play. The value of understanding music chords, progress, keys, and structure cannot be ignored for any style of music.

These lessons has proven to be one of the best online piano lessons currently available. This is due to the contents of the course and teaching style Mr. Robin Hall.

This program makes it easy for consumers to learn to play piano in a very short time with great support from Mr. Robin.

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