Produce electricity yourself: discover how to do it in 3 simple steps

There is an increasing need to disconnect completely from the various electricity operators, both because of environmental ethics and because of the constant increase in the cost of fossil fuels, which increases bills. But there are solutions to produce electricity on your own, find out what they are with us. If you are really interested, we suggest you to try Backyard revolution!

We hear more and more often about renewable energy, energy revolution and attention to environmental sustainability, this is because the issue of air pollution from fossil fuels used by industries, but also by each of us in our homes is increasingly becoming an emergency to be kept under control. To improve the condition of air pollution and the environment around us, the actions that must be taken are part of everyday life and each of us, in our own small way, can and must make the change. It seems only a theoretical approach or just a boring good purpose that can be given together with many others, but it is not true at all.

To prove it, we want to give you some concrete numbers: a small photovoltaic power of 3kWp produces every year, thanks to the photovoltaic cells that make up the modules placed on the roof, about 3,500Wh of totally free and clean energy (not derived from polluting fossil fuels). This energy goes to power household appliances and lighting in the house and will allow the house to not produce and release into the air 1,800 kg of carbon dioxide every year, means 18 tons in 10 years of CO2 not released thanks to a simple investment that, moreover, would give big savings in the bill. Just think if each of us made this choice, just 100 houses with a 3kWp photovoltaic system means 180 tons of carbon dioxide not produced. Wouldn’t that be a formidable result?

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Another common goal is the willingness of each of us to drastically reduce the amount we spend each month on gas and electricity bills, in the latter case do you know that you can produce electricity yourself? Find out how to do it with these 3 simple moves:

▪ Place photovoltaic modules on the roof of your home, the latter through the silicon cells with which they are built and the photovoltaic effect that is activated by solar radiation can provide your home with electricity totally free (and free of polluting sources). In this way you make your home autonomous in the production of electricity for the needs of your family.

▪ Try to self-consume the energy of photovoltaics at the same time as it is produced. This means turning on or programming the most energy-intensive appliances during the daytime hours when the photovoltaic is in full production and is able to run the household appliances on its own, without the need to buy it from the energy company. In this way, the operation of household appliances is free of charge.

▪ Connect a lithium battery storage system to the photovoltaic system. In this way, the energy self-produced by photovoltaics, completely free of charge, can be used in the evening and at night, thus ensuring almost total coverage of your energy needs and making you independent from the energy manager. In this case the level of savings you get in your bill is around 80%.

The future is leading us to increasingly independent living solutions and becoming independent in terms of energy is becoming more and more a necessity and a smart choice to make. Thanks to the important technical improvements and the lowering of the overall costs of the materials used, installing a photovoltaic system today is much simpler and more profitable than in the past, moreover the presence of the incentive, in the form of tax deduction, halves the cost of the investment as it recovers 50% of the total expenditure.

It has never been so easy to choose to install a photovoltaic system, for the roof of your house.