Reading Head Start Review

What is Reading Head Start program?

Reading Head Start is a scientifically proven program and a complete guide which will transform the reading ability of your child.

It has hundreds of lessons ,activities, workbooks, games and movies in the member section.

The ebook you receive in this program is a comprehensive guide that gives you daily description of the 40 week curriculum.

The program is divided into 4 phases.

During these phases, your child learns to read using worksheets, interactive games, and videos.

When your child has completed each phase, they will receive a certificate to strengthen their self-esteem and confidence.

All you have to do is invest at least 15 minutes a day, three days a week, and complete lessons and worksheets with your child to get the results you want.

About author Sarah Shepard:

Sarah Shepard is a teacher with more than 15 years of experience. She is also a mother of three kids. this makes her eligible to create this program.

She struggled a lot as a parent when her child was not able to grasp things fast. Her child’s ability to read was very poor. That made her search for the programs, courses.

The development process begins by examining how babies and children learn and how teaching approaches to reading in the United States have not changed since the 1930s, which has caused many reading problems in kindergartens.

She then refined her ideas and theories to develop this product for several months.

After developing the program, Sarah had to do one more thing – test the program.

However, because she is actually an English teacher and develops programs using reasonable theories and hypotheses, she believes it will succeed.

She came up with this program while balancing her busy schedules after understanding not all the parents have time to do the same.

What will you and your child gain from the program?

As a parent it will help you a lot. You will learn new things. It will ensure that your child will learn the ability to read fluently.

  • How to improve your child’s pronunciation in vocabulary.
  • Learn about bad practices in normal teacher’s training and why the practice is outdated.Think about how important your child can read at a young age.
  • You will also learn simple and proven methods to reverse dyslexia that affect your child’s reading ability.
  • How can you help your children perform very well when reading, even if they are not interested. Because this program is fun, your child will be interested in reading.
  • This will have a positive impact on your child’s school success. It will show DOs and DONTs you should follow for this child’s success.This will make sure you avoid things that can affect your child’s success.

Does Reading Head Start Work? Is it a scam?

First of all it is definitely not a scam.

ReadingHeadstart is a program that you can use to improve your child’s reading skills.

This program does work. It has been proven scientifically.The methods used in this program lets your child to improve grasping power, reading power and learning power.

Many Reading Head Start reviews from parents came out positive.

You can easily download e-books from the official website of one of your digital devices such as a smartphone or computer.

This is not available for free, so you have to invest to access it.But it is definitely a worthy investment.

The training process is divided into four phases for simplification.

You need to spend atleast 15 minutes a day three times a week to help your child learn.

At the end of each phase, the child receives a certificate of completion, which helps strengthen the child’s self-esteem and morals.

The aim of this program is to sharpen children’s phonemic skills and build sound association skills using nursery rhymes. The whole learning process is fun and enjoyable so that children don’t get bored

Click the below link to get reading head start video intro

What is inside the Reading Head Start?

You will get a reading head start member login or sign in. You will have to login to it and you will get the access to the Reading Head Start pdf.

(You can get Reading Head Start sample by paying 1 dollar. it is a trial for 3 days)

It has hundreds of lessons ,activities, workbooks, games and movies in the member section.

You can download the ebook from your computer, mac pc, tablet, android and iphone.

You need a pdf reader for it to access it.

The guidelines is easy to understand and is divided in 4 sections.At the end of each stage your child will get a certification. It will boost the self-esteem of your child.

The program is designed to sharpen the phonemic skills of your child through developing sound-association skills with the help of strategies such as rhyme.

The whole program might sound boring, but it’s not. As I said, this is one of the fun and joyful programs for teaching children to read. Your child will enjoy this program.

The best thing about this program is that it can be used by beginners and those who already have difficulty reading in kindergarten or school.

Reading Head Start Reviews:

Following are the reviews from the 2 different parents Brenda and Luke.

Excellent program for beginning readers
I purchased Reading Head Start for my 3-year-old daughter last year and she still loves it. Now, after one year, she is reading between 2nd and 4th grade levels. Obviously, we have been reading together through that time, but Reading Head Start was the right choice to teach her to sound out words and learn basic sight words. And we all love the letter sounds song! By: Brenda S.

Awesome method for summer bridge
Got this for my kindergartner who is entering 1st grade next Fall. He already loves it and I’m sure he’ll be well prepared for the added workload and increased expectations of his new teacher. by: Luke C.

Pros and Cons:


  • An easy to understand guide for both Child and Parent.
  • The instructions given in the ebook are detailed. It will give more than necessary information to your child/ children
  • Popular program, many reviews of the product came out positive. You will definitely be satisfied buying it.
  • Affordable pricing. People from all demographics can afford it.
  • Easy to use.As it is just a PDF book.
  • You have 60 days refund guarantee if you are not satisfied with the program.Reading head start cancellation can be done anytime within 60 days.
  • The guidelines given are safe to your child unlike other programs recommending dangerous supplements and recipes.
  • You can enjoy the trail offer, Pay 1 dollar and try the product for 3 days(As Reading head start free download is not available)


  • You need commitment and dedication to see the result coming should go through the guidance every day.
  • Requires internet connection.


Reading Head Start Contact Number:

Toll Free:

+1 208-345-4245

Reading Head Start Pricing:

Reading head start program free are of 3 types. Pick the desired one.

  • LifeTime Unlimited Access For Life
    • Old price:  $597
    • Current Price: $297
    • Unlimited Updates & Children
    • 1 Full Year Money Back Guarantee
  • 1 Year: Saves You $247 Over Monthly
    • Old price: $297
    • Current Price: $197 
    • Single One-Time Payment
    • 1 Full Year Money Back Guarantee
  • Monthly : Cancel Easily Any Time
    • $1 Trial
    • Then $37/mo After 3 Days
    • 1 Full Year Money Back Guarantee


The ability to read at the beginning  stage of life is one indicator of a successful future career. This program helps you to teach your child to read at a young age.

This will ensure that the child will develop in his studies later on. Unlike many other programs available on the market, this program is not a scam or fake

Do you want to save your child from suffering because of reading difficulties? Then this is the program that you must use. If you read reviews from parents who use this program, you will find that this program works effectively. As a parent of a small child, you have to take a big step in buying this program.