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Real estate is biggest and certainly is the toughest of a niche for online marketing. Often you would feel if there is any product out there which has ceratin videos or ppts with real estate theme.

And today we will be reviewing one such product called Real Estate Video MEGA PACK

There are more than 2 million Real Estate Agents and Brokers in the USA. This is a HUGE MARKET that spends a lot of money on
marketing, and they need your services! Real Estate Agents know that the best way to grow their
business and expand their client base is through VIDEO,
but they’ve got no idea how to do it or they don’t have
time to do it.

Why Real estate Videos?

According to one study, real estate listings that include a video receive 403% more enquiries than those without. In your arsenal, real estate video marketing is a great weapon, particularly for visually oriented transactions such as homes or offices. There’s no better way to present a house or building than with a picture.

Time-consuming, but mission-critical to finding the right match is to present a property to potential customers. Video content is a powerful tool to broaden the reach of your property business. Through your online video marketing material, thousands of other potential buyers will learn about a property in the time it takes to give a family a house tour.

Real estate property listing Tips:
Virtual tours and reviews of properties are a great starting point for developing virtual marketing material for real estate. One study found that 40% of prospective buyers think that digital video tours are very useful. Keep in mind these guidelines when creating immobilization images.

Tell a story about a home:
Help the prospective buyer look at the house as a home. Avoid the sales pitch and don’t just mention the house’s bells and whistles. Describe what living in the neighborhood might be like, appreciate the local community, and relax after a working day.

Focus on the features:

What amazing details do no other house can offer this home? What are the most important things consumers care about? The video is supposed to be short and sweet. Few people have the range of attention to listen to each of the faucets and fixtures a house has to offer. Focus on the things that a potential buyer can shock and impress and make the clip as long as possible for up to two minutes.

Visuals are key:
Making sure your visuals stand out pays to make sure. You want to show off the room in its best light as an immovable marketing video will serve to replace an in-person tour. Spend some time getting the right lighting, angles and performance of output. To make the rooms feel less claustrophobic, use a wide angle lens.

Have a distribution strategy:
How will you find your videos from your potential buyers? YouTube is, of course, key. YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, second only to Google, and is the most common destination for customers who want to watch immovable videos. Furthermore, more than 55 percent of all Google’s top 10 search results appear in YouTube videos. You may also consider increasing the share factor on your video content by Facebook or your email list.


Real Estate Video MEGA PACK Review : An Overview

Vendor: Firelaunchers et al
Product: Real Estate Video MEGA PACK
Launch Date: 2019-Oct-31
Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $37
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HomePage: Click here
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guaranteed
Niche: Videos

What is in Real Estate Video MEGA PACK Anyway?

Well there are about 98 ready to use promo videos for real estate agents.Now this can be handy for any agency or indidual who is doing digital marketing for Real estate clients.

These videos will be  deliverd to you in Two versions

1. MP4 format (without the lower-third) that you can use in any video editor.

2. PPTX format with a pre-made lower-third that you can easily modify in PowerPoint.

The biggest use is we can use the templates to create unlimited videos for you or your clients.

Real Estate Video MEGA PACK :Pros and Cons

• Affordable price

• Create unlimited videos for you or your clients.

• Ready to use templates

• Simple and effective videos

•No cons as of yet.


Real Estate Video MEGA PACK: Who is it for?

Well, These ready to edit templates for anyone who has real estate clients, Specifically these are for

  • Agencies who have Real estate clients.
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Freelancers who have Real estate clients

DFY Suite review: DEMO

Why you need Real Estate Video MEGA PACK?

  1. Create unlimited videos for you or your clients.
  2. Deliver Qulaity videos for your clients
  3. These are professional Videos made by experts keeping conversions in mind.
  4. Even a Person with no technical skills can create professional looking real estate videos


Real Estate Video MEGA PACK Pricing

The whole real estate pack Video mega pack is really affordable and costs you around 37$

Final Thoughts

Real estate video mega pack has quality mixture of white board animation videos,3d explainer videos which are ready to use.You can edit videos according to your needs as these videos are being delivered in both MP4 and pptX format.Well for anyone who is having real estate client, these videos are defintely handy .Its worth giving a try.

Thanks for reading our review,Good Luck !!

Real Estate Video MEGA PACK Bonuses:


 Note contact for claiming bonuses and more! 


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