How to make money selling photos of yourself online ? Here are 7 best platforms for you !!

Do you take selfies almost every minute? Or are you a selfie addict?

DO you take photos regularly if you find something interesting? Is photography your passion?

Is there a question running in your mind like  how to sell my photos online for money? 

If you fall among any one of the above categories. I have good news for you all!! 

What if i tell you you can earn money by selling pictures of yourself!! 

make money selling photos

Yes you heard it right !!

Making your hobby not only enjoyable, but also profitable is now easier than ever.

Take advantage of the extra money that the Internet provides! It is quite possible that a pleasant activity can be combined with a large and useful constant income.

And this pandemic has disturbed all sections of the society.While many have lost jobs ,many companies are near to being bankrupt.

So earning extra cash can be helpful; in these desperate times.

So,we have listed platforms or networks where to sell photos online and make money.

Selling your photos will always be a profitable business, now it is quite easy to take a quality photo. Almost everyone has a digital camera or smartphone, with a good built-in camera, which can take high-quality photos.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to make money on photos, but it’s better to read the basic rules on how to take a photo.Most importantly low cost (at least in the spent time).In Most cases Upload photos and get a constant income.

Here are some best place to sell photos online



Photojobz is our no 1 recommendation as it is personally tested by our team and we have seen success with it.

Photojobz is basically a network that lets you sell your pictures to thousands of potential buyers that need them for websites, catalogs, books, magazines, ads, and a variety of other uses.

How does it work?

1.Take Photos!
Grab your camera and start taking photos!

selling photos online

Upload and instantly sell to millions of potential buyers.

There is no limit on how much you can earn, the more pictures you submit the more money you can make.

As you see that it is really simple for you to start making some bucks quickly.The problem with big platforms like shutterstock and 500px is though you will find a lot more buyers,but competition is really high.

Based on our observation you can earn money faster when compared to other platforms.

We recommend photojobz as we have used it and seen success with it.And best part is you can try it for 1$ .

With photjobz you can meet potential buyers with more chance of being “seen” and the best part is you can check how cool this network is for just $1.Click here for official 1$ Trial.(This is our exclusive offer for our dear readers.)

2.Shutterstock is the most profitable if done right that it, so it is hardest to get there.

First you need to register and you need to submit your driving licence .After this you will have to wait for a couple of days till your data is checked.

And the most frustrating part of shutter stock is getting cleared in their “exams”.You will have to upload 10 photos out of which at least 7 have to be approved.

But hey ,Chin up!!.Even if you fail, do not worry or think too much about it as you can have unlimited attempts at clearing the exams.

Note: Though unlimited times,but only once in a month you have the exam.If you fail, you take up the exam next month.

The requirements for the quality of photos are quite stringent as well. For beginners it is allowed to upload photos with a minimum size of 4 megapixels, while for there is bit of relaxation fot  permanent photographers  which is around 2.5 megapixels.

The obvious formats jpg, eps are accepted. Photos can be uploaded in unlimited quantity, but they must be of very good quality.

You get paid 25 cents per download, and when your income reaches $500 you will be paid 30 cents. That is, if your picture is downloaded 1000 times, you will get $250. And if you have 1000 photos, you can become a millionaire in four months. I’m exaggerating, of course, but it’s better to get at least some income from photos that are dead loaded on your hard drive than not getting anything at all.

The money is withdrawn through Paypal .Beginners will be delayed for several months for the first time while the plagiarism test is in progress.You can shoot anything, the main thing is quality.

3. Stock:

This is the second most profitable platform for money selling photos of yourself. Photos with a minimum size of 1200×1600 pixels in jpg format are accepted.

During registration, you will be asked to read the detailed instructions for using the service, and then you will have to answer the verification questions on this instruction correctly.

You will then be asked to upload a scanned copy of your identity and sample of your previous works.You can share your best work here.

Normally it takes two weeks till they respond to your application.If they are not pleased with your work you can upload other photos within 3 days.

The payment which you will get  is 20% of the cost of downloading, which is from 1 to 40 dollars. If you become an exclusive photographer  on Adobe stock(i.e. place your photos only on this site), you will be paid 40%. The money is withdrawn through Paypal,Payoneer, or by check when the amount in your account reaches $100. There is a limit on uploading, however for beginners  the limit on uploading is 100 photos per day.


This is pretty average but decent as well. Unlike Shutterstock and Adobestock, this platform does not require passing exams and tests, there is no need to upload scans of your documents. The standard requirements for photos starts  from 3 megapixels.

I did not immediately understand where and how you can upload photos, and after uploading the files are not displayed immediately, which led me into a slight embarrassment in the beginning.

The daily limit for uploading photos is 100 files like adobe stock



500Px prime is another way to sell your images

You should upload Photos to 500px. Aftter they pass a content inspection,your photos can be licensed.

Here are a few tips based on our experience with 500px.

a.Keywords are crucial. If anyone has to find your work it has to through keywords.So choose keywords which describes your images the best.

b.You should use a minimum of 5 keywords when uploading images.
Pro tip: add anywhere between 15 to keywords.

c.Focus on relevancy of keywords.

d.Do your research. Check what type of keywords bring up photos and choose keywords accordingly. As long as the keyword is relevant and appropriate according to the audience you will do just fine. For eg, if you are a buyer and you want to sell your pictures then think who would check and approach your pictures? And what will your Prime quest be?


Now this photo selling platform is bit strange.The reason i say this is because here you need to pass a theoretical test for rules knowledge in English.

But the fun part is that the test itself has hints, so you can pass it without even reading the rules.Like DreamsTime no documents are required here as well. The minimum Requirements for photos is around 800×800 pixels. Money can be withdrawn through Paypal or by cheque when the amount in your account reaches $30.


Now this platform is for more experienced photographers, as there is stricter requirements for photos.

Unique feature of DepositPhotos is You can sell not only photos, but also video files.

Our observation is this platform fits perfectly for experienced photographers.

The  minimum amount for withdrawal is $ 50. Photos are carefully moderated (a small exam, uploading of identification documents), everything is serious and professional.If you make high-quality photos, you can earn up to $ 1000 per month.

WE Recommend Photojobz as it is perfect for beginners and you can show this as portfolio when applying for bigger platforms.


Few Tips for you before you sell your photos:

taking photos tips

1. A good high-resolution camera. Almost everyone have access to cool mobile smartphones these days whose front end camera has high pixels.Pictures should be of the highest quality with high resolution.

2. We recommend having Photoshop installed on your laptop or PC .

Before sending , the photo must be edited.Check the photo and verify and correct any roughness, noise, work with contours, color, etc. Else you may have to face rejection.

3. You need to know basic English .When registering, you will also need to specify the details of your passport.

4. If you are putting up pictures of people for sale, you must give their consent to put up these pictures.