Text Chemistry Review [2020] by Amy North: An Unbiased Review!!

Welcome for my Text Chemistry Review, In case you have landed here means you know a thing or two about Text Chemistry.So let me review it for you!!

“Send these simple but powerful ‘desire’ text messages to a man to make him fall in love and commit to you”

Sounds too good to be true right?How reliable it is?

Is it worth it?

Read on!!


Today I’m going to be talking about a brand new texting guide for women called “text chemistry” from a woman named Amy North.

So, if you are interested in getting a secret ideas with the man you meet or are in a relationship with, today’s review might be very interesting for you !!

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I must admit, when I first heard about Amy’s Text Chemistry trick, I was quite skeptical.

I want to say on her website that she talked about how these texts can make a man fall in love with you and enter in love.

You want to get engaged and These are some pretty brave claims !!
That is why I decided to join the program and now I am ready to give a complete and honest review for you!
I will first discuss the basics of this program.
How it works and what you get.
Then I will list some of the advantages and disadvantages of why you might want to try their method or not and complete my personal recommendations.

Text Chemistry :What is it?

It depends, as I mentioned before, that the Text Chemistry is a program that gives you more or less excellence in your romantic relationships, teaches you certain texts that gets your boyfriend’s or husband’s attention and makes him obsessed with you. It seems that the whole program is based on advanced psychological knowledge.

This means that it should work for almost everyone, because all men tend to have the same basic psychological triggers that you can trigger with these proven texts.You can try this with Whatsapp also

I must admit that playing with their mind feels rather unpleasant. But at the same time it’s fun!

However, this program gives you an overview of how you can use these texts in all types of relationship or dating situations, for example when people you like start to become cold or pull away. When someone separates from you and you want them to come back or when you meet someone new and want to fall in love with you. All of this and many other situations are discussed in detail, and there are proven texts that you can use for any situation.

Text Chemistry Review : An Overview


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What we think of it?

Text Chemistry is every woman’s go-to-guide to finding love in a world where text messages are the preferred means of communication.

OverviewProduct HighlightRating(out of 5)
QualityGreat quality product.∗∗∗∗
FeaturesIt has 3 books and Video guide which covers all your doubts and solves the problems in your relationship!∗∗∗∗∗
Price High quality product AT AFFORDABLE PRICE∗∗∗∗∗
Overall RatingWorth the try !!∗∗∗∗∗

Text Chemistry:About Author

amy north text chemistry review

Amy North is a relationship coach, Youtuber and best-selling author from Vancouver, Canada. She specializes in helping women from around the world find and keep the man of their dreams. Amy North’s acclaimed online programs, Text Chemistry and The Devotion System, have sold nearly 100,000 copies and are widely considered to be among the best and most comprehensive women’s dating guides on the planet.

Text Chemistry:What do you get and learn from this program?

It’s 100% digital, which means everything is sent online and nothing is sent to your home!
This is very convenient because you can access everything immediately and read books and watch all videos directly on your cellphone, laptop or tablet, etc.
I guess you can even print books technically if you feel that you are in the main program, everything is explained in the e-book, and then you get a series of good High Definition video training lessons.
Because they have more personal touches, there are also three bonus PDF e-books that are really great because they deal with things that aren’t really covered in the core program.


The “Phone Game” Ebook, The “Why Men Leave” Ebook and The “Quality Men on Tinder” Ebook  
The first one is called the Phone Game, and it’s all about science, which men can’t refuse when talking about women’s voices. So it doesn’t matter if you like your voice.
You really have to try this, I think you will be surprised how well it works!

Then there is an e-book about why men leave called “Why Men Leave”

Third book called “Quality Men on Tinder” will be useful if you are single, this book is exactly what you need.

There is one special bonus without advertising, but I must keep it a secret !!

What is inside Text Chemistry?

The fact that I am a man makes the entire text chemistry program very fun and great.

Initially this did not encourage me to question the authenticity of the results, but it also made me very excited to see the actual results of the problem.

This program contains an important book and 13 videos.

You will also receive three free bonus e-books from Amy North.

The books you receive are:

The “Phone Game” Ebook, The “Why Men Leave” Ebook and The “Quality Men on Tinder” Ebook  

And for all those who are interested in a short overview of this program, here’s the honest part of the 13!

“Do men ignore your message?”
Amy North gives you effective techniques that allow you to return your boyfriend’s or husband’s texts instantly and consistently. Especially if you feel that he might ignore you or completely reject you.

E-Glow text.
It teaches you how to equip your husband’s brain with “hardware” to love and worship you, no matter how difficult it is to send text messages. As soon as you click on these texts, you will think a lot about yourself!

“Get your ex back.”
This applies to situations where your ex has told you that he is finished. If you still want to return it, Amy North is advised to use this “satellite text”, which may not only regret being shared with you immediately, but also for a second chance to be with you.

“Your relationship has become boring.”
It teaches you the art of putting him in a state of anxiety that he experiences when you meet him. It gives you some practical tips and advice to spark a spark in a dying relationship.

“Make him excited about you.”
In this way, you can learn how to fill his mind with your mind at any time by longing for your touch and keeping it closed in your words.

“Simple cheat sheet”
This is really a great job because it helps you analyze and decode the texts so you can properly understand your own feelings and the meaning of the words.

Because writing text messages can sometimes be very misleading, this section can contain some very effective tips for finding someone.

“Make him to respond”
This part of the guide actually deals with subliminal messages that can make your partner think about connecting with you. You can use your full potential if you try to make your partner offer you something.

“Let him miss you.”
This will help you improve your SMS skills and passion and miss you so much that you can count the days until the next appointment.

“Right picture.”
Do you want to send the perfect picture to your partner? You might want to read this section, where you will learn how to expressly deal with funny and funny little pictures that can actually do more than the naked.

“Hit his head !?”
You read it, right! In this small section, you will learn how to bang your head with only text that you won’t easily forget! Let him think of stupid reasons so he wants to see more of you in everything!

“How can I talk to him on phone?”
We all got jerked when we first had to talk to people who were crashing or meeting by phone. In such situations, calling is as difficult as answering. However, this section claims that when you talk to your husband, it will help you eliminate discomfort and talk with sexy confidence.

“Shooting for the stars.”
This categorical segment will help you understand how to focus only on you. Take his undivided and unwavering attention and use it well!

Advantages and disadvantages of text chemistry:

  1. This works . I would cut to the chase here if you are anything like me then the only truly important thing is whether this system actually works and I’d have to say it does! These texts have been tested and proven to work over and over for everyone!
  2. A well developed program, another great advantage of this system, is the fact that the program is well organized and easy to understand both in e-books and videos. Clear and concise, without unnecessary frills. Get the information you need, clear and simple, and then test it properly with the people in your life!
  3. Tinder E-book – Listen, I don’t know if you’ve tried tinder yet and if you are in a relationship then I guess this is pretty irrelevant but if you are single then, this book will probably change your whole approach to tinder. And if you’ve never tried it, you have to do it! This is definitely not just a meeting point, as some people think, and there are a lot of very handsome men there!
  1. Requires that you play with the man’s emotions. If you are the type of girl who doesn’t accept the thought of playing with male emotions, this system might make you feel uncomfortable, because that’s what you do here. Personally, even though I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, I mean everything, you really use an understanding of male psychology to your advantage to drive you crazy!  Nothing wrong with that !?

I can only recommend this program to anyone who is no longer in a truly happy and harmonious relationship.
Even so, even if you already have a good relationship, you can find this program useful if you are interested in tidying things up a bit and making your boyfriend or husband feel more excited and have more passionate about you as a whole.

I highly recommend clicking on the link in the description to access the chemistry text now. If you like the article, share it with your friends!official website

Text Chemistry Testimonial:

Maria from Seattle, WA says…

Hi Amy, my name is Maria… and I came across some of your YouTube videos a few months ago and immediately became hooked… and since I’ve always had troubles with guys ignoring me through text, I decided to bite the bullet and try out your Text Chemistry course!

Well long story short… I began dating this incredibly cute guy who’s also a doctor (full package, right??)… and things were going ok, but I felt like he was sometimes ignoring my text messages and growing distant…

…and he would always lamely reply with one word answers and stuff… but then, I started using some of your texts and….

Omg… he suddenly wouldn’t stop texting me and calling me… he weirdly wanted to spend so much time with me… and he even took the time out of his busy day just to take me out for lunch! Like, no guy has ever done that for me…especially a guy that busy!!

And ever since I started to use your text messages, I could just sense him becoming more and more interested in me…. And last night, he told me he LOVED me! I can’t believe it…

I’m super happy Amy, thank you so, so much!.



The Text Chemistry is like having a professional relationship coach in your pocket at all times. Not sure what to write? Call the program anytime and anywhere on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. You will never have to send a potentially cringe worthy text message again. More importantly, with amazing tips in this three-part dating program, you can write the right things to find the right type of love! And with a 60 day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose. Try it for two months and see how Handsome Prince fits in with your text messages!!

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