The Ex Factor Guide review

What is The Ex Factor Guide?

The Ex factor guide is guide to get your ex back.Couples in general have many reasons to breakup. But it will lead you to crying and becoming depressed.

The guide focuses on both men and women who just lost their love and want to get back their Exes.

The author claims that there is a 90% chance of getting back your ex , remaining 10 those cases where its very difficult to fix the mistakes done. But its always okay to give a try!?

This guide helps you in realizing not only it is important to get your ex back but also helps you in rebuilding your broken love life.

The guide goes like..

  • Spending Some Time On Yourself
  • Creating Jealousy

Basically this guide will solve following questions:

  • How do u get your ex back?
  • How do you know if your ex will come back?
  • How long can it take to get an ex back?
  • How to get your ex girlfriend or Boyfriend back
  • How to get ex back by text messages
  • much more!

Who is Brad Browning?

Brad based on Vancouver, Canada is the author of this guide. He is a Relationship expert by profession. He has helped many people with relationship issues to solve their problem.He is specialized in breakups, divorce and dating. He has more than 10 years of experience in it.

He has also written other articles and books on relationship like “Mend the Marriage” an online guide to save your marriage. When a person loses their partner, He or She will be on their lowest point in their lives.

If you are on the similar situation, You will be with mixed emotion like frustration,anger, sad, depressed etc.

If you belong to such category, Brad Browning’s ‘The Ex factor guide is for you’!

What’s inside The Ex factor guide?

The Ex Factor guide has ‘the ex factor technique’ which helps you in getting back your EX Lover, Dealing with Breakups, Giving priority to your dear ones,

This program works on both men and women.

For Men:

the ex factor guide free amazon text messages free download pdf brad browning reviews technique login credential refund reddit pdf ebook

For Women:the ex factor guide free amazon text messages free download pdf brad browning reviews technique login credential refund reddit pdf ebook

After the payment is done, you will be directed to the actual guide.

You will get a login credential which you need to login into it to access the file whenever or wherever you need.

The PDF ebook has 9 Chapters, Below we have given detailed information about it.

Chapter one: Brad talks about why he wrote this book. Lot of feel and miss their past love and worry about how and where to start again.Brad talks about your present love situation and how to normalize it

Chapter two: This chapter talks about maintaining good relationship with attractive characteristics.

Chapter three: This talks about those unattractive characteristics one should ignore in their relationship.

Chapter four: This is for those situation where an unavoidable situation happen. With these tips you will not panic or mess things up, But accept the situation and understand it by not letting making it worse (like pressurizing your  Ex to come back to you).

Chapter five: This Chapter focuses of consequences or after effects of breakups.Brad says that after breakup, you need 31 days cool off period to work on getting back your ex.This part includes how you should depend on others to deal with what has happened also keeping you away from Your Ex to stop from things going bad.

Chapter Six: This chapter talks about you opening up for new people on different dating platform. This will help you in showing that you are not desperate about him/her and also you are seeking another partner.This will help you by using ‘jealousy’ in your love to make him or her miss you.

Chapter Seven:This Chapter talks about how to handle in those situation when your ex suddenly starts talking to you.

Chapter Eight:This chapter is opposite to the previous chapter and it will talk about what to do if your ex doesn’t want to talk to you anymore.

Chapter Nine: This chapter shows what to do if things go well and you both want to consider to go on a ‘date” again. In this situation , you should present yourself as positive and get your ex back.

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Why should you buy The Ex factor guide?

The guide shows you how to get back you your ex boyfriend(for women) and ex girlfriend(for men).

When people breakup with their partner, their natural response will be to do whatever to get their partner back. Some lose their confidence of getting another partner. They fear about being alone and desperate to get their ex back at any cost. This will make the situation bad.

Thus author says that in these situation, you should spend time on yourself. It is necessary and important to step aside and think about the situation objectively. Because your emotions wont be under your control.

The author asks your to stay 31 days (cooling period) to stay away from your EX without contacting him or her. Without being in touch in any manner will give plenty of time to know about yourself, your worth.

This may seem impossible to do, but it is necessary. You can find new hobbies,meet new people, learn different things like piano, dance, gym etc.

The goal is not to forget your ex but to find your inner self.

Once you are done with cooling period, You should start with next phase of getting your ex back.

The next phase is creating jealousy.

This program uses psychology and scientifically proven methods by using jealousy to get your ex back.

After 31 days, your EX partner will start missing your and they wil think that you have moved on in life.

The main goal is that your ex should think that you are enjoying your life without your partner, dating other person(at least by faking it).

This will make your ex to feel jealous about you.

Creating jealousy is not good for long term relationship, but it will show that your ex still loves you.

When the right time comes, the author asks to contact your ex by texting (text messages) or by calling your ex.

What i felt was that the guide wont talk much about the reason for breaking up. Other than that it covers everything beautifully.

This being the main part, The author also talks about moving forward.

Pros and Cons of EX factor guide by Brad Browning:


  • Win your EX back: Of course, it is what the program is about. But it also helps you in dealing the situations in a right way without dramas and confusions.
  • Easy to Understand: The program is clear and in depth. It has easy language and comprehensive guide.
  • Guidance from an expert: The tips you are getting is not from any ordinary person.You can see about author in the above sections or check for ‘brad browning review’ to know about the author.
  • Effective advises: The advises are based on psychologically and scientifically proven methods.
  • Refund guarantee: ex factor guide refund has 60 days It has 60 days money back guarantee . No question asked!
  • Online access: the guide is accessible on online medium. You can download it for better convenience.
  • Bonuses: You will receive “10 Commandments of Sexual Attraction” by Derek Lamont and “Seven Steps to Sex Appeal” by Mark Belmont bonus books along with other 3 videos by Brad Browning


  • Put some effort: The guide wont work unless you do. You need to put some effort and be patient to find the result coming positive.
  • Bonus content are basics: Though the main guide is amazing, the bonuses are basics and not detailed enough.
  • Root cause for breakup: The root cause of breakups are not addressed. But the guide gives details on how to get back together and prevents breaking up again.

Ex Factor Guide Real Reviews:

Before purchasing and testing this product , I went through thousands of review to see if it is worthy to be bought. Well almost 88% of reviews came out positive and worked for the people who used it. Below i have listed some of the reviews. check it out!

Joanna Eriksson (Sweden): “Brad, your advice literally turned my situation upside down… I was really messing things up with my ex husband David before I took the plunge and bought your book and started following your advice. Thanks so much for writing it!”

Jesus Sanchez: “OK guys, let me just say that Brad browning is a f%#$ing GENIUS! His book basically saved my relationship… and it only took like 2 weeks. If your considering buying brad’s book, heres my advice: DO IT!”

Ronnie: “Well, this book has everything you need. I am back with my ex gf. We are happy now.I was broke and i used to search for ‘free download the ex factor pdf guide’. But man , i was wrong. i’m embarrassed now. Later i got a discount coupon from Digital Form tv. Thanks to DFTv team! Thanks to Brad!”

Ex factor guide Reddit review:

Jane Reddit user: “Brad has put a lot of effort creating this program, It has everything that will work. It will work for you. it didn’t work for me as my ex was got married some other and i didn’t think of trying it anymore. I suggest everyone to keep trying to get your ex as this course is worth a try!”

Brad Browning reviews:

Rose: “I’m a psychologist student. Brad is an amazing author, He knows what he talks.  This ebook helped me gain a lot of information to do researches.I have a nickname for him ‘breakup brad’ hehe .Thank You Brad”


I’m glad you read my review. Remember that Brad took more than 10 years to make this guide.Many people have resolved their relationship issues from Brad’s techniques.

You have 60 days money back guarantee by Clickbank support. If you face any problem, you can contact support team and get a refund. You have nothing to lose.

In my opinion fixing your relationship problem and getting back your ex is very much possible. All you need to give is a try and not give up on your hopes. Thank you!