The “having to believe”: because miracles don’t happen if you don’t believe them first.

The human being, in order to believe something “supernatural”, needs to touch it with his hand. By now not even a photo or a video convinces us anymore, because we know that it is easy to manipulate them. However, the only way you can really touch the supernatural is to believe it first. Let’s explore this nice paradox together.

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Let’s make some basic considerations. As quantum physics timidly begins to demonstrate, the reality we observe is not objective at all. Matter particles behave differently depending on who is observing them, so the observer literally creates the reality he is observing.

Leaping out of the timid confines of modern physics, the laws of attraction and resonance teach us that what we experience in life, the reality we perceive, equals exactly the vibration we emit, and therefore the beliefs we have about reality itself.

A convinced rationalist atheist will tell you that after death there is nothing: the human consciousness is forever disintegrated and the atoms that make up our body are dispersed in the cosmos. Because this is what he is convinced of, his life experience will mark exactly this conviction. He will receive evidence to support his thesis, and will meet people on his own wavelength who will reinforce his beliefs. The more convinced he is, the more Life will help him to be even more convinced, it is the Law!

When the rationalist atheist dies, if he has been a truly convinced atheist, he will experience in the afterlife exactly what he believed in, namely the Nothing. And he will continue to experience it until his beliefs about it begin to change.

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For the same reason a Catholic will meet the face of Christ once he leaves the body (obviously if he believes he was “good” in life), a convinced Hindu will experience the same energy in Krishn’s guise, and who knows… perhaps an extremely convinced Islamic terrorist will have at least a brief erotic experience with his 72 virgins before facing his personal hell.

That is why the true spiritual seeker is above all an agnostic: he does not know what exactly he will encounter beyond this world, and so he leaves all doors and all experiences open, without limiting himself to embracing one creed and rejecting others.
The absolute has infinite faces, and those on the path know that it is up to them to choose which face to look at from time to time.

But let’s go back to the theme of this article: since reality is always subjective and derives from the beliefs we have about it, to experience a certain kind of reality we must first start believing in it. This, in some esoteric traditions, is called “having to believe”.

A true master will never ask you to blindly believe what he tells you (as religions do, for example), but he will explain that you have to start believing in order to personally experience what you have chosen to believe.

So, if you’re a skeptical skeptic, and you expect a miraculous event to fall on your head before you start believing in a different kind of reality, forget it… it’s better. That different kind of reality exists (because there are so many different kinds of realities), but you have to take the first step towards it if you want to start receiving its emanation. And mind you, it has to be a totally sincere and open step, like the step of a child whose mind is absolutely clear of prejudices and pseudo-knowledge.

Note: Actually this last statement, and even the title of this article, are not entirely correct. In fact, we must always keep in mind that what creates reality is indeed our individual consciousness, but also the collective consciousness in which we are immersed. So if within the collective consciousness the critical mass necessary for certain events to occur is created, they will occur, and even the skeptic will experience them (while trying to rationalize them with all his strength). But the fact remains that “choosing” to experience a different kind of reality, or being overwhelmed by it because the critical mass makes it happen, are two very different experiences. On an energetic level, the skeptic could be literally “overwhelmed” by an experience that his mind is not ready and open to digest… surely it would not be a comfortable trip!

Personally, I have been an average skeptic for many years. I was open enough to experience small events, but I never really let myself go. I have an analytical mind and I like to look for a rational foothold even where I might not need it. Over the years I have seen people who are totally “outside” (i.e. almost devoid of rational attachment to things) experience very supernatural events in my presence, with ease, enthusiasm and lightness. What envy!

However, lately I’ve had several times the experience of being on the threshold of “having to believe”.
In my walks in the woods, I address the natural world by opening my heart, and I voluntarily turn on the state of “believing” that trees and rocks speak to me, and that an entire people of beings are watching me from every corner of the forest.

While I “believe” in all this, I also begin to experience it, first in a subtle way, then in an increasingly tangible way. If I lose the focus in the state of “believing”, and I begin to doubt my perceptions, then they flake and become blurred, and the Forest People are once again just a legend.

You see… the experience of reality is always paradoxical. If I told a skeptic about my experiences, he’d say I was hallucinating. And for him, based on his beliefs, that’s a true description of reality.
It is I who can choose to consider them hallucinations or reality, and experience where what I choose to believe leads me.

I report to you in this regard a very short and beautiful dialogue of Bashar, representing the Essassani extra-terrestrial civilization, who has been communicating with us for over 30 years (I remember by heart, so the words will not be exactly the same).

Woman in the audience: “Bashar, I would love to meet you in the flesh, how should I do it?”
Bashar: “Imagine meeting us first of all. Close your eyes and dream of our meeting, think about it and dream about it with all of yourself, until you perceive us physically, with all your senses. Stay in the vibration that is created when you imagine meeting us. Repeat this process for your joy, more and more intensely, every time it makes you happy. And one day, when you open your eyes from your dream, you will discover that there is no longer a difference between what you saw with your eyes closed and what you see with your eyes open, and we will be there.

Choose what you believe in and be what you choose to believe in.

“Having to believe” does not mean saying yes invariably to whatever story you are told, thinking that all the UFO videos on Youtube are real, or that those who tell you that you have “negative energy” see us well.
Having to believe is something you experience on your own, in the solitude of your own experiences. When you choose to believe in something that represents who you really are, your heart is filled with joy, and that feeling is more than enough for you to continue to believe. It is right to believe only in what we experience, while it is not healthy to believe in everything on principle. Why is that?

Because when you believe everything without experiencing it directly, you are not honouring your mission as a human being, which is always to experience Life in all its aspects.

However, the definition of direct experience is different for everyone: some need a spaceship to land in their garden to believe in extra-terrestrials, for others it is enough to visit another planet in a dream. In any case, when you experience something at a level sufficient to choose to believe in it, it’s okay.

Then choose the reality you want to experience, and start believing in it. As it begins to manifest, share it with those who have chosen it with you. Don’t try to “drag” others into the reality you believe in, to convince them at all costs, to convert them by throwing what you believe in their faces.
Instead, sing your reality, dance to it, express it with your joy, naturally and effortlessly. Be first of all your reality, and those who are ready and vibrant will follow you because you will be a living example.