The key to the manifestation of the law of attraction lies in trust!

I really like the word trust.
Wired. To be connected to… Be it to your higher self, to God, to the universe, or whatever you prefer to call it. It means the power of faith in action. It’s a choice at every step, it’s to walk a path in the dark, believing that the best will happen.

You bet all your chips that it will work.

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But trust cannot be confused with surrender of responsibility.
It is not a handing over of self, or handing over your power of choice, or free will, so that another decides in your place, takes over, takes over and does it for you. On the contrary, it is taking possession of yourself.

To trust. Weave your bond. Build your threads with the light so that they are strong and strong, then, when the moment of turbulence arises, your bonds will be so firm that you will feel, without a shadow of a doubt, trust!

But many are mistaken and confused. Because trust does not bring the security of something fixed. It brings the cold in your stomach, betting that the ground will come.

Trust in the greater good, in the invisible, in the unconscious part of ourselves, that will do the job.

It’s taking those illusory reins out of the hands of ego. To walk in the dark, trusting that the greater part of yourself, your higher self, will ascend every light along the darkness of the path.

True visualization is an attribute of the power of God’s vision, or “higher self,” which is fragmented in us human beings. Our ability to create and see an image within our own consciousness is an attribute of the living God within us and acting within us.

You have to work that power of yours. The power to create your life, your personal power.

To have confidence, don’t exercise to fight fear or anything like that, because the more you try to fight, the more it strengthens in you. What you focus on, grows.
Exercise personal power, self-responsibility. Acknowledge the good things you have achieved in your life. Acknowledge yourself! Stop overvaluing the other. When you turn that key, things will change!

Just turn the key. And that key is, “I am here to support myself unconditionally.”

For the universe to conspire in your favor, it is imperative that you be on your side.

And what is that? It means putting your trust in you.

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I’ll explain it to you. Answer quickly: in the most difficult moments, who can you count on? And when you make a mistake? When a difficult, unexpected situation occurs, a setback or a challenge, how do you react to yourself? Do you rebel, shout and blame yourself, fight, cry, repent, put yourself down or feel incapable?

Being on your side means that trust in you. No matter what happens, you will react well, you will defend yourself, instead of blaming yourself; you will hold on to your ends, instead of getting rid of yourself, you will no longer break up with yourself because you made a mistake. You’re going to allow yourself to be imperfect!

Look at yourself with the eyes of unconditional love, like a child learning to walk: she will stumble and fall countless times; everyone knows this is natural and part of the process, so patiently she is always encouraged to try again, because we know it’s only a matter of time before she can walk.

So there is no reason, with every stumble, to put yourself down, to blame yourself or to repent.

Realize that in those moments it is where you most need support, encouragement and understanding. So be there for you, be your best friend. Stay by your side, knowing that no matter what happens, you have built a huge, strong network that supports you.

That is the trust that materializes your desires. This is your deepest connection with the universe, which makes you a conscious co-creator.