The Law of Attraction, which we’re certainly not telling you

An article that will throw a paving stone in the puddle on the Law of Attraction. Discover how those who talk to you about the Law of Attraction manipulate you.

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You’ve certainly heard about the Law of Attraction, and maybe you’ve tried to apply it, with varying degrees of success, with perhaps some doubt that it would have happened anyway without having to buy all these methods that seem to promise you real miracles.

Indeed, the “sellers” of the Law of Attraction seem to make us believe that we can achieve everything thanks to the Law of Attraction, that it is practically enough to visualize what we want to see to see sooner or later appear the famous object of our desire, but when we start applying it, things seem quite different from what we are trying to make us believe and for good reason.

But what is the reality of all this?

Indeed, a few years ago, we have seen this concept of the Law of Attraction appear on the web, especially with “the secret”, as if we had suddenly discovered this law in the obvious and universal background taught by many traditions for several millennia, but probably in a less commercial way and most certainly with a little more wisdom and intelligence.

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Science has always confirmed that there is an attraction between certain objects and that, on a more “psychological” or even spiritual level, we attract all sorts of situations and/or people to us. Modern psychology, moreover, never stops mentioning this without, however, talking about the law of attraction. It is obvious that we do not meet others by chance and we are not in the situation in which we find ourselves by chance either.

More than ever we know that what we are experiencing is naturally the manifested expression of our thoughts which are most often ignored by the conscience.

A person who undertakes a process of personal fulfillment or therapy, gradually realizes, throughout his process, that the life he has led until now is really not the fruit of chance, and sees to what extent a lack of self-esteem for example can lead him straight to people who will feed this lack of self-esteem. She will have a low-valued job, poor and rarely rewarding relationships.

We can then say that the Law of Attraction has worked its magic. It is enough for her to change her self-esteem for her relationships to change, for new ones to appear in her life.

For a psychotherapist or personal fulfillment trainer, there is nothing extraordinary in all this. It is obvious that a person who will improve his relationship with himself will grant himself a very different, richer, happier existence.

As one therapist remarked, “The other is the gift you give to yourself”, and the more we gain in self-esteem, in respect, the better gifts we will give ourselves, and we don’t need to focus on our desire because it will manifest itself in an obvious way.

The dupe of the Law of Attraction

But the protagonists of the Law of Attraction have understood it well, this concept is very selling since it gives everyone the possibility to realize their wildest dreams. The announcement of the Law of Attraction had the same effect on Apple fans in front of stores as the announcement of the latest iPhone. Everyone rushed to understand this law, which basically didn’t learn anything new about what we already knew, only the packaging had changed, and above all an extraordinary commercial opportunity, because one thing is certain: the Law of Attraction works very well financially, especially for those who sell it.

But there was a fantastic tour de force that revolutionized the world of online sales in particular: “how to easily attract new customers”, “how to attract the person of your dreams”, “how to get rich quickly”, etc. … “new products” to create, as a well-known person who works on the web liked to say. She was indeed able to make her dreams come true by selling methods that offered to make them all come true.

Does that mean the Law of Attraction is a fraud?

The Law of AttractionOf course not, as I said above it is a reality, an objective fact, but a reality that is a bit more complex than what they try to make us believe, because the intention of those who sell it is not completely disinterested.

The Law of Attraction is an obvious fact, as true as more of a magnet will attract less, as true as we attract trouble when we have a sad relationship with ourselves, It is also true that if you are afraid of being abandoned, that is what will happen to you because very unconsciously you will do everything possible to make it happen to you since you are convinced of it, as true that you will remain poor as long as you despise money even if you desire it, as true that you will have no friends if you have little love for yourself, etc. …

But what they do not tell you is that as long as you do not heal these wounds of the soul, as long as you do not free yourself from your false views, in short, as long as you do not take a step that helps you to have a better relationship with yourself, you will be able to focus on what you want, this law of attraction will work in both directions. You may attract what you want, but you attract the problems with it. If the vision you have of a rich man or woman is negative (but you don’t necessarily know that because it can be very unconscious) you will live your relationship with money in a very negative way, you might even be like 80% of people who win the lottery, they lose practically everything they have won in the months following the acquisition of their win.

In reality, you don’t need Law of Attraction.
Because it’s natural. It’s as if you were asking the universe to make a hot air balloon go up, it goes up naturally, because hot air has the function of going up. It’s as simple as that, you only need to remove the mooring ropes or the bags that prevent it from going up. As far as you are concerned, it is the same thing, you just need to free yourself from your personal brakes and your life will fly towards its destiny because, contrary to what people also try to make you believe, deep down inside you already know what you want, but your personal fears prevent you from reaching it.

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