The Twelve Principles of the Law of Attraction

I have listed 12 principles of Law of attraction- Manifestation

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1. The Law of Attraction operates at the energy level.

2. Everything is a form of energy, including your own body. Your thoughts, and especially the emotions associated with them, are also a form of energy.

3. energy vibrates at different levels and frequencies; positive energy vibrates at higher levels, negative energy vibrates at lower levels.

4. Energy is always attracted to other energy that vibrates at the same frequency; the positive energy attracts the positive energy and the negative energy attracts the negative energy.

5. The thoughts that visit you most often, as well as the emotions associated with them, sooner or later will be embodied in physical reality: you are continuously involved in creating your own reality through the thoughts and emotions associated with them.

6. If your thoughts and emotions are positive, you automatically attract positive phenomena into your life.

7. Thoughts, to which are attached strong emotions, represent a source of extremely powerful energetic vibrations and will attract in your life what vibrates at the same level.

8. Our role in the creation of our lives is to transmit mental/emotional energy, and the universe responds to these broadcasts by materializing for us what we “asked” for at one or another frequency of energy vibrations: if we ask for something positive by transmitting positive vibrations, then in return we receive positive manifestations.

9. When the Universe sends us something, we can choose whether or not to accept it.

10. Negative reaction to unwanted phenomena will not help to eliminate them, but on the contrary, will strengthen their position in our life or attract more such phenomena, because in this case we broadcast more negative phenomena to the Universe, as if asking to send us more trouble.

11. A conscious person is capable of transforming negative “unwillingness” into positive “desires” and translating them back into the Universe, thus changing the quality of the manifestation.

12. You can change your life with positive thoughts/emotions, provided that you do not become too attached to a concrete result. This attachment comes from fear, fear is a negative emotion, and any negative will attract more and more negative manifestations. Thus, an open-mindedness about what the universe will bring into our lives is absolutely necessary to obtain the desired results.

If you had any doubts about the absolute importance of positive thinking, I hope that the above principles have convinced you finally. Positive thinking does not mean trying to make a good minus in a bad game or the ability to “cope” with all the misfortunes that “evil rock” has brought down on you; it means being able to see the negative manifestations that we have implemented with our participation in a more positive light and to respond to them with positive emotions by attracting more positive negatives. When you are fixated on something unpleasant, you only attract more of the same or even worse into your life.

It all sounds pretty simple and, in fact, it is, but it doesn’t mean that putting this knowledge into practice is easy, especially when it comes to love and sexual relationships. In the following, we will look at the manifestation process in more detail, but in the meantime I suggest you copy the 12 principles and put this list up in a prominent place so that you can re-read it daily.

Even if you are already familiar with these principles, the list will serve as a good reminder of what to do when things are not going your way.