Tricks to seduce a man in bed and drive him crazy?

Besides being sensual and irresistible, a man looks for experience and capacity to please a woman sexually. This can only be achieved with practice and time. To make a man fall in love in bed you need to learn and apply some techniques, which little by little you will master much better and you will know how to give him the greatest satisfaction, something that you will not find with any other woman.

Remember, communication is a fundamental part of this, you must ask otherwise, you will not know where to start.

The most important key is self-confidence and feeling confident in every step you take, shyness and fear of making mistakes can be very disturbing elements in the sexual act, if you do not let the pleasure flow in you, you may not be able to effectively satisfy your partner.

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How to Conquer a Man in Bed

If you are one of those women who are always looking for new ways to surprise your partner and keep him interested and in love, it is important to realize that you don’t need to know much, every woman has an erotic and seductive instinct, it is just a matter of letting it flow.

What better way to make it flow than to have your partner in front of you wanting to be incited and willing to give you pleasure.

Explore different positions

Explore each and every one of the positions to seduce a man, discover pleasure in them, that pleasure will take you by itself and experience sensations and emotions that will transmit your man until he goes crazy.

Prepare the place and have an open mind

There are no hidden secrets on how to seduce a man to make love, every woman has the necessary tools for it, a sexy outfit, a good perfume, little light, wine and of course your personal charms, it is important to have an open mind and be willing to experiment.

Avoid monotony

Love, passion, unrestraint and above all, leaving routine aside, are essential in couple’s sexual relations.

There is no foolproof method

All men are different, so there is no right or wrong method. However, you can find common tastes in different types of men.

What I’m trying to tell you is that it must be a natural thing to do at the time. You can read, inform yourself, and arm yourself with tips and tricks, but always apply them in a subtle and natural way.

How to incite a man sexually and make him go to extremes of pleasure is something you must discover little by little, recognize his tastes and preferences, experiment with them and take him to unimaginable confines of pleasure.

Gently undress him

There are those who think it is a rule that men undress women, but dare to try, some men crave initiative from women, feel wanted to the extent that their clothes are taken off.

Give him oral sex

No man can resist oral sex, there is no doubt that this is the best way to drive a man crazy in bed. It’s important to vary the pace, massage and kiss his testicles, put your tongue and lips at his service.

Explore his erogenous zones

It is an unbeatable way to get him excited, slowly discovering the areas that produce pleasure and sensations that increase his desire.

Tie him to the bed

Making him feel dominated can really drive him crazy and increase the excitement.

The power of mirrors

Men are very visual, you can increase their excitement by simply placing a mirror in front of the bed so they can observe your body, gestures and movements during the moment of passion.

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Positions to drive a man crazy in bed

Don’t let monotony and boredom be part of your sex life, there are people who are crying out for a bit of romance. Because despite the variety, many people simply go for the classics. Innovate with your partner and try one of the following:

  • Standing: Hugging, leaning against the wall, man carrying woman.
  • Lying down: With knees bent, with legs stretched, face to face, woman with leg up, on the table, face down, both sides, with legs on shoulders.
  • Sitting: At the edge of the bed, woman squatting, legs stretched out, legs bent over the bed,

Communication is essential at all times, even in bed

If you have no idea how to sexually incite a man, it is important that you do not limit yourself, express yourself and ask your partner what he likes and dislikes, even during sex, while making love, ask him if he likes what you are doing to him.

Men are always willing to explore and improve in this regard, especially if they are going to get pleasure.

Remember that to make a man fall in love in bed you need to put aside your shyness and show him your daring side. The man puts the tools on the table, you just have to use them without fear and you will become the ideal woman for him, you will learn how to seduce him without him noticing.