VideoDashboard Review:Unbiased review, is it worth the price?

Video Dashboard comes loaded with multiple groundbreaking first-to-market technologies that make it easy for anyone to Research The Trending Market Pulse, Create Stunning Videos, and Get Traffic from the hottest social platforms. 


It is known as: For The First Time Ever…Leverage Rapidly Growing Social Platforms Like TikTok, Reddit, Medium, Linkedin and More to Drive Traffic, Leads and Sales Faster Than Ever Before!

Traffic, sales and prospects are the lives of every company!

Mastering the art of creating viral content and managing traffic on demand without advertising is very difficult, time-consuming and expensive!

If you have trouble getting REAL results for your business … Get ONLY for the new VideoDashboard application that airs on February 11, 2020!

VideoDashboard offers a variety of “first on the market” technologies for the creation of fully automated data traffic, content creation and manufacturing …

Use platforms like TikTok, Medium, Reddit, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Linkedin, and Dailymotion to get traffic that is LUMINATED without paying for advertisements!

About Author videodashboard:

Paul Ponna is a super-affiliate and a top product creator with multiple seven-figure software launches on various platforms spanning 11 years. He is the creator of many record breaking million dollar launches on JVZoo and ClickBank.

Sid Diwar is an experienced tech entrepreneur, software developer and marketing consultant from Canada. He worked behind the scenes designing marketing campaigns and product ideas for many million dollar launches!

Why VideoDashboard:

The first all-in-one technology in the world to examine the pulse of the market, create stunning videos and get traffic on demand!
For the first time you can use fast-growing (and well-established) platforms such as TikTok, Medium, Reddit, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Linkedin, and Dailymotion from ONE “all inclusive” dashboard!

There are no other applications on the market that use new platforms (such as TikTok, Medium, Reddit, and all other social platforms). So this is the first opportunity on the market that you don’t want to miss!
This is an irresistible claim that beginners and experienced marketers will catch!

Video package with a dashboard like never before with several fully integrated Innovative technology all in one dashboard!

Automation # 1
Trend market pulse finders …
Their first “Market Pulse Finder” technology searches the Internet and processes MILLIONS of social / video posts every minute to find the LATEST and hottest online content.
Everyone, regardless of their experience, can extract the latest market trends, viral content, keywords, hashtags and content for their social contributions from Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and YouTube into ONE dashboard at a glance.

There is no need for many uses, no more confusion, no hours of trying to find out what people are talking about online.

Customers can instantly make videos about current topics / niches, rank higher in search engines, use trend hashtags, model content / social posts / videos on viral content and now receive millions of views!

Now beginners can compete with big dogs with Their revolutionary “Trending Market Pulse Finder” on the video dashboard!

Automation # 2
Content calendar with video templates made beforehand for the whole year!
Don’t want to make a video? There is no idea in mind?
Don’t worry … Use their full-featured content calendar with pre-filled video content, 365 days a year!

Post these ready-made videos on social media to build personal connections with your audience and increase your brand and involvement.

The best part is that you can customize your videos with your own logo, text, images and more!

Automation # 3
Pre-made video templates for seven social media platforms …
Couldn’t be easier … Customers can make fantastic videos for ANY social platform in just a few minutes with the “fully customizable” video template that was created before …
Change text, images and background.
Add your own logo and call to action!

Whatever you need, you can do it with their built-in multifunction video creation dashboard.

Create interesting videos for social platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin or upload your own videos and optimize!

Save money and time … You don’t need to hire an experienced cartoonist and make UNLIMITED videos without technical experience.

Automation # 4
Traffic automation for publishing your video / content on 11 different platforms
Get a free flow of organic traffic, WITHOUT paying for each ad payment!
Turn any video into a secure traffic engine by posting it directly on the 11 hottest social platforms in seconds. Full flexibility, immediate syndication or watch later!

The Traffic Engagement Dashboard offers videos for the hottest and most searched social platforms and videos like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Medium, Pinterest, Linkedin and Reddit.

There is no other application on the market that can provide a variety of platforms from ONE dashboard.

A full 360 degree pulse approach to the market + Create trendy content + Generate traffic!
Nothing compares to the One-TIME video dashboard!
Expect CRAZY conversions on launch day because we rank values ​​in FE with unprecedented features, unlimited use / video rendering and the most sought-after commercial license!

Video dashboard is fully automatic. Some of the biggest challenges facing entrepreneurs and marketers today …

How is it different:

Unlike other single-function video applications, Video Dashboard comes with some revolutionary technology like never before that is included in ONE!
The best part of lowering the jaw Low cost guarantees the realization of the blockbuster on the early days.

With a commercial license, customers can sell the videos they make to customers, between $ 300 and $ 500 per OP, to offer their customers’ transportation services for TOP DOLLARS!

The chances of winning with the video dashboard are endless.


i) Trending Market Pulse Finder Technology
* Find the CURRENT hottest and trending content online.
* Discover the hottest market trends, viral content, keywords, hashtags and content for social posts from Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and YouTube inside ONE dashboard.

*Instantly create videos on the trending topics/niches, rank higher on the search engines by utilizing the trending hashtags, model after influencer viral content/social posts/videos already getting millions of views!

ii) Social Video Calendar –
* Fully populated social calendar with ready-made videos for 365 days a year (365 videos)!
* Publish ready-made videos every single day to your social accounts to boost brand and engagement.
* Customize the videos with your logos, text, images and more!

iii) Powerful Video Maker For All Top Social Platforms –
* Ready-made video templates for Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin!
* Ability to upload own videos and spice it up!
* All templates are ALREADY resized for specific social platforms so no extra editing needed.
* Change the text, images, and backgrounds.
* Add your own logos and call-to-actions.

iv) Traffic Generation Video Publishing App –
* Publish your content to 11 of the hottest social platforms from ONE dashboard.
* Get traffic from integrated platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Medium, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Reddit.
* Publish immediately or schedule days or months in advance!

v) And a Whole Lot More –
* UNLIMITED video renders
* Unlimited commercial license to sell videos and traffic services for top dollar!

VideoDashboard Wlakthrough:

Problems which VideoDashboard solves:

  • Minute-to-Minute Market Trends and Niche Research
  • Creating High-Quality Videos For All Social Platforms
  • Traffic Generation By Leveraging All The In-demand Social Platforms
  • Commercial License To Resell Videos/Traffic Generation Services To Earn TOP DOLLAR


OTO1: VideoDashboard Whitelabel Brand Manager Upgrade ($97 One-Time)
* Fully whitelabel the app with your own logo and branding.
* Sell and keep 100% of the profits.
* Create UNLIMITED whitelabel accounts.
* Manage all your client social accounts from one dashboard/sub-account and publish to 11 different social platforms.
* Offer full-service brand management services and charge BIG BUCKS for your services using our built-in brand manager.

* Whitelabel solution includes access to:
i) Social Video Calendar filled with 365 done-for-you videos.
ii) Template bank to create videos with ease for multiple platforms already resized for the specific social platforms.
iii) Complete syndication suite to syndicate their videos to 11 different platforms including FB, Tik Tok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Medium, Pinterest, and Reddit. (The biggest syndication suite available in any app)

OTO2: 100 Premium Templates + VideoRemakr App ($67 One-Time)
i) 100 additional premium video templates – for Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin.
* Templates are resized for the specific platforms so no additional editing is needed.
* Customize the templates, add logos, change text and more!

ii) Access To vidRemaker App –
i) Video Repurposer: Convert any video to square videos, meme videos and all the popular social media video formats that are proven to get more engagement, clicks and sales!
* Create extra long videos with no length limits.
* Spice up old and boring videos with text effects, lower third, emojis and more cool features.

ii) Merge Videos:
* Merge multiple smaller videos created with the app or your old videos and create a long video.
* Create sparkling new long videos from short royalty free clips.
* Repurpose videos from youtube and create a unique video.

iii) Video Speed Changer:* Speed up or slow down videos to make them more captivating.
* Shorten long videos into smaller videos without losing quality. Attention span is limited, so if you have a longer videos this is an easy way to make videos shorter.

OTO3: VideoDashboard Social Portfolio Site Builder ($47 One-Time)

* Create UNLIMITED personalized portfolio sites to showcase all your videos / social calendar.
* Customize the site for the client with their logo and a personalized message to turn visitors into paying clients.
* Built-in conversion technologies – features a powerful sales video that helps sell your social media and traffic generation services.
* Can create unlimited sites for UNLIMITED clients.

OTO4: VideoDashboard Deluxe Interactive Videos ($37 One-Time)

* Interactive Videos – Create powerful interactive videos with buy buttons, links, optin-forms and call-to-actions.
* Time Triggers – Showcase the call-to-actions at start, end or at any time stamp in the video.
* Content Locking Technology – Built-in to encourage visitors to take action and boost traffic, leads and sales.
* Magic Share URL – Share the interactive videos on any social media platforms or emails to maximize results!
* Personalization – to add custom messages, logos on the Magic Share page to boost conversions!